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Tinted Visors and Insurance

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Yetta, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    So I did a search and came up with bupkes.

    I did find this almost-close thread: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=10384 , which seems to say that no-one knows if a tinted visor can really be worn on the road.

    So my question is: has anyone here had an incident whilst wearing a tinted visor, where an insurance company (yours, theirs, income-protection, et al) subsequently raised a ruckus about the visor?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. There should be no reason why you can't have a tinted visor, after all , sunglasses are tinted and people wear those when driving.

    Would an insurance company refuse a claim because a driver had sunnies on.
  3. Interesting point. I own a HJC CL-12 Helmet. The clear visor (which came with the helmet) has a "Australian Standards" sticker on it. The tinted visor that I purchased recently has no Aus Standard sticker. I wonder if the insurance co would pick up on this??
  4. Visors MUST be AS 1609 compliant, sunnies don't cos they're behind an ASA compliant windscreen. So yeh you can wear sunnies on a bike as well, provided they're behind a compliant visor, same as a car.
    Commonsense really. Have a look at your visor, if it has AS 1609 etched onto it you're ok, if it's got "NOT COVERED BY AS 1609" etched into it then no, you're not covered IF insurance decides to have a look at it.

    Edit: But looking at that other thread, looks like only the helmet requires AS1698 compliance,,,hmm, dunno, don't risk it, they're not that exe.

    All my visors have the etching, all the dark ones have NOT COVERED BY AS 1609.
  5. Have a close look and see if AS 1609 is etched into the top of the visor.
  6. using a tinted visor has to be better than getting blinded by glare and crashing from poor vision
  7. when im not sure about the legality of something to do with riding i ask a few cops and make sure they all come up with the same thing.

    Like music while riding (LEGAL if not playing with the player)

    so go ask a cop and insurance company if need be.
  8. Good reason to buy a Nolan helmet - they have the AS approved clear visor AND a tinted one. :)
  9. That's a 'mid-rift' visor, that is...
  10. And they also scratch the shit out of the clear visor after awhile.
  11. I have the afore mentioned helmet.
    And while I can see some scratching / banding, it certainly hasn't interfered with my riding.

    A bit like people who wear spectacles that are all scratched up - and still see through them, fine.

    Give them new / clear lenses and they'll instantly tell you how much better the new lenses are.... but if not for the comparison - would have gone along merrily with what they have.

    And even having said all of that, despite the extra tinting, I still find it VERY glarey / bright at times. and I even wear transition lenses under my lid!

  12. Bollocks.
  13. Not that I have ever read through AS1698, but I would assume it only makes reference to the helmet not the visor, otherwise how would open face helmets be AS1698 compliant? I might get a copy of AS1698 from work and have a flick through on Monday. So I'm confused if you have an open face helmet and wear sunnies this is ok/not ok? Why would a full face helmet with a not compliant visor any different to an open face helmet with sunnies?

    Cheers, off to the spur in a few hours, first time can't wait!!
  14. I have a Nolan half tint as well. i have scratches on my mine from a low branch, not from the visors rubbing each other. They should have those little rubberfeet thingys to prevent that. It may mean that yours fell off?

    I'd prefer a full tint, but I'm happy with the double visor becasue at night i can drop it down half way and it dims out the bright street lights. Less eye strain.
  15. From what i have been told, mind you this was from the l plate instructor...

    You dont even have to wear a visor on a full faced helmet if you dont want to*. So in theory it wont matter if you put a non compliant tint on instead of a compliant clear as it doesnt affect the stucture of the actual helmet (which HAS to be aussie compliant). I am sure that the insurance companies would argue about if it did or didnt just to get out of paying a claim.

    * Be aware that the instuctor could be talking out of his ass and i am in no way held responsible for the info he provided me. Check it out for yourself.

    And i just looked at my tinted visor for a compliancy sticker, wasnt one.
  16. There shouldn't be any issue at all riding during the day... if you were riding at night with a dark visor it might be a different story. Interestingly a patient of mine from the UK said they aren't allowed to have any tinted visors at all... but then i guess the sun never comes out there either lol
  17. <post removed>
  18. :wink:

    I'd reckon any insurance Co would have a hard time in court, trying to reject a claim using a tinted or otherwise visor as an excuse
  19. Some Shark helmets have a similar setup
  20. Unless you were using a dark tinted visor at night and the incident resulted from you not having enough vision. Same as if a car had limo tint and then pulled out in front of something at night cos they didn't see it, the insurance would be looking at it.