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tinted visor???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by morgan000, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. hey guys

    i bought a tinted visor today for my helmet and when i brought it home to put it on, i realised it didn't have the australian standards sticker on it. I didnt think of looking for it when i bought it.

    Is that normal?
    Can cops defect me on that?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. As far as I'm aware no tinted visors are ADR approved which means technically you can be booked. I think you'd be very unlucky for it to happen though. Just remember if you ride at night you'll need to swap the visor over for a clear one.
  3. I had the same problem when i first bought my tinted ones.

    Haven't had trouble when pulled over so far.
  4. Do a search, there is a bazillion threads on the subject.
  5. +1 Drew
    Been riding with my irridium visor almost 2 years now, been pulled up by cops and has never been a problem.
  6. I saw Mr Police Solo riding with one the other day... you'd have to be giving them the finger while dry humping their bike before they'd pull you up on that... imo.
  7. ive been stopped a few times and never had them look at the helmet
  8. +1 to what everyone else said.

    They don't comply with the Australian Standard for visors and protective eyewear for motorcyclists (the obvious one is "Must be >75% transmissivity" - maybe the really light grey visors would comply with this).

    But so long as you're not riding with one when it's dark, you should be okay.
  9. cool, i was worried for a second there.

    thanks for ur responses.
  10. mate its a visor, if you're riding in the bright sunlight and the standard visor doesnt help and you have to use the aftermarket that can do a better job .. why the hell not.. if they have a fuss say you'll take it to court bcoz if you use standard it jeopardize your safety whent he sun glare in your eyes
  11. I'm curious about UV protection with tinted visors. If its just tinted, your pupils will dilate an allow more UV in which could potentially damage your eyes.

    Sunglasses offer UV protection so even though your pupils dilate, the glasses prevent harmful UV into your eyes and its safe.

  12. My KBC dark tint visor has one...thought this would be standard.
  13. Tinted visors aren't the problem that some people make out.
    Sure there is no ADR sticker on them, but that is the same reason why car front windscreens aren't allowed to be tinted either.

    As for UV as apart from just 'tint'. Tint works like your eye squinting. Reduces that amount of light in , therefore reduces the exposure your eyes have to light. UV is effected much like visable light, with tint.

    UV 'reducing' specific lens has some directional 'pattern' on them to reduce the UV wave , but I have no idea about these things. Not that many of these lens around -regardless how much you are actually paying for sunglasses nowadays - so I'm not confident about their claim to 'save your eyes' .
  14. Got pulled over the other night by a cop on a bike. had my tinted visor on and he didnt mind. Always ride with it on when im doing nightshift cause i hate the blinding morning sun on the way home :LOL:
  15. There's too much going on out on the road for the cops to worry about something like this. And I imagine if they ever did it would likely be a motorcycle cop who knows bike law more intimately than a car cop.

    I have a non-sticker visor like most I suspect and it doesn't even cross my mind anymore.
  16. Me, i'm buying a helmet with a secondary built in tinted visor. Problem solvered.