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Tinted visor vs Iridium visor vs Sunnies

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lui, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Just after your thoughts on tinted and iridium visors.

    I've never used such things before because I feel sunnies are more practical and portable. But I thought I should ask in case I'm missing out on something.

    From what I've read so far, iridium visors are more for looks, they are no more effective than tinted ones, but they are more costly and easily scratched. Sounds correct?

    Then there's the normal tint and very dark tint, I would think the normal ones are no good when riding towards the sun (i.e. morning and afternoon sun) and will still require sunnies.

    The very dark ones are probably useless at night but I can imagine it will work well under hot summer sun as it covers the entire face opening.

    So what do you have on your helmet?
  2. Good timing this - I'm calling around now for a tinted visor for my Melbourne trip next week! MCAS Auburn has them in stock for my old AGV Stealth...
    I just decided I want one, but I'll be taking the clear one too...
  3. I have photochromatic :)

  4. I constantly use my iridium one... it's a very light tint to it. So at night it's just about usable if I'm too lazy to change to my clear one. But having glasses and dealing with prescription sunglasses (which I often forget) it's just better for me I find.
  5. You have an Iridum with a "light tint" which you constantly use at night? How light is light?

    I only use Iridiums when weatherman says it's going to be sunny the whole day, otherwise I stick to my Pinlock (1 light, 1 dark tints) visors.
  6. light enough to go along lit streets, but even then i would normally crack it really. The joys of wearing glasses means I still get eye protection.

    ** but only for short journeys, like work to home etc. Any longer and I do generally carry my clear visor on me for that
  7. you are now vieving everything through two lenses, sunglasses and then visor. two separate viewing lenses set apart from each other varying in shape/curvature. light can reflect differently.
    sometimes this can play tricks on your eyes.
    however this is your only legal option, as tinted visors are illegal. (not that technically anyone gives a ****.)

    viewing through is the same as a light tint.
    but bling factor is increased significantly.

    nothing is very effective when riding into the sun.

    i have a clear visor
  8. I got a tinted visor recently and that's what the chaps in the shop told me. Iridium looks cool but super easy to scratch. Considering I always carry my clear visor in my backpack and I swap often I didn't want something that would scratch. I wear glasses and my prescription sunnies don't fit in my lid.

    My visor is a very dark tint and I find it brilliant but definitely have to swap it at dusk (which I'm pretty sure you have to do by law anyway).

  9. Say what, really?
  10. i use a dark tinted visor if i'll be back before dark, otherwise i use a clear visor with sunnies or use a dark visor and tuck a clear visor under my jacket.

    i definitely prefer the dark visor to sunnies when i can get away with it because i find it works better, is more comfortable, and looks pretty good with a matte black helmet :)

    I've tried a mates iridium visor and it wasn't great, not as good as a dark tint in the sun and not as good as a clear one at night.
  11. Apparently it's to do with the fact that although visors are not required by the ADR's, if you do choose to use one, it must be approved.. Tinted visors cannot be approved (for whatever reason) - go read your visor closely and it will not have the ADR sticker.. My tinted one doesn't but the clear one does.

    It's never, ever enforced though.
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  12. strangely had a mate get done in the uk for it, but over here... I see more bike cops with tinted visors on than without! So good to see some common sense applied for not getting done for that over here.
  13. Most MC cops I see wear tinted iridium blue visors
  14. Ahhhh thanks very much toadcat, food for thought.
  15. Normally polarised sunglasses are the bee's knees compared to crappy normal tinting, but if you intend to wear sunglasses underneath a clear visor I recommend buying a pair of NON-polarised sunglasses.

    Polarised sunglasses looking through a visor creates all sorts of interesting rainbow-glare patterns (You're actually seeing the stress pattern within the visor). Which is distracting at best, really.
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  16. I've never been distracted by the Polarising action; white cars all look like Mary Kay cars, which is cute :LOL:

    But I haven't worn sunnies since I got my helmet with the internal visor.....
  17. Is that one of those Shark helmets? Looked like Top Gun :D
  18. yes and no - tint can be approved
    AS1609 relevant sections below

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  19. Do the shark visors remove with using 1 hand ?
  20. perhaps I should change my clear visors to have a band of tint across the top hmmmm