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Tinted Visor (Shark Helmet)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MelbourneMick, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I manage to scratch my visor today. Not paying attention walking up the side of the house after a ride and it sc****d on the brickwork. But all is not lost I figured coming into summer I might change over to a tinted visor.

    Any good recommendatuions for ones to suit the Shark Helmets??

    Also anything I should stay away from is always good info too !

  2. The Iridium visors (Mirroed) require a little more care than regular tinted but they're all more or less the same. I usually get a couple of years out of a Visor as long as I look after it well.

    I've noticed if you regularly clean your visor with Windex or similar they can go a bit cloudy over time. Warm soapy water or detailing spray seems to do the job.

    You'll have to get a Shark Visor for your particular model of helmet but expect to pay around the $100 mark for it.
  3. I got my Iridium visor from AMX for about $50 for a Shark RSI. Just keep a pair of clear glasses in the bike in case you get caught out at night.
  4. as in clear safety glasses?

    I have heard the Iridium ones tend to scuff and mark a bit easier than tinted.
    Has any found this to be the case?

    I have only used warm soapy water to wash my current viseo and it is in good nick...except for the scratch from my own stupidity.
  5. Yep. You don't need to obviously but it's a good idea. Once my bike died at 3.30pm near Warburton. By the time I got it going (thanks to some helpful locals) it was 7pm... By the time I got home my eyes were blood shot and full of bits of bugs. Not fun.

    They're great during the day but you really can't see anything at night.

    With the scuffing, wouldn't know as I haven't had a regular tinted.
    Finger prints and water marks stand out like balls. They can look really smudged and messy from the outside but perfectly clean when on your head.

    Mine's over a year old and doing fine so I wouldn't worry about it.
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  6. carry a small square of microfibre cloth under your seat - its the best thing for cleaning visors even if you dont have water - it will remove fingerprints etc easily
  7. Yeah they do scratch more easily. I managed to keep mine scratch free for ~5 months but after my helmet had a little drop I stopped caring about it so much! Planning on getting a new iridium though as the scratches can get annoying if you focus on them when riding. If you don't focus on them then they are not noticeable.

    +1 to this. Microfibre cloth will pretty much get anything off your visor/helmet/whatever. A bit of a wipe and the visor is as good as new.
  8. Yeah. The Iridium ones don't really scratch any easier than normal, it just shows up much more easy. I take really good care of mine and it's still got little scratches all over it just from general use (Stone chips, bigs ect.).

    Fortunately, generally speaking it's only cosmetic. The little scratches that show up on the outside don't always affect your vision.
  9. makes sense ! thanks for the tip. Another item to add to the tailbag!

    Brilliant tip! Thank you !

    How are the Iridium ones at night? better or worse than tinted??
  10. Slightly better at night, but I still wouldn't call it particularly safe. In well lit areas it's fine, but normal suburban streets it's pretty dark.
  11. What a fantastic idea. Thanks mate. I have one of those things you strap around your waist that holds a clear visor, but have always found them annoying on longer rides. Not to mention in all the times I have worn it 'just in case', I have only had to switch visors a couple of time.

    Pair of safety goggles under the seat, that's gold!
  12. wrap then in the piece of microfibre cloth then you have both
  13. :D I can't claim credit. Girlfriends idea whilst picking grasshopper out of my eye.

    If you're riding at dusk in a well lit area you can get by ok with the lid down, but if you're out in the twisties you'll be riding blind.

    I think I've got a pair of clear cycling glasses in the back now.

    Microfibre cloth is a good idea. I usually just use the windscreen washers at servos.
  14. I feel like I'm at a Good Ideas Expo. :)

    Nice one.
  15. Well, in that case I will have to retract my 'Thanks' click... pass it onto her will ya? :)
  16. + one to safety glasses, i really need to pick up a pair asap as i almost always ride with a tinted visor (only twice have i ridden clear) . Been caught out once before in the dark after a 'quick ride up old road' turned into a 500km putty loop.

    Riding with the visor up is pretty dangerous, all it takes is one stone chip and you can kiss your eye good bye.

    personally tinted is better then iridium, the iridium ones are apparently a biatch to maintain, and dont do as much tinting, which could be an issue for late afternoon sun and such.

    Also tinted is often cheaper. ( i think it was like a 60$ difference for my XR1100)
  17. Thats what netrider is all about - helping other riders
  18. Mick - There are glasses availible from AMX I think they retail at around $59(around that mark) they are fog proof/shatter proof and something else proof. They actually sit snug against your face to(almost like goggles) also can come with clear/yeloow and tinted lenses. (Ask rusti for a product review he bought some 2 weeks ago) Then wrap them in the microfibre cloth, been doing this for awhile, especially when you hit lots of squishy, goowy bugs mid ride ;)

  19. Cheers Chicken! I will have a look into these for sure. I am not a fan of wearing sunnies under my helmet but something to have iof I am out at night or on a long ride would be great !

    Brilliant ! thank you once again!