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Tinted visor question?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by removed-6, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. What does everyone else do with the tinted visor-

    A) at night

    8) in winter when it's not so bright

    I only have 1 helmet and during the day it's great with the tinted visor, but no chance at night or even when it's a really dull day outside it's dodgy. Do I have to get used to changing between visors all the time? Won't this just wear out the attachments on the helmet/visors and leave them loose eventually?

    Do I have to get a 2nd helmet?

  2. At night I take the after-market tinted visor off & put the clear one back on!

    I also find I still wear sunnys under my tinted visor even thro' winter.

    And I'm sure its been talked about somewheres else .........
  3. I've often asked about tinted visors, though most will admit they have used one @ some point, in the end they just trash em. Great during the day but just forget about it for night, overcast days etc. Espeically if your out in the country & have no street lights. Just a no go zone.

    Lot easier just to wear sunnies.
  4. I always have one or the other in my bag. I have a Shark helmet which is really easy to change visors in seconds without any risk of damage.
  5. Irridium at night I found very useable.
  6. Yeah some helmet are very easy and Quick to change & some not so easy.
  7. i carry both
    but for the time being i just use the clear visor
    its not bright enough to wear the tinted maybe on the weekend but for weekday clear is good enough :grin: :grin:
  8. Really?

    Irridium? I mean, obviously it'll have a slight tint, but compared to a regular tinted visor, you think it's easier to see thru at nite?

    I was considering getting a regular tinted visor, but maybe it's worth getting an iridium one now..
  9. they might be better at night then a tinted visor.... but have u seen how hard it is to keep clean and i heard the scratch very easy
  10. AGV seems to be easy according to the instructions...............but it aint! I had to file the damn visor to get it on in the first place, on and off all the time would just lead to frustration, which would lead to me hurling the helmet across the room and going and buying a new one :oops:

    short fuse :evil:
  11. Yeah, the easy-to-scratch was the reason I wanted to get tinted visors.
  12. I find my tinted visor is a great boon and if I ride anytime in daylight hours (regardless of the season) I always use it.

    If I know I'm going to be riding in some daylight, some darkness (such as a long trip, or a ride day) I will either pack the other visor in a bag, or if I'm not taking a bag I wrap it round my back, it fits nice and tight and is barely noticeable.
  13. Solution: Nolan N102,


    The tinted visor is a flip-up outer visor over the inner clear one (and the inner-inner anti-fog insert)..

    In bright daylight, I flip the tinted visor down. If it gets dark, or the sun goes behind a cloud, or I ride out of a sunny plain up into a shaded valley, I flip up the outer tinted visor.

    It has created no extra noise or turbulence on my bike, with my fairing at speeds somewhat in excess of "walk home".
  14. i use tinted at night, just look at the headlights of the car in front of you lol. it is hairy tho, i couldn't be bothered swtiching all the time, but i can see out of it ok with high beams on ? maybe i don't have a very dark tint
  15. Yep I was swapping tint for clear all the bloody time, but got an iridium and just leave it on all the time now. Vision is much better than my last tinted visor. And they look cool.
  16. +1 but as mentioned get scratched easily and at nearly $150 per visor for my brand isnt that cheap.
  17. I use my tinted visor at night... no problems....
  18. Same, I have my irridium on day and night and the only thing i ever have problems with is seeing wet patches when there are no streetlights in the area (But thats pretty hard to see even with a clear visor on).
  19. With my old helmet (nitro) I got away with the iridium at night round the city where there are lotsa lights, it's tint was kind of brown, bit like those high def snowboard goggles. With the shark, hell no. That chrome visor becomes useless around 5:15pm (melbourne). It's tint is blue, and the chrome is thicker than the nitro one was.

    I just carry the spare in my seat bag.