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Tinted visor or sunnies

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ashes, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. I have been been riding now for about 10 months. All this time I've been using sunnies under a clear visor. What are peoples views who have used both sunnies and tinted visors? If I wen't to a tinted visor are they OK at night or should I put on a clear for night riding? Thanks

  2. I've got both options. Typically, if I know I'll be riding one direction in the dark I go with the clear visor + sunglasses. Otherwise I used the smoked visor.

    I find the comfort level to be pretty much the same either way (my Shoei has notches for sunglasses in it). Personal preference I would say.
  3. If i am riding to...say, coffee night on a sunny day but know I will be riding home in the dark, I start off with my tinted visor on and carry my clear visor in the boot :D
    Alot of people I know wear sunnies under their lids but I personally don't like to.
  4. I usually wear both! 8) 8)

    except at night of course :shock:

    I'm an editor and spend all my days in dark rooms so I'm very sensitive to light. The other thing I like is that I can pop up the visor for some air and not worry about getting hit in the eye by an insect.

    They wait for that you know.:wink:
  5. ATM I don't use either - the sunnies are uncomfortable (and fog up), and I haven't been able to get a tinted visor for my helmet (I could if I ordered one, but I'm slack :roll: )

    IIRC - it's actually against the law to ride at night with a tinted visor, although you'd probably have to get a cranky cop to ping you for it.
  6. There have apparently been cases of people getting an eye laceration or two by wearing sunnies and then having an accident causing them to shatter....something to bear in mind.
  7. I used to wear sunnies, but the frames always caused headaches. I use tinted (medium tint) visor and cuase I'm very sensitive to light, I don't usually have a problem with riding around in the dark with the tinted visor. It also shields me from drivers seeing me make faces at them :LOL:

    Of course if I go for night rides where there's little or no street lights, I wear clear visor.
  8. I wear my tinted all the time. I find that because it's not too dark that I can see quite well at night & it also cuts down headlight glare from oncoming traffic.
  9. i wear my tinted visor night and day , but if it gets to bad to see at night (very rarely) i have a pair of clear rap around glasses , just slip them on and lift the visor up .

    i do it the oppisite way to other as i work and travel at night and in the early morning .
  10. I'm a sunnies man myself..
  11. I am with groberts........
    I have a pair of clear Bolle safety glasses...good style optically very clear
    (cheap at Bunnings too) and carry them in the fairing pocket on the bike
    for such emergencies

  12. What a brilliant idea! I usually carry a clear visor with me. But since I've upgraded to an Arai I hate the proceedure for changing it.
  13. Just to be different, I have a pinlock visor system, with a tinted visor insert, the clear one is in my top box if it gets dark.
  14. atm i have a pair of bloody expensive polarised oakleys and a clear visor...

    its pretty damn good unless i'm doing mega miles, and then they start to become a little uncomfortable, but it's bearable

    i have worn them under a tinted visor before and it was like an acid trip with all the colours because of the polarisation...
    (not that i actually know what an acid trip is like... )

    luckily i was a pillion when i tried that, and they came straight off again next stop, and i stuck to the tinted visor...

    the visor was pretty good on its own, but i've no idea how much UV protection one would actually offer you, unless you bought a damn expensive one designed by a sunglasses company or something...

    and as i'm too damn lazy / broke to get myself a tinted visor, i think i'll just stick with the sunnies...
  15. Yep I wear both.

  16. I go the sunnies for consistency. I sometimes wear an open face (love the open face on a warm sunny day!) A decent pair of oakleys do the trick for me. I used to wear the yellow lenses all the time as they work well in the day + night

    Personal choice rules though! 8)
  17. Heya,

    Well I finally got a tinted visor the other day :D I normally wear sunglasses with my clear visor but they hurt too much. I still have to wear long distance glasses though but for some reason they don't hurt like the sunglasses I got.

    As for night time, I will have to put the clear visor in the bad or flip the tinrd one up, otherwise I will get a fine.... Eventhough I don't think riding at night with a tinted visor would be very good riding practice. But some people here actually do it... It amazes me as to how the bloddy hell they can see anything :shock:
  18. Hi guys. First post finally!

    I've tried both the tinted visor and sunnies (separately). I definately use a clear visor and sunnies if I know I will be riding after dark. I can't see a thing through my tinted visor at night (Arai). Though on a sunny day, a tinted visor is much more comfortable than the sunnies. I have to bend the end of the arms of my sunnies down around my ears for them to fit in the helmet.
  19. What the hell did you have before that was easier to change than the Arai system? I've had an NR5 and now an HJC AC-11 - both are very easy to change visors.

    I wear tinted visor on bright days and will carry tankbag with clear visor (and usually warmer clothes) if I'm anticipating riding after dark.
  20. I was thinking about getting a tinted visor, but seeing as I paid over $300 for my sunnies I thought I'd better show them off and stick to my clear one for now :)