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Tinted visor at this time of year?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Samhain, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Not certain whether this should be in the gear forum, though I think this is where it would best sit? Mods can move it over if it's not right (sorry in that case).

    My Arai visor has somewhow gone a bit hazy... think I must have used some sort of clearner on it at some stage that has reacted with the plastic or coating (perhaps an antibacterial clothe?) and on the mystery ride the other night I ended up having to ride with the visor up a lot of the time as at night the lights were making it very hard to see...

    So about to shell out for a new visor and will def want a mirrored / tinted visor for summer so I don't have to root about with sunnies that tend to want to ride up... am wondering if anyone rides during this time of year with a tinted visor during the day, and how they find it?
  2. Go for irrdium. I use mine in twilight with no problem.
  3. All the mirrored ones are irridum arn't they? (arai)
  4. I have a silver iridium visor on my helmet 24/7. It's fine for anything prior to twilight, at which stage i chuck on my pair of clear sunnies and ride with the visor open.
  5. Blue iridium on my HJC, works for me even after the sun goeth downeth..... \:D/
  6. Wearing tinted visor plus polaroid sunnies during the day, no probs.............$15 pair of clear safety glasses under the seat if I get caught out after dark and ride with the visor up
  7. That is a really good idea.. thanks.. :)

    So just to be clear, the Arai "mirrorized" shield is not Irridium and will have a diff effect?

    Also has anyone had any experience using the Arai yellow shield for supposed clearer vision at night? - supposedly amplifies certain light?
  8. Anything with the "mirror" look no matter the colour is Irridium as below.

    Aari Irridium visor

    Arai dark tint or smoked, NOT irridium.

    As for the other you have asked about, ever worn a set of those all the craze yrs ago orange or yellow glasses that made seeing alot easier, well the also made ya "colour blind" for lack of a better term, makes colours hard to see, espesh traffic lights.

    Best thing would be as stated a set of clear lens safety glasses.
  9. This maybe abit off topic, but do lids have to be certified to ACU standards there? Or is there a different standard, cheers

  10. I'd stay with a clear visor, and buy a DECENT set of sunnies that won't 'ride up'. Polaroids, by choice. Changing glasses when the sun drops is a heck of a lot easier than changing a visor. On a Netrider ride you'll get left behind :LOL:.
  11. Unless you are riding with someone patient enough to wait while you fiddle around changing your visor on the side of the road :LOL:
    Ive tried riding with sunnies, and IMO, it just feels weird. I have a few pairs of sunnies, and none of them worked well with the helmet on. For me a tinted/irridium visor is a better option.
  12. Australian standard 1698. Nothing else counts.
  13. I used to ride with clear visor and polarid sunnies all the time, but the ne bike has a polarised dash, which means a black space where the speedo is if the polaroids are worn...

    I now have a tinted visor, was also worried about night riding, the clear safety sunnies is a great idea!
  14. Samhain ....did you see where Rogues lives ????

    It's abit warmer up there ,then where you will be riding with your visor up in winter at night. :wink:

    Abit off topic ,but wearing sunnys for the last 2.5 years and just got a decent black visor for day ride and its alot better ,then sunnys for me. :grin:
    You loose ALOT of periferal vision with some sunny ,so if you chose to keep a clear visor on ,test it with your helmet on and you will see my point.
  15. I have a Nolan helmet that comes with a dark half visor. In theory you can use this in sunlight and flip it up when it get dark. But in practice it is not as good as polaroid sunnies in reducing glare so I took it off as I felt it made more noise when it was up which was most of the time.

    In good weather I generally ride with a clear screen no visor and sunnies. So +1 to hornet 600. It's a lot easier to put on/take off sunnies than change the bike screen.
  16. well I did a run all afternoon up thrugh King Lake and Healsville etc with my new clear visor on, and was thrilled at how clear the enwone is... my old visr was clearly buggered and on close inspection now I can see circular buff patterns on it... my replacement visor was almost like not having a visor on at all :)

    With the sunnies on underneath as usual I certainly did lose a lot of peripheral vision and took them off once I could be bothered stopping / when I wasn't winding through a twisty and none were in sight :)

    I have decided I will stick with the clear and my sunnies wrapped up in a cloth under the seat until it clears up and we hit daylight savings again... then I will switch to the mirrored shield and leave my sunnies in the car... I figure that during daylight savings I wint going to accidently be out in the dark...

    Thanks all for ur input...
  17. I have found that the Hypersensitive? Fogcity inserts are awesome for clear visors as It elliminates the need for sunglasses and can be used at night also. They are kind of polarising.
    Saves checking to see if you have your sunnies with you and also is a godsend should you have to ride home at night. Better and safer than an open dark visor with eyes streaming at 10pm at night.

  18. I see, seems abit silly really! As most top quality lids will meet any required standard.
  19. im a newb rider and use a tint visor during the day and change to clear at night...but the other night when i was riding, a gsxr600 came beside me with a pillion who had his tint visor on....is it legal to wear tint at night?