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Tinted or Iridium visor?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ~DadAgain~, May 21, 2008.

  1. I picked up my first helmet yesterday (RJays GP1).

    It fits beautifully and I'm very happy with it. I did however, in a moment of madness sticking it on walking around the house yesterday (much to the amusment of my 4yr old daughter) wonder about the whole bright conditions/glare problem. I picked up my sunnies and discovered that there is no way in hell I can get the arms of my sunnies between the helmet and my head - so they just cant be worn...

    So I guess I'm going to need a 'daytime' visor.

    I quick search of the RJays website (which I cant access here from work :( ) shows I can get a tinted visor, or a spectacular cool looking iridium one. ther price difference is very small (about $10 more for iridium if I remember correctly) - but as I understand it they are a little more fragile...

    What do you guys think - are there any other benefits/drawback of tints vs iridium besides the scratch risk?

  2. I have a tinted visor for my Arai and it's the best thing ever. If I could I'd wear the visor to the beach and cricket as it is a lot more effective than any sunnies that I have ever used.

    I dont have any experience with the iridium.
  3. Iridium ones make you look like you're from the future!

    But they tend to scratch easily, which doesn't affect the optical clarity, AFAIK, just makes them look scratched and less futuristic. ;)
  4. Personally I prefer tinted to iririum. Don't ask me why, I just do.
    Iridium visor do show imperfections a lot more as well. The tiniest scratch will show up from a mile away.
  5. If you are purely a city rider iridium may be fine, but if you tour or get out to where bugs etc splat the visor, your futuristic looking visor will look like it's 200 years old in no time.

    They scratch very very easily, and they don't usually offer the same benefits regarding glare reduction as that of a tinted visor.
  6. I swear by my irrdium visor, great in daylight & twilight !!
  7. Tweet has a point there, i have just a tinted visor and i only ride on weekends for fun. So i tend to cover some good distances and i dont recon there is any way an iridium visor could stand up to the pounding the bugs give my visor.

    But if your going for looks get the iridium, i recon they look sweet.

  8. I switch between both. Irridium scratch by just looking at them i reckon..

    Tinted is best for the bright sun i say.. Unless you get the chrome irridium which is quite dark..

    You will get away with the irridium on a dull day, or even at night..

    But a tinted is not real flash in the dull light..
  9. I've had both. The iridium mark so easy that its no contest, for me tinted is the go.
  10. I like to think my iridium visor makes me look like im from the future too, but in a 1980s sort of way, a bit like robocop but less roboty and without the guns. Plus it hides my ugly mug, and visability is fine even in twilight.

    Have copped a fair few bugs in the month ive had it and there arent any scratches, yet.
  11. +1 on all counts.

    Tinted and irridum are both less than useless in rain, dark or night. They will seriously impair vision to a scary extent. New roads + pouring rain + freeway speeds + all day in the saddle = not best time to learn this.

    My iridium has come off for the winter as I'm a commuter and dont have the luxury of choosing when to ride during the week.

    Iridium isn't quite as bad at night/rain compared to tinted.
  12. Further, sunnies will fit in the helmet you just need to find a pair that does.
  13. i went with tinted.. just looked like less upkeep to me

    iridium lets you check your helmet hair though - if u are so inclined
  14. i got iridium, and wont get it again

    it gets marks and scrathc to easy, tried to clean it with warm water and it bubled iridum.

  15. rayban aviators were designed to be worn under a helmet. the arms are very flexible. and you can look cool when you stop for a coffee
  16. My sunnies are raybans (not aviators - but similar, just smaller lenses). I tried to put them on inside my helmet and struggled... After a while I did manage to get one arm correctly positioned and the jammed inbetween my head and the helmet somehow - but the angles werent quite right (arm was outside my ear if you know what I mean)...

    Later on, after considering things I tried again and this time had no success whatsoever at squeezing sunnies into the helmet - the sunnie arms just arent strong enough to part the helmet padding and I'm scared of busting them!!...

    Looks like a daytime-visor is definately going to be required!
  17. how odd. my shark rsr2 helmet is a tight fit and I get the raybans aviators under no problem
  18. I found cheap ($10-15) sunnies at parklea markets that go excellent inside helmets... so i've got about 4 pairs :grin:

    My mate tried them and now he's gona go find some.

    The things to look for are straight-ish plastic arms (no rubber grips) and sport style frameless for best peripheral vision.


    I haven't found any sunglasses that go better in a helmet at any price. The fact that these are dirt cheap is a bonus.

    If you ask nice I might stop at parklea and pick up a pair to post to you...
  19. ive got iridium, love the look of it and can use it at night. but its pretty scratched up.

    my Oakley's fit perfectly under them.

    buy a couple cheap pairs and chuck one pair under the pillion seat.