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tinted bike screens legal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by daedalus, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. common sense says yes, seriously, how many times do you actually look through the screen?
  2. unfortunately common sense doesnt apply when it comes to laws! :)
  3. Only if they are presciption screens as supplied by a qualified motorcycle optomatrist.
  4. pink yes, black no
  5. The bike came stock with the tinted screen, right? ;)

    For what it's worth, my bike passed a Vic roadworthy with an aftermarket tinted screen, so I'd wager either it's legal or the authorities don't care.
  6. I think tinted window legislation is aimed at windows which make it hard to see into a car thus its a police danger, dont think they have trouble seeing whos on a bike and where your hands are. this i all i could find on the RTA's website
    It shows whats good and illegal for cars, trucks, panel vans, utilities and buses but nothing on bikes
  7. It's perfectly legal unless there's a law against it...

    Seriously, tinted screens are probably as common on the road as clear, I doubt you'd get any grief (I certainly never have).
  8. OK, this 30 sec rule and then the post going through anyway is pissing me off now...
  9. the law applies to transmissibility for panels you look through to operate the vehicle. Thus the no tint on the fwd screen of a car, and limited levels of tint everywhere else.

    If you don't look through the screen to operate the vehicle then the law doesn't apply. They'd have to find a different law to get you, and it doesn't exist yet.
  10. You can only have a tinted screen if the rest of the fairings are clear.

    Hope this helps.

  11. You mean you're not supposed to have your head behind the screen? So thats what I've been doing wrong!!
  12. You don't need a clear fairing as long as you wheelie everywhere so that you can get forward vision through the fork aperture.

    Seriously, bike screens are not subject to regulation (in general; the barn doors fitted to Gold Wings etc may be a different matter as you can't see over them if you're short). You could replace it with an opaque sheet of whatever if you wanted.
  13. Tinted screens are illigeal, as they don't have the Aus Standards sticker on them, they are only for track use, but a lot of people get away un-noticed by the fuzz with a tinted screen by day and carry a clear screen to swap over to at night.

  14. pretty sure they're legal so long as it's two consenting adults.

    ...may want to consider covering it with a profelactic though just to be safe.
  15. yes, but the one in the link seems so tinted that u cant see through

  16. who the hell carries a motorcycle windscreen with them to swap over at night ?
  17. Read the sarcasm bud... If you swap the reference of motorbike screen to helmet visor you'll see it. ;)