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VIC TIN for Unregistered vehicle

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ______JG, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Gents, cousin and I am looking to buy dirt bikes and we want to know if it's worth bothering with a rec rego etc for the bikes?

    In Victoria and also just wondering what the fines are for not havin the rec rego?


  2. If you can't afford rec rego, you can't afford the fine. I'm not about to do the legwork for you, but look up the Victorian law about rec rego, find out how many penalty units the fine is, then find out how many dollars per penalty unit, and do the maths. It would be several hundred dollars, but I don't know the precise amount.
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  3. For Victoria, $722 IIRC.

  4. Damn.

  5. It's alot!

  6. Ain't that the truth. Thanks again.
  7. Then on top of that, there's whatever other fines that may be applicable, eg: if the bike's unroadworthy for whatever reason.
  8. Rec rego is ~$70 a year. I just paid for mine. Best fcuken deal ever. That comes with TAC cover. It's fcuken cheap.......

    We've got it good in Vic as far as rec reg goes. I can't see why anyone would not pay the 70$... :)
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  9. Also The cops are all over the place this time of year until Christmas targeting dirt bikes to .
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  10. Cheers Gents.
  11. Some real good advise given here. TIN's for unregistered vehicles just ain't worth it. Now that you know the cost - it might not hurt to put in a reminder in your diary when your other vehicles rego's are due for renewal too - I know of people that missed the renewal date by days and lost out big times with those fines.

    I tend to do this now for not just rego's, but my actual drivers license, and anything else that requires renewing. I figured didn't really want to trust the government to remind me in a timely fashion in the future when it's the same entity that is likely to score from me being overdue with a payment.

    Back to an unregistered vehicle though - the other benefit from being rec registered isn't just TAC cover for yourself - it's if you mess up big time and hurt someone else. You'd be liable to lose everything you own in that scenario. Just ssshh on the good deal bit, we don't want TAC thinking this and deciding to change their minds. ;)
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  12. That and Ambulance membership.. costs a little but saves alot when needed.
  13. Bear in mind tho that ambo membership won't pay if it's a TAC (or Workcover) matter.

    But good to have for other reasons. Cheap enough.
  14. Ambo membership is a must, especially if you need to be Airlifted if you're bush bashin' etc...