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Tim's 93 CB400 SuperFour

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by 176OES, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I finally picked up my first roadbike. Needs a little TLC which is great in my eyes, makes it so much easier to get stuck into making a project out of it.

    Time to stop blowing wads of cash on the car and... umm... blow it on a bike instead.

    Being a first bike, and only a little 400cc I dont plan to go nuts on performance, more just aesthetics and cosmetics :)

    Anyways, first photo - Picking the bike up yesterday:


    First thing its doing is going to Josh at Beaudesert motorcycles for a full service and pre-roadworthy tidy up.

    Originally I was wanting to go down the cafe racer path, however the more I think about it, the more I'm uncertain... might just make a bit of a mongrel out of it and mix a few different styles

    Respray is next on the cards. Will be getting done in satin military green with warhark graphics on the tank and a few other little touches.

    This is going to be a slowly updated topic, as at the moment the bike is a secondary project and also will be a daily ride in the interim... but I will keep it updated as things develop.

    I look forward to any feedback and advice you'd all care to share

    Thanks for reading

  2. Get the roadworthy quote before the full service.

    Assuming youre like the rest of us and bought it with your heart and not your head. Then you know how much you HAVE to spend to get it registered in your name. After the budget has blown out to twice what you expected you can decide to either pay it or sell it off and get something else..
    no point giving it a full service and then finding it has terminal problems..
    It's happened to more people than you would like to think.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, and yes you are 100% correct about buying with the heart instead of the head. I know I've taken a bit of a gamble on it

    Thankfully the the guy who owns the bike shop is a personal friend so I'm going to be entrusting a lot of it to him as far as the mechanicals goes. I'm quite certain they can do RWC's instore as well, plan to find this out 100% when he picks it up from me.

    Do appreciate the words of caution though, I'll be sure to keep it in mind during these early stages :)
  4. Great stuff.

    Smart move going from spending on a car to a bike, I made that choice and never looked back.

    Im keen to see what you do with this :)
  5. Yeah, I've dropped close to $30k into my car in the past 2yrs... somehow I dont see a bike being anywhere near as costly to do up

    Still, in saying that I'm not going to go making the mistake of giving myself a budget this time... like foot said, they blow out.
  6. Like the sound of your colourscheme. Would be awesome to see it done up like a spitfire:


    (if that isn't where you were headed at all I bags the idea.)
  7. That's exactly what I had in mind :)

    Have seen it on other bikes on a bit of a google image search, however most were either choppers or full fairing bikes

    As for you 'bags-ing' the idea, go for your life anyways... Im in Bris, you're in Melb, I reckon we could both get away with it :)
  8. Purchased last night

    Twin headlight kit with Black Casings
    Aftermarket Mirrors
    Aftermarket LED Indicators
    Chrome Gauge Casing which will be rubbed back and painted black

    Pics once fitted :)
  9. That is a Curtiss P.40 Kittyhawk Mk III :p
  10. I don't take my planes that seriously. Pretty sure I googled spitfire, though. Shouldve looked at the image description a little closer.
  11. Haha i wouldnt expect most people to. Im a warbird buff im afraid. Definantly a Kittyhawk tho. Spittys didnt have the dirty great big airbox underneat the nose. Some models did have intakes but nowhere near as big. Still a DAMN fine aircraft tho.
  12. New mirrors went on today, not sure if I am a fan of them - dont really like the way the arm starts off from with a thin-ish stem before thickening out to a knuckle joint and then tapering toward the mirror

    Will wait until new headlights and indicators are on before passing final judgement, but I have a gut feeling its going to irritate me.

  13. No wonder you've spent $30000 on your car, that pink mini must be a ball tearer with a blown V8 in it.
  14. Hahaha, nah mate. Bike is being stored at a mates workshop. The Mini in the background is a customers car and the blown V8 belongs to this:


    Anyways, on topic: Seems the carbies have greened up from sitting for so long. Fresh oil, Fresh plugs, Fresh fuel, and the bowls drained and it's still not playing along and firing unless a large dose of 'start ya bastard' is sprayed into it, and even then it doesnt want to rev over 3k... so might be a little longer before it see's the road.

    Headlights and indicators have arrived. Will wait until the bike is roadworthy and registered before updating any of that though just in case it might cause any concerns
  15. I'm with you, I don't like the mirrors either :LOL:
  16. Thankfully they were cheap, so I will have no hesitation ditching them if they dont fit the look at the end. Until then, they satisfy one of the roadworthy requirements so they are serving a purpose :)
  17. Have a feeling these may suit it better:


    Have also ordered rim tape with "Virtute Alisque" printed on them (Latin for "on wings with courage") which is a cross reference to the Honda wings logo and keeping in with the warhawk theme for once its all painted up

    Anyways, bike got an oil change and flushed the tank, petrol in it was like brown vinegar. drained the bowls on the carby too, run a fresh lot of fuel through it. Didnt seem too interested in starting unless I had a heap of 'start ya bastard' sprayed into it, and even then it would only labour up to 3k rpm.

    Reckon the carbies might need to be stripped down and properly cleaned out.
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  18. Righto, update time in Timmy town :)

    Carbies have been cleaned up, new bowls put on... the existing ones were gunked to buggery.

    Got her started for the first time tonight

    Roady next... then rego... then q-ride

    Then the mods begin
  19. Registered today :)
  20. License acquired yesterday,

    First day of commuting today... couldnt wipe the grin off my face!

    Added rim tape tonight: