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Timing Retard Eliminators...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ChrisBurke, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    Ive looked thru the site and seen talk here and there about Timing Retard Eliminators (TREs) for Suzukis - So Ive decided to lay it all out plain and simple as Ive looked into all the options.

    Mods if you want to move this thread to product reviews etc please do so :)

    Theory about Fuel injected Suzukis - Fuel injected Suzukis use a different Ignition map for each gear. The optimum map is the one used for 5th gear. Each gear below 5th uses a slightly 'dimmed down' map (by retarding the ignition advance) to make the bike easier/smoother to use for part throttle/riding around town. Suzuki use a Gear Position Sensor (GPS) to determine which gear the bike is in, and which ignition map to use.

    Theory about the TRE - a TRE is a simple mod which plugs into the OEM wiring loom using OEM plugs to send the static signal of 5th gear (making the bike think its always in 5th - giving the optimum ignition map all the time).

    The TRE will NOT increase max power output. Its purpose is simply to give a crisper igniton map through the range. I have seen the TRE graphed on the Dyno against no TRE thru each gear with a noticable difference in the lower gears.

    Another reason the TRE is popular (especially for drag racing) is that it eliminates the factory speed limiter (in GSXR1000 and Huyabusa). Same theory as above - this factory speed limiter comes into being in 6th gear. Using the TREs static 5th gear signal means the speed limiter is not found.

    Some quick facts about the TRE:

    - The TRE is a direct "plug in" installation to your bike - no cutting or splicing
    - The TRE has no effect at full throttle
    - The TRE does have an effect at throttle openings up to 1/2 in gears 1 through 4 at ANY rpm
    - The TRE will disable the speed limiter on the 2001 GSXR1000 and 2001 GSX1300R
    - The TRE does NOT affect full throttle power... This has been verified on the dyno as well as on the road
    - The TRE is for "race use only"
    - The TRE does not comply with your warranty
    - The TRE does not comply with federal emission and/or safety laws.
    - The TRE will work in all these models:

    1998 and up TL1000S
    1998 and up TL1000R
    1999 and up GSX1300R
    1998 and up GSXR750
    2001 and up GSXR600
    2001 and up GSXR1000

    (the TRE concept also works on Kawasaki ZX10Rs).

    The theory of the TRE is quite simple, and a lot of people talk of building their own (for a small spend), and various different versions are available (some of them for unbelievable prices).

    [Mod: 2 paragraphs deleted]

    Im happy to answer any Qs if you guys have any...

  2. So this thread has nothing to do with racing Kawasaki's then? :)
  3. Phew, for a minute there I thought Netrider was introducing an IQ and speed reading test for forum membership, with being kicked off as the punishment for failure.......
  4. Careful, if you run a 'Retard Eliminator' over this forum, you are likely to be the only one left on it afterwards.
  5. Kindly point to the previous relevant threads that discuss TRE's

  6. Whoaaaa! Nice one! :LOL:
  7. I've seen TRE's discussed at length over at the GSX1400 site, some swear by them, some swear they do nothing. To date, nobody has run the dyno test and posted the results to show the difference.

    So Chris, show us the graph!!

    Oh and another thing, how much??

    Stuart T
  8. Here they are...

    This is Speed (in mph) vs Time:

    and this is Power (in hp) vs Time:
  9. No offence mate but they look dodgy as hell :shock:
  10. Im not sure if Im allowed to advertise the price in this thread [Mod: No, hence rest of this paragraph removed. This thread is pushing the boundary as it is.]

    These are graphs Ive pulled from the web - not our own...
  11. Fair call mate :wink: I'll keep TREs in the "snake oil" category till i see some definitive proof on them :wink:
  12. ...making for a lousy running VStrom, since 5th is electronically regulated to shutting down waaaay-off redline (to stick to the 200kmh max. which is about the limit most tyres for that type of bike can handle).

    Imaging all gears running on 5th -gear mapping, oh noooooo.