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timing problem fixable?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by gimmic, May 28, 2008.

  1. Hey technically minded people

    I've got a 94 kawasaki GPX 250 with noticable miss in the engine, cold it's a big knock which calms down when it ges warm but it still doesn't quite sound right or respond like it should. The bike has 40,000 kms on it.

    Is this fixable?

    I can't see that it wouldn't be but I just had the bike at a mechanic who said it was normal for bikes with this age and k's and there wasn't anything much he could do about it

    that sounds a bit suss to me, especially because the workshop took 6 weeks to not fix my bike in the first place.

    Is there anyone whose had any experience with this type of problem and could give me a heads up as to time and cost to fix?

  2. Which is usually mechanic speak for "it's totally rooted and I'm just hoping to find someone noob enough to buy it anyway".
  3. damm, oh well lessoned learned i guess
  4. from the description you've given it's hard to tell. You say it's a miss, but from your description its a bottom end bearing failure, which hangs true with some of what the mechanic said.

    That should not have happened by 40Mm.

    If it is a genuine miss then it is likely to be an ignition problem or a little less likely a carbie problem.

    all of the above is fixable, it just depends on your arm length to pocket depth ratio.
  5. GPX250

    bottom end sounds like its about to fall out,
    especially worse when cold and on choke....
    or at low revs / idle.....
    idle erratic.....

    check for intake air leaks, then balance the carbs.
  6. cheers guys will check it out and see whats going on
  7. The GPX engine is an older design. If it has Kawasaki's favoured primary chain drive, it'll sound like utter crap till it's warmed up.
    To tell if it is primary chain rattle, start cold engine, put into gear, and aply just enough clutch against the brakes to make the engine speed slow slightly. If rattle goes, primary chain.
    Primary chain is very expensive to fix, and is totally innecessary to replace merely based on it making noise, they ALL make noise.
    I would have the bike thoroughly tuned up, including carb synch, a lot of teh noise will go away.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. A noticeable miss, you mean, like paris hilton?

    If it's a misfire, when and where does it occur. I don't mean at 8:00am in your driveway, either!


    Trevor G

    PS Andrew's knock detection system is spot-on. If the knock increases as you apply load, it is a bad bearing. Not as likely as a bad/worn/loose primary chain, which is not a really important problem to worry about...
  9. And it's a GPX 250, if the engine is truly on the way out, $500 wil see a good used engine in it's place.
    I'd be very surprised if it's rodknock though, teh Kawasaki twins (250,500) are pretty bulletproof.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. best news I've had in weeks thanks guys.

    Strangely enough it seems to be riding ok, tried to check out a couple of the suggestions....then realised I am truely shit with tools..... will take it past a better mechanic until I learn enough to wrench the thing myself

    ...heres hoping its a quick cheap fix