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Timing at the track

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by mmamster, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. All

    Can anyone recommend a cost efficient way of tracking lap times other than having some one on the pitwall with a stop watch?

    Mark :idea:

  2. Most 'cost efficient' would have to a be a yoke mounted stopwatch/watch that has a lap function (many do). Seriously, I've seen it more than a few times and it can work well (same as many oem dash timer functions in essence).

    A 'non cost efficient' way would be to invest in an Ultra Lap timer, good value at $450.
  3. With a watch - strapping it around the handlebars do you mean?
  4. You know they disallow them at ride-days right ?
  5. Some do some dont. Someone not naming names, was allowed to mount a camera on a track day.
  6. Many bikes come with a lap timer function standard, and you can always attend a free practice day where they are allowed if you must follow such rules...
  7. Yep. Mine has a lap timer. Set it, then thumb the starter each time you start a new lap. Has a 99 lap memory.
  8. That's alright than. Woot they dont allow track cams ? That sucks.

    I really don't get that the law and anyone who cares would prefer you to be at a track but than when considering all the restrictions and the cost of a track day it seems more trouble than its worth.

    I understand that the money is paid towards the insurance and the martials but it's never going to deter people from road-racing if it is not made more flexible as to the restrictions etc. placed on people.
  9. I can understand that point of view, but I don't ride 'in anger' on the road anymore, I just don't like the idea of placing your health/life in other road user's hands.

    There just seem to to be too many variables out of the riders control on the road (spilt oil, gravel, etc). You (certainly I) learn the hard way. It always surprises me just how many 'rider down' threads there are on here, many I'm sure would be out of the rider's hands.

    Cameras are sometimes allowed at track days (even in races) if it's cleared/disclosed with officials and/or admin beforehand.

    I'm more than happy to pay for the privilege of riding on track, where I can concentrate on my riding rather than what's around the corner.
  10. What about something like Sigma Sport's BC1606L cycle computer? It has a stop watch function. Only thing is it may or may not work properly for speeds over 200 kays. Earlier models were good for 300 kays. Not sure about newer models.

    Or a handlebar mounted GPS with the required trip computer functions displayed. If you could get a map of say, PI, and import it into the GPS software, then after a track day you could download the track data from the GPS to the computer, overlay it over the map of the track, and if it's accurate, get a picture of your lines through corners, speeds through corners for each lap, etc.

    that is, IF the officials let you out on the track with the unit attached to the bike...
  11. Is there anywhere on the net i can get one of those "ultra lap timers" also do they have a becon that multiple users can take advantage of
  12. Got another quick question for you, does anybody know of a lap timing system that can hook into a laptop with a beacon and record times for multiple bikes i.e ten
  13. More like $250 hey.
    using a stopwatch style timer is dodgey at the best of times - not only does it take your attention away from what you supposed to be concentrating on, but its entirely easy to miss your reference point for it, and end up with pretty inaccurate timing. Most people have enough trouble hitting their braking markers consistently.

    You only need one beacon to work for every rider on the track. You'd only use more beacons if you wanted to do split timing.

    I've only ever had to use my beacon twice (once at Mac Park when there was pretty much noone else there), as somebody else usually has one.
  14. You can get a "download kit" for the ultra laptimers so you can transfer the times onto a laptop.

    You could use as many timers with it as you look, as far as I know.

    If what your after is something that could track 10 bikes in realtime though - (eg the sort of system one would have in race control) I have no idea, but i can bet you it won't be cheap.