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Times on Reefton Spur

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by paul_b, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. #1 paul_b, Nov 7, 2006
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    Anyone ever waved a stop watch over themselves up Reefton? Used to have a fast car & got converted to bikes. The time comaprisons are interesting.

  2. You're not trying to re-ignite the old car vs bike discussion, are you Paul? :p

    Seriously, welcome to Netrider and to a fellow Horneteer, no less.

    I guess a lot depends on whether you mean Reefton when it didn't have whole sections of gravel or Reefton as it is today, eh?
  3. It's a bit hard nowadays what with all the gravel in the mid section making it dangerous to push hard. Back when it was clean, and given a clean surface without too much branch/leaf litter, a decent quick rider can do it in under 13 minutes, and someone who's really quick will do it in under 12 minutes.

    This is starting from the bridge at the bottom to the T-intersection at the top.

    No one I personally know actively does time trials on it though, it's too dangerous. Those are just the sorts of times that people achieve when enjoying themselves.

    [Edit: I corrected the times above - I was confusing myself]
  4. Thank for the welcome. Often look on the forum but never posted.

    I have always measured it from the 100km/h sign at the bottom up to the big green direction sign at the top. Used to have a Skyline Turbo and managed 11m50s. Can get 14min flat if I really hustle the Hornet. LOL!!
    It is much easier to throw caution to the wind in a car on the road however.
    Think I need a sport bike!
  5. Agree with Cathar, I went for a ride thru Reefton on Sunday and was allright for the first part, but then the gravel stuff is not nice so it was time too take it easy.

    Time trials would need to be done when the road conditions suit a bike, I think a car would be pushing to beat a bike thru reefton.
  6. I'm sure that there's some guys on bikes who could do that run in around 11mins flat. On the Reefton though, with most bikes of >50hp and decent suspension and good lean-angle ground clearance, it's 80% rider and 20% bike, in terms of defining what times are possible.

    The "problem" with bikes in this respect is that it all depends on how hard you want to push. You can push hard in a car with a fair degree of confidence. Once the tyres start to move around in a car, you can still pull it back with a high degree of confidence. On a bike you can move the tyres around but the risk is much greater, and this is why real bike vs car time-trials are best reserved for the track.
  7. last guy i know that reached for a stop watch, hit the wall, literally.

    funny thing is he was a convert from fast cars,
    rode a naked bike,
    and spoke just like you.

    so i am sure you will ignore this advice just the same as he did; ;) :p
    - the true skill about road riding is increasing your margin of safety
    - if you want to increase your speed take it to the track

    i truly do hope you make it to the track,
    where everyone else has similar intentions,
    then come back here and tell us about it.

    welcome :)
  8. "take it to the track" is the best 5 words put together for this kind of thing :) another 5 words to go with that is "it sorts men from boys" :)
  9. I've seen the "time cycle" a few times here in the Adelaide hills.

    It goes like this; people get interested, compare times on a section of road, sometimes even paint markers on road for start/finish. Stopwatches are gaffed to LHS grip so that they can be actuated with left thumb. (yes, me too at one stage.)

    People get braver, faster, and generally one of two things happen...someone gets killed while they're still on 600cc sport bikes, or the group moves to litre bikes...and someone gets killed. More death/injury markers go up. Whole groups at a time (regrettably) give up bikes. Repeat cycle with new group.

    We all love going fast. Nothing wrong with pushing it from time to time on the road, but if it's something you want to really get into, do it on the track. The payoff is, it'll also make you a much better road rider.

    And a lot less dead.
  10. crashing really really really hurts :grin:

    I'm with the others, take it to the track, if this is your thing then compare yourself to the best i.e Rossi etc, not to other road hacks you'll find here. After riding Philip Island once, all I want to do is get a track bike and go back. To the point where I have considered selling the GSXR for the road and getting a track specific bike and just a run around for the road.
  11. According to the GPS (ZX6R with wobbly pilot):

    Length: 16km
    Time: 00:21:01
    Avg speed: 46kph

    GPS plot was taken from the bridge to that woods point intersection. I don't know where that 100kph sign starts.

  12. Times up Reefton Spur?
    For me they do vary but are pretty consistant:
    'Good' time,
    'Fun' time,
    'had a ball' time,
    'Awsome' time,
    'Enjoyable' time.

    I've had some other times:
    'Scary' time.
    'Slippery' time.
    'Can't find the rythum' time,
    'Should've stayed in bed' time.
    'It's one-down-five-up you idiot' time.

    but for 'minutes & seconds' time, that only for the track. Even then it still doesn't mean anything unless you're gridding with some like-minded chaps out for a jaunt about.
  13. You're not allowed to take lap times on track days.

    Taking lap times of reefton, black spur is legal. It helps to quantify one's skill on the road.

    Recording time lapse also does not mean you have to keep trying to go faster! Even on the track you don't do that. Competition is better left for racing.
  14. Yeah pushing for best times seems like a recipe for disaster. There is just so much that can go wrong on a public road. The faster you go the narrower the margin of safety.
    You can still have fun without having to go as fast as possible.
  15. :applause:
  16. I'm with Ezy. Big ups to Marx 748.

    And Java - no, you can't take lap times on track days, but they'll even print 'em out for you on RACE days. Very satisfying, and a good guide to progress.

    And no, recording times on the road doesn't necessarily mean that you have to keep trying to go faster. But generally, that's what happens. If you have more self-control than most, well done and stay safe.

    Meanwhile, still laughing over Marx....
  17. +1 on Marx748.

    My lap time? I better not say, it can be offending and can ignite intention to push harder and hurt oneself :LOL:
  18. ....i assume an amount of :jerk: factor when anyone does the stopwatchy thing and then dares to discuss like this.

    you will probably find not many people ACTUALLY care ;)
  19. Vic

    might be time to get some sponsors darl

    it is looking like a Race track is becoming needed

    there are MANY on your forums
    that seem to want to try to injure or Kill them selves with speed on our country roads

    and give ALL motorbike riders a BAD Rap/Name :shock:

    i am getting annoyed at the calls from my country friends ringing me saying Yep Another one
    are you ok
    i say
    No i wasnt there and No i dont ride like them
    please dont judge ALL riders by the ones you have just seen

    ride safe stay upright everyone
    Far to many accidents happening again :(
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