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Time wasting / dishonest bike sellers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GhettoNinja, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Nothing like having your time / fuel wasted checking out a bike for sale that doesn't match the ad description along with old photos that don't match the current bikes condition.

    Apparently 'MINT' condition means it's got scuff marks all over it, rust in several places plus a bunch of stickers and also different exhaust fitted that wasn't in the photos in the ad.

    Basically the photos would have been taken from when the seller first got the bike.

    These people give me the #@$%.

    It makes it even better / more ironic when they put this line in the ad:

    No time waisters please only genuine buyers.

  2. Take it as part of the process.

    Those little scuff marks and rusts spots get the price down quick. Now, I understand you are probably in the market for a "mint" bike, and probably would not have wasted your time taking a look at that bike, but it also gives you a sense on whether the person can be trusted or not on the story they give you on the bike.

    However, in your case it does seem the seller was straight up dishonest and I would have given him a piece of my mind.
  3. Did the price reflect the pics or the reality
    Price ie cheap,can give you a hint in future
  4. Call me a snob.... but grammatical and spelling errors often tell you an awful lot.
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  5. Yeah fair point that is a good indicator. In this case though I think it should have been cheaper than the advertised price by about 20% so no clues given on price.

    Yep that warning sign was spot on.
  6. I dont think grammar means shit in an ad.
    You trying to buy a bike or hire a tutor ?
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  7. Correct.

    What pisses me most is when i was looking at a 99 cbr900rr last week for the shed it was advertised as standard. Had a look. Aftermarket pipe, no problem ask the question were the carby jets changed. Got response no idea. Come on guy have a little knowledge of what youre selling. And dont tell me the scuff was from a small scrape against a wall when parking in a tight spot when the mark shows direction of bike travel in the opposite direction, just tell me you dropped it in your driveway like the bellend you are. Anyway rant not over

    Next bike was a vfr400 set for track. I know 3 bikes is too much. Now this guy tells me bike is straight as. Well son why is the rh clipon bent and the rear tire had wierd uneven wear?
  8. A straight vfr400 ?
    You need to realise they are all gay
  9. Still make a good little tracker. Even if youre a homophobe loot
  10. Thats more like it, all these noob welcomes had me worried.
  11. Let it go mate,he is gone
  12. Adprom is probably trying to buy a bike from someone who, having enough brain power to comprehend the fact that he is the one who benefits the most from clear communication in the bike ad, is also smart enough to maintain a motorcycle.
  13. Like the mechanic who flunked 9th grade ?
  14. Touche
  15. Uneven tyre wear can also be a combination of ban suspension setup maybe together with a track that puts more wear on 1 side
    ie PI = left side , Broadford = right side

    Bent rearsets on a tracky may be just that, bent rearsets.
    Does happen often enough on race tracks, a low side where nothing is damaged other than rearset, a lever, a scrape on an engine cover and a hole in the fairing
  16. This was not one direction track tire wear. Its hard to explain.
  17. If you want a unblemished bike, pay your moneys and buy a new one. Otherwise just make an offer on the one that you have in front of you based on the condition it is in.
  18. Thats exactly what i did. Guy wanted $5500 thought he had something special. Pointed out the issues offered $3500. Got a firm no. Then he said $5k. I said $4k. He said no way is he going under $5k. So i ignored him for a day. Next day he sends a message and says $4800 i say $4500. He says no. Next day he messages back and says okay $4500. I said too f ing late you turned it down, and good luck selling the bike youll have to find some person with no idea to get what youre asking or even close
  19. Come over to WA where you'll find every ad, every seller and every S/H bike are exactly as the OP describes. The time I've spent trailing around looking at overpriced rubbish...........
  20. If it is every one of them, isn't that the market and therefore they are not overpriced?