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Time to vote

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by dezmonster, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. I am sick and tired of all the BS from the two major parties that do not have my interest at heart and only want to
    secure their position .
    They all lie and never deliver their promises .
    A pox on both their houses.
    And the Greens what a frigen joke.

    I will be voting for these guys.
    They recognise the needs of the motor enthusiast
    access to national parks and giving back power to the people.

    I have no affiliation with them but WILL be voting for them this year after years of being a major party faithful.
    Check them out.

  2. what ever main party that has the best policies (IMO) for both the country, and current issues gets my vote as long as it doesn't involve the greens in any way shape or form they're fcukin parasites when they get to the big leagues IMO
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  3. What BS, no bullbar restrrictions but motorcyclists have equal safety priority.

  4. Agreed. Bullbar restrictions in heavily populated areas make good sense, especially as regards motorcyclist safety, as does requiring heavy 4WD drivers to have a light truck licence rather than just a car licence.
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  5. Politics in one meme

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  6. sorry but the bullbar thing is fair enough... granted wankers have 4x4s with bullbars that never get out of the city, but the problem is more that wankers have 4x4's in the city rather than the bullbars..... if you genuinely travel in country aus then a bullbar is perfectly reasonable and, i would say, adviseable...

    how would you restrict it? by where they live... who cares... its where they drive.

    I think the idea about putting them onto a seperate license makes a LOT of sense... most people do their licence is a 1200kg hatch back, not a 2000-2500kg (unladen) 4x4 with crappy on road handling... make it a seperate license and hopefully only the people that need them will bother getting them.
  7. The only reason that you want a bullbar is because your safety takes priority over others (you dont want to be stuck on the side of the road after roo strike). You could still hit a motorcyclist on a country road.

    How does that reconcile with their policy on motorcyclists having equal safety. Getting stuck on the side of the road is not the same as getting hit by a bullbar. How the fcuk is that equal??.

    Why is their safety from being stuck on the side of the road more important than my safety as a motorcyclist?

    They just havent thought through their policies.

    It is a fail of a party.
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  8. you're a muppet. far more roos get hit each year than motorcyclists... if i get hit by a car on a country road, its likely going to be a 100 zone and it wont matter if it's got a bullbar or not...

    bullbar restrictions is just one of those idiots who doesn't know any better opened their mouth and a hairbrained scheme lept out.... it was probably a lycra clad junkie. really there should be restrictions on restricting other peoples freedom when it clearly doesn't affect you.
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  9. #9 Vertical C, Aug 31, 2013
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  10. Calm down VC you'll burst your aorta. As a motorcyclist Bullbars are a bit scary around town, as someone who has hit several roos and a cow, I'm glad I had a bullbar which almost certainly stopped the critters from ending up in my lap.
    As for political parties I like my local member who happens to be Liberal and I will vote for him, in the senate I'd like to see as many independents as possible with as few greens as possible. Fortunately I also like my local independent.
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  11. Face-palm.
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  12. Can of worms :p
    Look its politics
    vertical c go take a Bex and a good lie down, or ease of on the roids
    I only posted the link due to the pro motorcycle stance amongst other things.
    Clearly such a fringe party will never get in let alone get to rule this fair kingdom.

    I only wanted to highlight what the major parties "are not doing for us"
    I don't spend much time on this site but I am constantly amused how quickly members get their hate on and fire up so quickly.
    Sorry if I have offended anyone. :arghh:
    Ah the inter web always a source of amusement :happy:
  13. ok VC has a 3 day threadban for being abusive.
    I know people's opinions can get heated, but remember that is all they are, opinions so cut out the vitriol and abuse mkay?
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  14. To qoute South Park... Voting is always between a giant douche and a turd sandwich!

    I dont know where my vote really lies at the moment... I'm 27 and i cant really bring myself to focus on this stuff and give it the attention it probably deserves. If i lived in America i would prob be a non voter, but that leaves you open to the if you dont like who gets voted in, its your own fault for not having a say at least.

    Without having looked into the policys etc, that deeply, i base the following just on my own thoughts. I think as a person, i can relate more of a connection to Kevin, but i dont like that the party keeps chancging its leader at whim... i dont really like Tony from my understandings of him, and i dont really like many of the liberals.... i like the principles upon which the greens started out, but i would agree some of their policies just dont sit well with me....

    I am a guy who likes horticulture and has a respect for plants and nature (hippie like i know) but i also love taking my 4wd out into that wilderness to enjoy it... Part of that is knowing how to drive it, picking good lines and doing things such as letting air out of tyres for better traction etc, but thats for another thread.

    This time in a week we may have a new leader. i really do grow tired of the back and forth, he said, she said type stuff and wish they would just hold to points and stick to what they say, but hey its politics... i think that is part of why i dont really have that much desire to focus on it... Ultimatly just my 2c
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  15. In a perfect world what you do is make a list of the things that are important to you. Then you present that list to each member representing you and see how they respond. Based on that you choose who to vote for. Then of course you face the almost impossible task of holding them to their promises.
    If all that is too hard, go on your gut feeling or lodge an informal vote, sign in and chuck the papers in the bin.
  16. Please don't chuck them in the bin. Lodge them blank if you must, but throwing them in the bin just makes the worker's job harder (balancing numbers of forms and votes) and the candidates never find out just like they never see anything written on the forms. The number of informal votes (blank forms etc put in the right boxes) does get counted.
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  17. Remember: vote early and vote often!

    But then again, voting just encourages the bastards.

    On a personal note, I will ensure that any party with the name of a religion on it is put last. I hate to see religion being brought into politics, and so I do my own little bit.
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  18. To be honest i hadnt even considered informal voting.... On saying i hadnt decided yet, once at the point of voting, if i've gone to the process of waiting etc, i may as well put something down at least.... but iguess if you are inclined to informal vote at least do it the right way.
  19. Can someone tell me how this bunch plan to:

    - allow lane splitting/filtering
    - create refuge areas at traffic lights for bikes and
    - pay no tolls

    When all of the three above are state government responsibilities?

    If these numpties are standing for the Senate (because let's be honest, they won't even come close to getting a Lower house seat) they are so far from being able to do as they want to, it's not funny.
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