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Time to Upgrade!

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by sLowBrian, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Hi all.... I have had my VT750C for three months now, and already I have decided to go "up" a level. Don't get me wrong, the 750 Shadow is a beautiful cruiser, but later this year when I can legally pillion, she just won't have the legs to carry both me and my wife AND have some gas left in the tank for those emergency situations where a blast of throttle and quick response is needed to get around someone who seems hell-bent on cutting me off.
    So for now I am looking at the VTX1300, they look brilliant and surely 1300cc's is plenty of power? I don't really want to go to an 1800, and want to stick with the Honda.

    Any thoughts on the VTX1300 anyone?


  2. You want another cruiser???

    You want more squirt???

    Easy answer

    Rocket III

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Whilst Triumph make fantastic bikes, and the Rocket III is indeed their crowning glory, it's not a V twin and that would count it out for me. ;)
  4. Now we're talking.

    Stock is about 90-95 kw. Minor cost gets 10-20kw more (less than $1000)
    Check the figures for most others - about 60-70 kw.
    Torque figure is also above average.
    Mine does double duty as a commuter, and I have no hesitation in filtering thru traffic.

    Get on the bandwagon.!
  5. Thanks guys....... but a couple of things.....

    I love the V Twin thing, so the Triumph is out. And don't get me wrong, the M109 is extremely good value for money in my opinion, but I'm not sold on it's look. (Bit too modern looking for me, nothing wrong with that but I do like the Old Fashioned Look!) I did consider the new C109, but it comes down to simply being happy with the Honda.

    I haven't 'done-the-deal' yet so to speak, but hopefully in the next few days etc........

    Thanks for your thoughts....


  6. Hi all. New member and new rider here.

    Bought my first bike (M50) a few months ago, and yesterday took the M109 for a test ride.

    I can certainly see who so many sing it's praises. I want one, badly, but plan to get some more experience on the M50 first.

    P.S. sorry for the thread-jack

  7. We are all victims of our own egos!.

    30 yrs ago, when I started riding, an 850 was a big bike.

    And that was when they weren't that efficient anyway!.

    Have done 12000 klms on my 109 now, and am looking for NOS, Superchargers, etc etc.
  8. The Yamaha XVS1100 is a nice machine, plenty of grunt and some nice old-fashioned stylings.
  9. Thanks guys.... I have actually been the very proud owner of a VTX1300 for about a month now..... wow what a bike! I love it!! Haven't put pics up yet, cos I'm too busy riding!!! :biker:


  10. I like the Kawasaki Mean Streak!
  11. Im a meanie fan too.

    Pity my money tree isnt growing as quickly as one would hope
  12. Mean Streak

    I would have bought the mean streak when I was looking to upgrade, but they changed the colour scheme (from all black) and that totally turned me off.