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Time to Upgrade

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by River, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Hello to all,

    I would like to upgrade from my current 250 bike up to a LAMS bike of 650 capacity.

    I'm 178cm tall, female and weigh approx 85kg (chunky yes i know :)

    The bike will be used for commuting to and from work (17km round trip) and weekend rides.

    I'm torn between the Kawasaki Ninja 650, the Suzuki Gladius LAMS version.

    I need the bike to be comfortable above everything else.

    My budget is around $8000, depending on something going right at work.

    Any help/other suggestions would be most welcome.

    I haven't test rode any bikes yet, waiting for some time off.
  2. My partner's older son used to have a Gladius. He liked the bike but hated the seat. He said that it was like a plank of wood and after less than 100k he would have a sore bum, but that was the only problem for him.
  3. Cool thank you for replying. Guess i'll just have to jump on everything and see which bike feels the best :D
  4. There are plenty of BMW 650's available in your price range, in many different guises. The GS would suit your requirements pretty well :D
  5. Cool thanks for the reply. To be honest the BMW never crossed my mind :oops:
  6. Here's one in Qld, dealer so they'll be asking top $$ but it's still under your $8k ;)
  7. Hi
    What's your current 250 and why must it be a 650?
  8. Thanks for replying. Current 250 is a yamaha Scorpio, I only want to upgrade to a 650. I'm not interested in going any higher (not trying to bag other people if that's what they did)
  9. All good
    Just wondered why specifically a 650?
    You won't get much more on LAMS anyway.
    But there are some other great bikes on LAMS with a little bit smaller engines you could confider.
    CB 400 and GS 500 are two
    Not that there's anything wrong with the two you have picked either .
  10. Cool thanks for the suggestions. :cool:
  11. Hopefully this isn't a dumb question, but are you still restricted to LAMS, or have you just decided to stay with LAMS? Just noticed you've been a member for quite awhile, so thought I'd ask.
  12. Lol Greydog it's not a stupid question. Thanks for replying.

    I'm presuming I'm still restricted to LAMS as I never went for my unrestricted licence. I've had my licence for nearly 10 years (September).

    I think I just want to stay with LAMS as cost will be a huge factor. (I work in hospitality and am about to lose my weekends which means a dramatic drop in pay) :mad:
  13. No worries :)

    I asked bc I wondered if it was a perception or confidence issue, but had to find out re the restriction first. Helps people make suggestions.

    Maybe @Portagrug can advise re his 650 Ninja. Pretty sure he's happy with it, but not sure if it's still restricted.
  14. So you have category 'RE' on your licence?
    I think 'RE' is the LAMS category
  15. Yes Open RE on my licence