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Time to upgrade Ninja 250R -> GSXR 750 K9

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by -Chris-, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. Hey guys and girls!

    Well Monday i was off restrictions, so naturally i took the day off work to go shopping :p

    Picked her this afternoon (well yesterday afternoon now!)

    I didn't take many photos so here is one to start the thread off, and ill take more tomorrow.

    Im in love! :demon:

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  2. Damn man, that looks hot :D
    Congrats on the new ride
  3. Hate you.

  4. Sweeeeeet. Congrats, awesome bike!
  5. Thanks guys! im loving it \\:D/

    So here are some more pics

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  6. and a couple more...

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  7. Absolutely beautiful bike!

    How did she go up in the Dandes? :)
  8. Thanks jm!
    Yeah really well, had a slight scare on mountain hwy with a patch of gravel but wasn't pushing hard or anything.
  9. My mate just bought one same colour too.. Good bikes.

    Go the Gixxer.
  10. dang!
    upgrade and a half.
  11. I've said it before, but I really love the new suzukis.
    Nice bike!
  12. Haha thanks guys, really loving this bike, almost got 500km on the clock already!
  13. She is hot! Good choice bro
  14. Mmmm black gixxer goodness
  15. Excellent looking ride...what were the key differences to your moving up from the 250? Cheers
  16. Thanks guys, but my gixxer is a little worse for wear after last nights learner ride :(
    Hopefully insurance will get it back to me soon..

    Key differences? ummm its fast.. damn fast not that ive tested it :angel:
    But seriously, its an awesome bike, power is very progressive and its easy to manage. I havent used the lower power engine maps but would be a nice feature for in the wet.
  17. oh no, did you bin it already?
  18. Yeah, well i got binned.. but either way :(
  19. ahh. thats a shame. happened to me too last week so I empathise.

    However at least its not again your insurance and you get a chance to change colours if you like.... not that there is a better colour than black
  20. hot bike!

    but what happened? :(