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Time to Upgrade - CBR1100XX or VFR800 - And More Questions!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Wanderer, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. I've been riding for the last two years on a Honda VTR250 and while I love it, it is time to let it go and upgrade. Queston is - which bike??

    I am pretty set on Honda's - I just like 'em - but the question I have is opinions on the CBR1100XX and the VFR800? I am also curious - it seems like they are advertising the 2006 models, but it seems like no-one has them in stock yet? Can anyone set me straight on this?

  2. I saw redwing honda sale for this weekend. too bad I'm not ready for an upgrade. looked like $3k off rrp. if you got nothing on tomorrow.
  3. cbr1000xx - very nice looking, lots and lots of punch - like a cbr1000rr but just a touch more modesty in appearance.
    vfr - dunno
  4. mmm...well apart from the huge step up in performance on the blackbird, there is also quite a large step up in weight...so bear that in mind - you will get used to it, but at first it will feel big and heavy. (compared to your vtr). :)
    The VFR is a nice bike to...heavy enough for it's size, and it won't go as hard as the Blackbird. :)
    To me, the VFR is a bit over-rated...if it had a 1000cc V4engine it would be MUCH more appealing IMHO.
  5. Re: Time to Upgrade - CBR1100XX or VFR800 - And More Questio

    I guess sport tour is your category?, I myself am eyeing of the new clutchless Yamaha FJR ABS also check out how some of the foreign VFR models which have ABS
    I Like my VFR 01 chose it for its gear driven cams(not in newer models) and riding position over the blackbird which I found less comfortable I advice yyou find a blackbird forum as well and see what their comparisons were
    I have a vfr site pinned below
    Try for more infohttp://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php?
    WARNING THEY HAD A RECENT VIRUS PROBLEM use firefox for no problems has been the advice from everyone in there lucky me already had it before I heard.. you have been warned...

    Hope this helps

    also picked this up further down
  6. Stookie and I picked up his '02 VFR800 last night. I was *very* impressed with it. I haven't ridden a Blackbird, so I can't compare the two. I think Jay chose well and this bike will last him a long time. It has plenty of power (I've heard in the vicinity of 110 ponies which is significantly more than mine!) and is very comfortable. It's a much more upright position, so no pressure on wrists or back. Comfy seat and good distance between seat and pegs (I have long legs and find it comfortable).

    Stookie's has power commander and Staintune pipes, so has that lovely V4 growl and he also bought it with the original hardbox panniers as we intend to do a bit of touring.

    Having ridden a good example, I can highly recommend the VFR.

    Best thing is to take both for a decent testride.


  7. Personaly unless you have $$ to spare i'm not a big fan of buying new bikes, choose carefully and you get a much better buy second hand.
    If you want a quick squirt on an older (99/00)VFR 800 drop me a PM and we can set it up.
  8. As others have suggested, going from a 250 to a Blackbird is quite a jump. I hope that you're ready for it.

    On the other hand, the VFR may not be as much a jump, although it still weighs nearly as much as the Blackbird around the 210-220 kg mark (dry).

    I personally would be advocating a smaller jump up in bike sizes, but in the end, it's up to you.

    The Blackbird is a good long distance bike, with the ability to mix it with the more sporty types. When you get two average riders on say a Fireblade and a Blackbird, you'll not see much difference in performance. The 'bird has a more crouched over riding position than the VFR. But if you want, you can buy "riser" bars or spacers to lift the handlebar height.

    I'd probably suggest that you test ride both bikes. Don't necessarily go for a new one, either, unless you can get one of the current specials fairly cheap. Some good 02-04 examples are selling for under $12,000 if you hunt around.

    VFRs have this valve gear gizmo that runs on 2 valves up to say 6k. Then above that it switches to 4 valves. Some suggest that the cut in/cut out point can be a bit harsh, particularly if you're cranked over on a corner and are starting to punch out, when the extra 2 valves cut in.

    The VFR needs to be worked a bit more than the 1100. It's a nice bike, but I feel that it has technology for technology's sake. At least with the 'bird, you get your basic 4 cyl sports tourer, but with the refinment of EFI, and in later models, a digital dash, if that's your bag.

    And don't discount other models, either. If you are leaning towards the sports tourer class, check out the V twin Honda VTR1000F, Kawasaki's ZZR range (1100 and the more recent 1200) and Suzuki's smaller, but cheap GSX750.

    Finally, a good budget sports tourer would be Honda's older CBR1000F models. They can be had for under $6k if you look around.

    Good luck with your bike hunting. It's almost as enjoyable as riding itself...
  9. Thanks all for the replies - a bit more info and questions. I did consider jumping to a cbr600 but honestly don't like the lean-over attitude on it - it is too damn uncomfortable. Yes sports tourers are the thing for me - but now i am questioning the jump up to such a big bike as the Blackbird, however I am leaning that way. I am taking both for a long test ride this weekend, however I can get the new Blackbird for about $15 and a half k. Is this a reasonable price? I can get the new VFR for about $15k.

    Any thoughts on these prices and also the huge hike in size and power?
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  11. I've ridden the VFR-800 a little bit when I had my Bird being serviced. To be honest I didn't really like it that much, wasn't real keen on the power delivery and I prefer the more racey riding position. Getting my bike back later that day was awesome, everything felt good again. Great thing about the BBird is that you can cruise around town and it's easy going in traffic so I don't think stepping up will be a problem. Very smooth and a very refined ride. Warning...when you open it up it's like strapping yourself to an ACME rocket. :grin:

  12. It's not the size and power that will get you with those two bikes, it's the outrageously uncomfortable riding position! You're stretched out even further than the CBR600 and Blade if I remember correctly. Roughcactus's first ride out on his Blackbird had him losing all feeling in his legs and in quite a lot of wrist and back pain. I can't for the life of me understand why people buy without test riding!

    I was sold on the VFR or CBR1100XX before I test rode them, and I hated both instantly. Don't choose a bike solely based on what you read, what you like the look of etc... Get out and ride a whole bunch of bikes including a few you're not super interested in - because you could well know straight away when you ride them which is "YOUR" bike.
  13. I sat on Keith's bike, and Keith sat on the R1. For me the R1 was more comfortable and less stretched out to the bars, and less cramped on the legs.

    Just goes to show that there are comfortable sports bikes, and uncomfortable sports-tourers.

    Test ride. Heck, even test ride bikes that you think you aren't interested in. You just may be surprised.
  14. Very true guys but Loz you are being too logical....picking a bike is based on heart and head...i maybe used too much of the heart bit. As I am getting used to the ride position the aches are going away the more i ride...I think coming from a sit up and beg posiiton like the Hornet had to a head down arse up crouch was always going to take some time getting used too.

    To make the bike a bit more comfortable I have organised some new footpegs which move the pegs about an inch lower and further back and maybe will be putting VFR bars on it to make it a bit more upright for those long trips. The way I look at it i would rather a bike that i really wanted and maybe have to modify a little to suit me...rather than buy a bike that fits me well but that really doesn't excite me
  15. That's buying based on imagination, not heart! The heart part is how you feel when you RIDE the sucker!

    But how do you know other bikes don't excite you? You never rode any!

    Meh, it's just me. I test rode plenty of bikes and ended up falling instantly in love with one I'd never have considered otherwise.
  16. I rode Steves BB just after he got it...that was enough for me! :p
  17. Thats about the best bit of advice I've seen in a long time. Test ride everything you can get your grubby little mitts on. Then make YOUR OWN decision. YOU are the one thats going to be riding the bike. Who cares what every one else thinks. Whatever YOU feel best suits your needs.
  18. If you want info/rider experiances then;


    Would be worth a visit! A few have owned both but don't expect a completely unbiased opinion :wink:
  19. Peter Stevens has the Blackbird for around $14,990 plus on roads at the moment. This is its advertised "special". You might be able to haggle a bit more, or they might chuck in a lid or something.

    Honda's RRP is around $18k.
  20. The 15.5 is ride away - so i am guessing it is pretty good then? On-roads are about 1500??

    I have found it is almost impossible to source a 2006 VFR. Does anyone know if the Blackbirds suffer from the same fate as an excess of 2005s like the VFR?