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Time to smash?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by MV, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. So, this is kind of a vent, but one that put me on to a further train of thought re taking mirrors that we'll get to in a minute.

    Commuting over the bridge this morning, traffic is very heavy from the Millers Rd on ramp, but I'm making progress. Onto the bridge & little further across, I finish making progress & move into the second lane from the left, getting ready to take the offramp. There's still some traffic & we're a fair way back from the offramp, but I generally prefer not to have to dive across 4 lanes of traffic to exit.

    My lane is moving slightly faster than the one to my left, & I am essentially in the blindspot of a Subaru in my left lane who decides to start moving over, then indicates.

    Sounds bad right? Well, we're doing about 20km/h max, so instead of slowing & not being in the way, I start working the horn like mad. I'm pretty much level with the driver now, due to my lane moving faster than his. First time in a long time I've used the horn, usually I just get out of the way & move on.

    Driver shits & swerves back, but only a little. He's straggling two lanes, I'm losing a little speed due to rolling off the throttle, but still in a position next to the car. So he keeps moving over into my lane. At this point I touch the brakes & we're all clear, he give me this little 'thanks for getting out of the way' wave & I think 'What a blind fucking idiot" & move on.

    I used to think about kicking mirrors in anger, but I didn't think I had the bike skills to pull it off, then I got to be a better rider & there were less & less incidents, to the point now where I can usually see them coming & they are sorted out before they begin & forgotten about pretty much straight away.

    Upon further reflection, I think that would be the time to take his mirror, after he's seen me & keeps merging anyway, ie in cold blood.

    I didn't take his mirror, never have.

    Ever broken a mirror? In cold blooded revenge or hot headed anger?
  2. ... or test riding a bike ina group and accidentally knocking one while lane splitting... ?

    No, not me. hahhahahhahha
  3. Back when I was on my Ps, over things that today wouldn't really concern me too much.

    I don't think punching the mirror would have been justifiable in the situation you described.
  4. So why didn't you just "get out of the way & move on" THIS time???
    Why did you decide to take on a car, while on a bike.??
    Seems to me, you were trying to prove a point, which is unimportant, when you're on a bike. And put yourself in more danger in the process. Why??

    This whole mirror breaking car kicking bullsh!t is just juvenile behaviour.
    Let's say you push in on a car, and the driver gets his gander up...you think it's ok if he gets out of his car and does around 500 bucks damage to your bike??

    In a spur of the moment once off very serious situation, I can understand it, because I'm a hothead!

    But as a form of practice that some guys seem to think is acceptable, it's not. It's retarded, stupid, bad for the rest of us, and only shows where the intellegence is missing.
    If it happens in front of me, (small event, and biker gets upset) and a mirror is smashed...hope that the bike behind you, is not me!
  6. I keep my cool and usually just shake my head in disbelief. If the car is in a hurry to change lanes. Let them in and go on your merry way. You're more than likely to be ahead of them when they stop anyway.

    Traffic was unusually bad today starting from Millers...haven't seen traffic slowed down that much since school holidays started.
  7. I've broken one but that was in my early days of riding. Lane changer gave me the finger when I tooted my horn and came across even harder. I was level with his front door, not in the blind spot, he just thought he could push his way in and that I'd back off to allow him to do that.

    But as has been said above, more experiance and getting older means the "need" to do it has been significantly reduced. I just don't get that angry anymore or see the situation coming. I know by the next set of lights or a few k up the monash in peak hour and I'll not see them again. These days I also try and work out if it was an innocent mistake or delibrate rage, any apology gets returned any rage and I'm outta there.. It's just not worth it these days.
  8. this is whats great about NR, people being honest and feedback in a positive is posted. I hear your anger, god knows how many times if I had a weapon either me or them wouldnt be here, so thank god I am not a total idiot.
    As Raven mentions [O wise one] to argue with sumthin bigger is not going to be a good outcome, and I am first to admit at being in the wrong but at the time I pointed my finger at the 'opposition'
    Patience is a virtue :)
  9. While I agree with Raven, there is however always a time and place. If someone deliberately tries to take me out on the road, they'll be eating their teeth at the next lights.*


    Not recommended for anyone who can't take care of themselves. Being wound up does not mean you can fight.
  10. Detach his mirror`s and attach them to the TRIXXER , i never realised how horrid they are till i got the beemer
  11. I'm not sure Raven. The speeds were low, there was plenty of room to get out of the way if things got really ugly & I didn't see it as a dangerous situation.

    If the cager doesn't know he "nearly took out a bike", he not going to look next time either, maybe I was trying to make that apparent to him.

    The amount of times I avoid others on the road & they have no idea does get a little frustrating...

    I agree with you on that one, like I said, I've never done it. Do you think it would ever be justifiable though?

    True, it was monstrous today, I'm usually in much the same frame of mind. I saw a Gixxxer 2 up & a KTM I think, were either you?

    :) Might be a good idea, although I'd prefer to fit some SV mirrors, probably cheaper in the long run.
  12. Nah, I ride a humble Suzuki Across (silver) with a Ventura rack that has yellow/black rope wrapped around it. I usually get on the Westgate between 8:30/9...depending what time I decide to get out of bed.
  13. I think it would have been better if you stuck to your usual pattern and just sped up and got out of the way.

    Re taking mirrors off ? Yes many years ago when I was young and Dumb,
    I still get the urge when someone merges into the same space I'm in, But I now prefer to educated them verbally at the next set off lights / or just shrug and let it go.

    These days its all self decision making at the time, your choice to ride aggressive or defensive depending on the situation.

    You may get the satisfaction of removing a mirror or kicking a door when something like this happens, all well and good for you, but what about the poor schmuck learner rider that has to deal with the drivers now lifelong hatred of all things on two wheels 10mins later ?
  14. I came close a few days ago with a guy who deliberately closed the gap on me as I was spllitting slow moving traffic. I can handle genuine mistakes, but dickheads who deliberately pull dangerous shit like that deserve to have their mirrors and teeth violently removed.

    At the end of the day though I don't think I would ever actually do it. Not worth the visit from the popo if said ******** gets your plate.....I mean what could they potentially charge you with - willful damage, neg driving, leaving the scene of an accident? I don't know, but I doubt they would look kindly on it.
  15. The cager didn't "nearly take out a bike".

    You saw him coming so you avoided an incident. You could have let him in, but you chose to get irate anyway. Happy driving is not needing to enforce your right of way every time, just to prove a point.
  16. This was a genuine mistake. Save getting irritated for stuff like "Man Hands" example above.
  17. There's new technology now for dealing with these situations in a passive and friendly way. Peace balls.

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  18. just open one of his back doors at the next set of lights so he has to get out and close it rather than possibly getting into shit for damaging his vehicle

    that being said some guy deliberately tried to kill my friend one day so he smashed his mirror with his barkbuster. id be too worried about falling off right next to him to do that though haha
  19. Ahahahhahah gold!
  20. Mate mate mate...trust me, I'm a real hothead with very short wick, so I understand the feeling.
    The only difference now, is that why I want to kick someone's mirror off, I chose not to. It's a choice. Just decide 'NUP, that idiot isn't worth my time'.

    Then do what bikes do best in peek hr traffic- evade...move on into the distance and be home while dipstick is still stuck in the traffic.

    But if you're gonna get off your bike then take the helmet off your head and get a good grip on it. If your helmet is on, the other bloke gets behind you, your helmet becomes your worst enemy. (snap goes the neck)

    They may definitely deserve a smashing, but not while they're
    in the perfect machine for protection, that can be used quite easily to kill you, and you are vulnerable and an easy target for them.

    Sorry Dougz, that reads like a lecture, but it's intended to sound encouraging, to leave these retarded pricks to be laughed at while you just disappear into the distance. :)
    It feels so good! LOL. :)