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Time to service my zzr250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by v-petn, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm planning on servicing my bike this weekend... I want to do this task my self... I'm a bit nervous as I've never worked on a bike before... I've serviced my car without any issues so I'm assuming this shouldn't be a big deal...

    I've worked out how to change the oil and oil filter...

    Step 1: Place bike on centre stand
    Step 2: Remove the drain plug from underneather the bike and allow oil to drain
    Step 3: Remove oil filter which should be located next to the drain plug
    Step 4: Reinsert the drain plug and place new oil filter and then put oil back in

    While I'm doing this, I'm planning on changing the air filter as well... From what I read on the manual, it doesn't appear too difficult...

    What else should I do? I want to change the spark plugs but I'm not sure on how to do this as taking the petrol tank off seems a little dauting...

    Can some provide me with steps or even pics which would help a lot?
  2. spark plugs =
    seat off,
    bolts in side of tank out,
    fuel tap off,
    remove 2 x hoses to tap,
    remove breather hose at back of tank,
    two bolts at back of tank out,
    slide tank back and remove,
    pull out leads in a forward driection.

    you will need the plug remover tool from the tool kit. use this with a spanner to get the plugs out. if you dont have the tool you will will have to find an alternative.

    reverse this and its back together.
  3. When you change your oil, take it for a ride first and get it to operating temp. Then dump it.

    I have a habit of pouring about 100ml of oil through it while the sump plug is off. Most people say its a waste- I like seeing the crap that it picks up on its way out.

    There are a bunch of checks you should undertake, including tensioning, cleaning and lubing your chain while you are there.

    And dont forget simple things like checking everything works- like your brake light!
  4. + 1 on the oil flush.. a few $ to make sure as much of the crap is out is always good. let it drain the whole time you do the filter and plugs.
  5. thanks for the replies guys... the spark plugs seem a bit challenging so i'll play take a closer look when i tackle the job this weekend...

    Yeah that's a good idea putting a bit of oil back in and drain any crap still remaining in the engine...

    I rang MCA in Parramatta and Liverpool but they don't stock the air filter... The guy suggested I purchase the K&N filter which is retailed for over $100... Apparently its just a straight replacement... I don't know if it's worth spending that much and will it affect fuel... I think replacing it with a stock filter would be better unless someone can advise otherwise...
  6. By the way, I did clean the chain and relubed it yesterday... Heaps dirty and had a bit of surface rust... It looks clean and as...
  7. the filter is more then likely a foam one. if so give it a clean with kero and check it out. if it is still springy and intact (depending on age) get some filter oil and refresh it. stick a K+N on if you want, but a new genuine job should do.
    a happy chain = a happy bike.. nice work.
  8. Don't need to replace the air filter unless its damaged or extremely extremely old. Just pull it out, rinse it in warm soapy water, squeeze and work it gently and change the water as you do it until the water stays relatively clear - getting all the crap and old oil out of it. Once finished, dry. You can use a hairdrier just not too close and not too hot. Then use some air filter oil to relube it (my preference is the type in a spray can) well, but it shouldn't drip. Then reinsert.

    As for doing the oil, let the bike idle for 5 minutes before dumping the oil - it makes it drain out alot better. 5 minutes isn't enough to scold you just FYI, but it will be rather hot.

    Be sure NOT to overtighten the sump plug and oil filter screws when putting it back in, you don't want to stuff the internal thread, its annoying! Should be finger tight + 2 full rotations (ish).
  9. If you're close to nbeaches just come over this weekend if you want some help.
  10. Awesome thanks for the offer phizog... I may take up on the offer if I decide to change the spark plugs...
  11. Did you get the Oil filter with or without the O-Ring?
    ZZR's use an O-Ring for the Oil filter cover, it's generally advisable to replace this and the sump plug crush washer if possible.

    Also, make sure you tighten the sump plug by hand first, then tighten with your wrench.

    I threaded my ZZR's Sump plug thread and now I need to re-tap it with a helicoil kit

  12. and the little o ring that comes with the filter can be used on the water pipe at the back of the rocker cover when you do your valves :wink:
  13. I can't recall if it came with the o ring... It was fairly straight forward and no oil leaks :) I used Motul 5100 10 by 50... I put about 1.9 ltr of oil back in... Seemed to run a bit more smoother...
  14. oil changes are cheap and easy insurance and yes post oil change riding is always that bit soother..