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Time to sell the old girl?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by jimmyjames182, May 20, 2009.

  1. Riding home from work the other night at 11pm, had a little trouble.

    On the m5 and looked in the mirror to see the headlights behind lighting up a smoke trail from my cb250. Into the breakdown bay to find the bike had dropped all it's oil, the trail was oil burning off on the muffler.

    Turns out I've blown 3 gaskets and an o ring round the gearbox / clutch area - $300 to fix (Is $110p/h labour high cause it sounds like it is).

    My regular commute is 2hours return, half of that is freeway speeds and it occurs to me maybe I'm asking too much. The bike is a 2001, has done 25000km but I treat her right with regular maintenance and such.

    Can I reasonably expect the bike to do that sort of commute for another year? Finances don't allow an upgrade before then but if I'm going to kill her before then maybe I'm better off selling her now and waiting out the year.
  2. $110 is pretty high.

    You may be able to find someone that will do it for a better currency of beer.

    Your commute shouldn't been killing your bike, unless your giving it hell.
  3. +1

    Buy the materials yourself and ask around. Failing that give it a shot, can't be too hard replacing gaskets can it?? 25,000km doesn't sound much either...

    Good luck with it.
  4. The redline on my CB250 (an '04 model) is 9.5k rpm. Top gear @ 80kph it sits at 5000rpm. If jimmyjames182 is off his Ls, he'd be doing 100 - 110kph. That's some 6000 - 6500rpm.

    I do Ibout 2hours a day on my CB250 @ 80kph, and also wonder if this can hurt it.

  5. Whilst 25,000km doesn't sound like much the bike is still 8yrs old. Age is also a killer. Repair the bike for the short term so you have some transport.

    A bigger bike of the same age would fair much better on freeway commutes IMO. You could pick up a 600cc or even an older 1000cc bike for around $4k-$5k. Is there no chance you could fix the CB, sell it and buy a 600cc?

    My concern would be if things like this are blowing up, what is going to blow next and how much is that going to cost? My experience with cars was always the same, once something goes wrong on an older vehicle it's a domino effect and lots of other problems start to happen.

    I would seriously consider a bigger bike for that kind of mileage, especially freeway riding.
  6. Sounds like you're on a tight budget, so easiest is to just DIY. Can't see how that bike can be very hard to replace gaskets (unless they are somewhere inside the cases).

    25,000k kms isn't much, and neither is 8 years. Bikes don't age that bad like cars... if nothings rusting away (most things these days are alloy too) and the electrics are all good, no reason why it shouldn't go another 8 years.
  7. I think the first thing you need to find out is why did it destroy 3 gaskets and an O ring, it sounds like the engine is building up excess oil pressure, check the PCV valve to make sure it is not blocked, this allows engine fumes to go back into the carbies to be reburnt and prevent pressure build up. Kev. :wink:
  8. Exactly what I'm thinking.

    On the freeway the bike sits on 7000rpm give or take so it's right at it's limits.

    Why did the gaskets go? Mechanic said age - I doubt the bike was ever serviced before I bought it a year ago judgeing by condition of original chain/plugs & air filter.

    I wondered if I overfilled it when I changed oil 300kms before the breakdown - the owners manual says 1.5ltr capacity and the dipstick confirmed this was ok.

    Might just have been one of those things.
  9. a 250 for an hour on the freeway over 5 years is a big ask.

    The cb250 is pretty mild and reliable, but it's still a big ask. So maybe look at getting something a bit bigger.

    and I agree you need to find out why they blew. Make sure the engine is venting properly.

    As to the price, I've found after market gaskets quite dear to buy retail. So you might find that even if you do it yourself that you don't save much.

    Only way you'll know is to price them. Which gaskets were they exactly?
  10. My first bike was a CB250, it did exactly the same thing.

    It was a 2003 (I think with ~30,000km) I was the 3rd owner. 1st owner used it to commute around Canberra, 2nd commuted between Yass and Canberra. I'm in the country so just about all my riding on it was at highway speeds. I get the impression they're not really suitable for sustained highway/freeway use. (Certainly not anywhere hilly anyway)

    I couldn't wait to get rid of the bloody thing.

    Great little bike to learn on though - especially if you're a short-arse :)
  11. maybe a sports tourer? zzr250 is quite cheap
  12. I wouldn't have thought its a big ask, my cbr250 only sat on 8-9000 rpm in 6th at 100km/h (out of 16,000 rpm max that is).

    Maybe if you intend to fix it also look at changing your sprocket ratio so you get a higher top speed, means you wont be revving as high when doing 100km/h.

    Personally I'd have a go at fixing it, but a ibast said, check on prices first, but $110p/h is WAY too much... places in melb will charge $60-$80p/h, depending on who you know ;) ...

    As far as why it went, it depends on which ones went, where on the gasket, etc... could have been a pressure buildup, but could have been old age...

    Could always make your own gaskets too*... lightly oil one side of the metal, place it on a sheet of card and cut out, as long as the metal parts clamp the card it'll be right. :LOL:

    *=i don't recommend doing this if its parts where you dont know whats going on, ie crank case has all sorts of pressures and oils in different parts that may need separating too. ;)

    I'd offer to help, but campbelltown sounds like its in NSW not in VIC... you could host a spanner night ;)
  13. I agree about the change in gearing, +1 front or -3 or so in the rear, will bring down the rpm down for the freeway cruise.
  14. .
    But it will mean you have to use more throttle for the same road speed (may not actually be able to maintain required speed in top gear), so may not be a good idea on a small bike without much performance reserve.
    +1 that you need to find why it blew the gaskets/seals. It won't be old age, probably too much pressure in the crankcase, posibly a broken ring?