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Time to quit the smokes!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Thejewishone, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. Well after about 17 years of puffing, I am now going to quit the smokes.

    I have found lately that I have been getting chest pains, headaches, and just generally very angry pantsy.

    So as of Friday 08/10/2004 I will take that large step in quitting the fags (smokes that is).

    How many will join me???

    (Starting to feel very nervous)
  2. Good for you! I gave up about 6 months ago and feel a whole hell of a lot better for it. How are you planning to stop?
  3. Good luck!! :D
    I've attempted to quit 8 times in the past 7 years... the longest I've stayed "Quit" for is 10 months, but my average is only around 2-3 months.
    I'd say I'd join you, but trying to quit on an immediate decision rarely works - Setting a date at least 10 days into the future, and working towards that, is usually more successful (and less stressful).

    Are you going to try Cold turkey, or do you think you'll try one of the "quitting aids"? I've tried almost everything, so if you want any "feedback" on stuff, let me know....
    The reason I have failed so many times is because of my own "Won't" power (or lack of)....
    Don't EVER think that only One won't hurt!
  4. I will mate. It's 20 years for me next year and I have been thinking of quitting on and off for ages. I'm thinking of just going cold turkey. Been on those tablets (can't remember what they were called) but they gave me headaches BIG TIME!!! Patches were good but they irritated my skin badly!! The gum was k but tasted really really awful. lol!!!

    :D :D
  5. mate
    Good luck!
    I did, up to 60 a day for 25 years
    woke up one morning and went.... Nope ...donwanna anymore..blah!
    Cold Turkey ..stopped, just like that
    That was 6 years ago and haven't had one since
    and No, I don't weigh an extra 50kgs
    Mind you
    some days...some days the craving is there
    so again, Good Luck

  6. Thanks for the support, and will keep ya posted as to how I'm going.

    Yeh it's going to be real tough, but it is something that I must do.

    Lids: I am strating with the Microtabs but think I will settle on the Inhaler thingy ma bobs. The Inhaler I can take to work and sit at my desk and suck away to my haerts content.
  7. Good luck quitting the stink-pipes.
  8. Take up chewing tobacco. No smoke therefore so much more socially acceptable! Plus it gives you a head start ifn ya wanna play a banjo....
  9. Easter this year I quit for about the fifth time... Went cold turkey through 3-4 months with little to no cravings. Then one day it hit again and I bought a pack, it was all over then...

    I'm not a really heavy smoker, but as they say in the ads, 'every cigarette is doing you damage', and I really do want to kick the habit. So... if there's going to be some mutual support around these parts to share the burden I'm in :)
  10. You might want to change your date to Monday 11th october. Friday would have to be the hardest day of the week to give up with a weekend ahead of you. PLUS, don't forget the BBQ/MotoGP on Sunday, there will a few smokers here so that will only make it harder for you. :)
  11. Just like drugs Flipper "Just Say No.".

  12. Since when did Netrider get its own resident Gollum? :shock:
  13. i kinda quit without really thinking about it. i mean i still smoke when i've had a few too many carltons but thats the only time i ever do it anymore. try riding a pushbike to work every day. it hurts like crazy while your a smoker, but starts getting better with every day that you dont do it. eventually it ends up being a fairly easy task and ciggies really arent much of a thought anymore. just gotta watch those damned weekends, no pushy riding means no reason not to smoke.

    good luck with it tho, one less cancer stick smoker is one less that might tempt me to start up again. and those things really do stink like shit when you dont actually want one.

    nicotine has got to be the shittiest drug ever, costs money, totals your lungs and what kinda kick do you get out of it?? ABOFUGGENLUTELY NOTHING :evil: at least if you kill yourself with something else its a bit of fun :twisted:
  14. I had a smoke outside one day, finished walked in and my daughter dropped her dummy. I picked it up and put it in my mouth to "clean it" and then thought, I cant giver her that.

    I got the shits and went to see my doctor. I asked him for the Zyban pills and I copped a huge lecture, somehting about us Westerners wanting drugs for erections and drugs for smokes.

    He gave me the pills and 7 days later I was free from the smokes.
    It's been 2.5 years and I have not touched one since the 3/3/02. Once my shift at the F1 GP was finished so was the dirty habit.
  15. Good for you, just on nine years for me.
    I paid for my CBR 1000 with the money I saved, stopped cold turkey, it was not really that hard when I made up my mind
  16. Hey Vic, good on you. Those Zyban pills gave me headaches/dizzy spells bad. Did not agree with me at all.

    It's good to hear that some of you have been able to quit. It's very encouraging.

    :D :D
  17. its just a mindset. once you've got it out of your head that you need them, thats it. it doesn't matter how you try to justify them, you just dont need them. money can be spent on better things and lungs can actually be quite useful once you start to use them again :shock:

    main thing is tho, dont go into it half assed, cos you wont get anywhere. you gotta be full on straight away. hell, you've got better things to do, go ride that bike of yours, at least you've got a licence :oops:
  18. Currently on day 2 of no smokes myself.

    Patched, cranky, slow-witted and frankly feeling like shit.

    Over the worst of it though, still craving but it's under control.
  19. The only side effect (from the pills) that I had was that they made me feel like crap in the mornings, i felt that i was going to cop the runs from the cramps but they passed fairly quickly.
  20. EXACTLY!!!
    and thats what i did..just didn't want to do it anymore....
    its whats between the ears that matters!