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Time to move on, bike suggestions?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Cam2318, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. #1 Cam2318, Feb 26, 2016
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2016
    So I bought my bike in 2012 new, a WR250R with the intentions of doing a lot of trail riding. Went out a few times but to be honest, it was fun but not really my cup of tea. I just love road riding. So I have now close to 10,000klms on the WR and really enjoy riding the bike. However, given the fact it is mainly a dirt bike and I get absolutely hammered on windy days, I am thinking of selling. I'm after something with a bit of power but that "trail" bike style posture. I like the Ducati Monster but well the minister for finance, she won't let me spend in that price range. I guess I'm looking for something comparable to that without the price tag. Any suggestions?

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  2. Yamaha MT09
    Brilliant bike, not expensive at all but they're relatively new so youll be spending over 10k of that's in your budget
  3. Good call from amokamok

    What's your budget?
  4. Around the 10K mark, but if I by her some jewellry or something she might let me stretch it a bit more
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  5. I agree. It's the closest to trail bike ergonomics I've encountered on a road bike and goes like a cut snake. And it fits your budget perfectly.
  6. Good work. Maybe you could buy her an Ohlins rear suspension? Then you could compress it, and not have to stretch it.
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  7. Cheers, just had a look on my local Yammy dealer's website, might duck in there on the weekend and have look. I have only started investigating road bikes so still not sure what's out there so all suggestions are much appreciated,thanks again
  8. *Noob suggestion*

    Honda NC750SA has that sort of look (?)
    ...Dunno if it's a good bike though!
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  9. If you're looking for something new and worry free, you won't go too far wrong with an MT09, or an MT07 if you prefer something that sounds like a Ducati.

    Bigger motards are also worth a look if you like dirt bike ergos. For $10k you could probably stretch to a KTM 950 Supermoto or a 1st-gen Ducati Hypermotard. The KTM 650/690 Supermoto was a weapon too. You're talking about euro bikes with some years on them though, so it comes down to how confident you are with a spanner.

    Triumph Street Triple can be had for your budget, not too old either. Smaller engine than the MT09 but sweeter chassis.

    As a 'left field' choice, your budget just might stretch to a Nuda 900. They have some known reliability issues, so you'd want to find a good one.
  10. You could look at an Aprilia Shiver 750 too, great bike but outgunned by the yammie. Better suspension though, and imo sound waaaay better, v twin rocks.
  11. Z1000 all day long for 10k.
  12. Are we talking brand new, or second hand for $10K?
  13. Used MV Agusta Rivale.
  14. I'm open to a 2014 or 2015. Had a look on bikesales and heaps of MT09's for 10k mark mostly 2015 with around 8-10,000 klms on them. So I would be cool with that.
  15. I can assure you, new ones can be picked up for $10K if you ask around a few dealerships.
  16. So my Yammy and Triumph dealers are next door to each other so finally got the time to spend more than 10 minutes having a good chat with the guys in both shops. I was tossing around between Triple 660 or MT07, as I still require LAMS. Going to go with the Yamaha. I'm on a tight budget and the Yamaha guys just came to the party better. Thoughts?
  17. Do it.

    A mate of mine recently bought an MT07 and loves it.
    The parallel twin sounds fantastic too with the Akrapovic - much better than the full carbon Akrapovic on my MT09.

    Welcome to the MT club - there's plenty of us.
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  18. I wanted to stay with Yamaha also if I could and the change over on my WR was better than I expected from the Yammy guys. Now to cook a nice dinner for the Treasurer when she gets home and have little chat
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