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Time to look at my first upgrade

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Krish, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. hi fellow riders,

    I am not 4 months away from being free of my LAMS restrictions... I figured that its a good time to start fantasizing about my upgrade.... and here is what I have so far....

    Rider Details:
    • 34 Years
    • 190 cm tall, 95kg
    • 25kms commuter from Western Suburbs into CBD
    • Current ride: Kawasaki ER6NL
    • Want a cruiser, but also want to be able to filter through city traffic
    Bikes in shortlist
    • Indian Scout
    • Victory Judge
    • Victory Hammer
    • Moto Guzzi california
    • KTM 1290 Super Duke (cannot not have it on the list)
    • Ducati Diavel (Iffy, but I thought I'd put it on here for the time being)
    I am obviously not eligible to take test rides yet :-(, so I am limited to looking at the bikes...but I would like to compile my consideration list...
    Opinions please.....

  2. As far as cruisers go, I like the Victory stable. The Boardwalk is nice. The new Indian Scout is a cracker. If we're just fantasising have you looked at the Yamaha VMax?
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  3. Filtering on a (V-Twin) cruiser is no problem, they are inherently narrow (I commuted along Sydney roads on an M109R for a couple of years). Except the Guzzi which has its cylinder heads sticking out to the sides.

    If it was my money I'd go the Diavel, for a couple of reasons;
    1. Switchable power - you can dial it down to 100BHP for town riding
    2. Nicer riding position for inner city maneuvering.

    Have you considered getting a Super Motard type for commuting and a cruiser for other riding.
  4. I went a 1090RR as a 2nd bike, a real blast of a bike but its a bit mental and I think I would have been just as happy with a Brutale 800 or 800 RR. Definitely not what I'd call fuel efficient but it is fun every time I ride it!
  5. M109R

    The Super Duke is an interesting inclusion in that list. Try it by all means, but if you end up liking it you should also maybe consider its more natural rivals like the S1000R or Tuono.
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  6. I haven't. And it is well and truly in it now.
  7. Commuting is 95% of my riding at this stage with a young family and other spring interests taking up most weekends.
  8. But was happy to read that commuting and filtering on a cruiser is not a pipe dream
  9. I don't consider the Ktm a cruiser. If your
    Looking at victory then a Harley night rod is worth a look in my opinion. Then if your looking at the Ktm a z1000 or s1000r are worth a thought as well
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  10. Bikes in shortlist
    Indian Scout
    Victory Judge
    Victory Hammer
    Moto Guzzi california
    KTM 1290 Super Duke
    Ducati Diavel
    Yamaha V Max
    BMW S1000RR
  11. hahaha. I like how you've included non cruiser bikes.

    My suggestion would be to ride EVERYTHING you can. You may think you want a cruiser but you never know you could ride an 'all roads tourer' and fall in love.
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  12. The 'shortlist' is getting longer. At this point you may as well put in a Goldwing F6B because why not?
  13. so much for a "short" list huh
  14. i'll build the list...then eliminate based on looks, price etc....hopefully narrow it down to 5-6 and then ride them all before taking the big call.....
  15. Best of luck for the next purchase...

    What sort of budget are you on?

    Also the BMW S1000RR is a super sports bike. You may have wanted to include the S1000R which has a more upright position.
  16. Yep...got that right...its the naked not the supersport. that I will look at....
    Dont really have a particular budget in mind at this point...what I do buy I want to keep for a few years, so I want to buy something with my heart more than my head....
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  17. Updated list
    1. Indian Scout
    2. Victory Judge
    3. Victory Hammer
    4. Moto Guzzi california
    5. KTM 1290 Super Duke
    6. Ducati Diavel
    7. Yamaha V Max
    8. M109R
    9. BMW S1000R
    10. Triumph Rocket?
  18. While you're at the Triumph dealer test ride the Speed Triple and give the various Thunderbirds a go.
    While at the Ducati dealer give a Monster or Street Fighter a ride.
    The Yamaha FZ1(S) isn't a bad bike - maybe a little 'old man' for you.
  19. Triumph rocket looks wider than the v-twin cruisers, but you would have to sit on one to find out.

    I would think a walk through the bike shops sitting on all of these will eliminate some as they will be less comfortable, or have riding positions that don't suit you as well as others. It is a very personal choice.

    If it was just on looks, I would go the Indian.
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  20. You obviously like fast bikes if your looking at the s1000r or rr model. U have to ride a night rod then as they are the closest u will get to a sports cruiser with more hp than the ones in your list
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