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Time to introduce myself

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Vani, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. Hi guys,
    I have been hanging out here mainly reading what advice etc others have to say for quite some time.
    I am 30 years old, and aside from some trail bike experience when I was young (peewee 80), hadnt ridden before. I did my level 1 course in early November and after having a ball there went and bought a Hyosung Aquila GV250. What a blast!!! 300kms home from dealer for first ride, it was a little scarey at times but awesome fun. My partner saw how much enjoyment i was having and did her level 1 a week ago, same day i did my level 2.
    Hee hee, carried her pillion for the first time on boxing day along that 300km trip again and found it so easy. The extra weight stabilised the light bike. (oops i hope she doesnt read the extra weight bit; Zusaign, if u read this hun, it wasnt lotsa extra weight :grin: ). I have an exemption on engine size and am planning on upgrading very soon so that zusaign can have the aquila all the time, instead of just when i am at work.
    This is a great community that you have here and i would love to get involved with the social scene but since I live in Tasmania I dont really have that opportunity. We are both a little geeky being into sci fi fantasy and online MMORPGs and also love our coffee hot and strong.
    I have travelled 3100kms on the aquila in the 7 weeks that i have had it and am now looking for another cruiser like a XVS1100 or a XV1600.

    So hello to you all and thanks for putting up with my out of date jokes that I sometimes post. :wink:

  2. Good to meet ya.

    /Extremely jealous of any rider who lives in Tassie...

    ...Hmm, must get onto part 2 of the Tassie Gems ride report one of these days before Glitch thumps me...
  3. Welcome to the Netrider Nuthouse.

    As for MMORPGs - if you're into WoW, you can find me on the "Lothar" server.

    XVS1100 and XV1600 are both great bikes. XVS1100 is a shaftie and a little bit lighter, whilst the XV1600 is pure cubic grunt. I just bought a 16, whilst Boogieman got the 11. Check out the various threads on these great bikes.
  4. Hi Vani , welcome .
  5. Hi Loz, yes we have some nice twisties down here. I am getting used to scraping my pegs now.
    Thanks for the tip voyager, i am looking forward to a heavier bike. The aquila does get blown around a bit and doesnt have the sort of get up and go that I want now. Mind you it handled 130kph with a pillion on the highway. (zusaign had her eyes shut and holding tightly btw).
    We play AO, but a good mate of mine plays WoW and loves it.
    G'day Midnight. GL on that journey to parenthood. It is an exciting time.
  6. Just quietly Vani, is "Zusaign" the hippie spelling of "susan?"

    ...'Cause google's got nothin'.
  7. Sorry Loz but no. She uses it as her pseudonym cos its a combination of her characters name on the online roleplaying game we play; Anarchy Online.
    She isnt a hippy. She looks damn sexy in her bike leathers, and a little mean too until you get up close and see her little smirk. :LOL:
  8. Welcome to group Vani :), Maybe I'll bump into you in 4 weeks time when I am there with the boys.. Which part of Tassi r u from?
  9. Hi yamraj,
    Currently i live in devonport where the ferries come in. I got transferred here a couple of years ago from hobart. I see lots of bikes when they come in off the ferry and am allways jealous of the great day riding they are going to have.
  10. Welcome to the forums :),
    I've always wanted to go to tassie i heard there are some awesome roads down there and i love the colder climate.

    I take it Level 1 and level 2 are the same as L plates and P plates??
  11. howdy Kraven,
    yep level 1 got me my L plate but because i have a full car licence and am over 25 the level 2 course got me my full bike licence.
    The only restriction being the engine capacity but a short note to the motor vehicle registrar fixed that little issue for me.
    Now that i have caught the riding bug i cant imagine not doing it .... ever!
    Havent bothered with saddlebags for the aquila yet due to a soon upgrade but i still go grocery shopping on the bike. had to buy a bigger backpack though, lol.
  12. G'day Vani, and welcome to Nutrider, please observe the following rules:

    1. Never ever boast about how bloody good Tassie roads are to those of us stuck this side of the pond, and

    2. all boasting of how good GF's look in leathers must be accompanied by a pic of said GF.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Nobby, you are a wag :LOL:

    Yeah, welcome Vani and be prepared for lots of 'offers' to stay at your place when anxious Netriders get sick of Marty and Dno and Glitch and Loz banging on about tassie roads and come over there to find out for themselves!! :LOL:
  14. Hi Vani,

    Welcome ;)

    I'm jealous of you - I'd live in Tassie in a flash!

    We toured tassie in 2004 - a ten day anti-clockwise loop from Devonport.

    Just awesome country you got there ;) It was the best holiday we've ever had. Just a shame it was so short.

    When I rode the Elephant's Pass I just had to turn around and do it all over again!