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Time to introduce myself

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by yam613, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. My name is Bernie, I began riding motorcycles in 1975, I have owned a number of bikes (15) over the years starting out on a Honda CB360T (in those days there were no restrictions on bike size or power and no training, you just had to learn yourself!). I currently ride a 2007 Yamaha FJR1300 that I have owned from new.
    I currently work as a VicRoads accredited Motorcycle Trainer and Tester at Armstrongs Driver Education located in Thomastown, Victoria.
    I started working with Armstrongs about four and half years ago with a view to putting my knowledge and experience to use helping new riders to get the best information and training available and to contribute to the overall safety of all riders regardless of age or experience. To that end I regularly scan the internet for "How to's" on motorcycling and I am astounded at the vast amount of misinformation and just plain rubbish that is presented in a manner that sounds really good, if you don't know better.

    I hope that I am able to offer a bit of "oldfarterly" advice on the occasional topic from time to time.

    Anyway, that's a little about me and I look forward to participating in Netrider.

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  2. Welcome Bernie, there's a Saturday learner's course at Elwood if you need any advice (y)(y) (sorry :sorry::sorry: couldn't help myself)
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  3. Welcome to NR...

    Jokes apart.. Come around to the Saturday practice sessions if you can. A chat, coffee or just bike talk..
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  4. G'day and welcome, BernieBernie. I'll be sure you keep an eye out for your posts; always receptive to some knowledgeable input about this mode of transport.
  5. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
  6. Hi and thanks, I did think that I might be setting myself up a bit. Unfortunately, I work most Saturdays so getting to Elwood will be unlikely.
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  7. Thanks, motorcycling is something that I'm very passionate about.
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  8. gday yam613yam613 and welcome to NR - I will be watching your posts with interest as always keen to learn more. I have booked in for some CSS next month and at least one member here is doing Lvl 3 at that time. just in case no-one has mentioned it, we love m/c pics so feel free to post up.
  9. Welcome mate :cool:
  10. welcome board :)
  11. Hello guys,
    Ive never been on a forum before so please let me know if im doing it wrong.
    Im jasmine, ive been riding bikes since i was 4. I got my bike licence as soon as i could ( which my dad hated of course) when i was a little girl i told my dad i wanted a ducati! Big dream for a little girl. I did indeed eventually own a ducati.(which i travelled australia on)
    Ive had various bikes in my life but in the last year i havent owned any. Ive recently bought a yamaha r6 as a project bike which has bought me here as im struggling to find parts and people who know about these bikes and also people to ride with.
    So pleased to meet you all and if you could show me how to do things on a forum that would be great haha
  12. gday Jaz_13Jaz_13 - pop on over to here Welcome Lounge and start a thread up welcome to Netrider!
  13. Welcome Bernie, yes, please share your knowledge, it will be very much appreciated.
  14. Welcome. We look forward to your input!
  15. Welcome yam613yam613 ,
    I'm sure you'll have heaps to add for new (and old) riders.
  16. Howdy and welcome to NR yam613yam613 .
  17. Welcome to the forum mate.
  18. Welcome aboard :)