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Time to hang the Helmet up ??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. Hi guys/girls ( sorry in advance if this tends to dribble on alittle )

    Well since daniels accident I just havn't felt 'happy' ( for want of a better word ) when im out on the bike, I used to love just jumping on for a quick spurt down to get someones smokes. But it just dont 'do it' for me anymore,
    I want to go and see Daniel at the Alfred hosp but cant seem to make that move :?
    We had Shirlys funeral today and I couldn't even get myself to go to that ( even though i planned to and even got the bike out etc etc ) but when it came time to go.... nah just couldn't even get on the bike.
    I even msg'd Deb about coffee tonight with all intentions of going, till it was time to put the gear on.

    You see every time I look at the bike now or think about Daniel all i see is me in hospital instead of him and the funeral of Nadeen or one of my kids that could of been on the back of my bike. :shock:
    I know it was only an accident, and 1 in a million at that but ?!

    Now having buried 4 mates from bike accidents in the past 10 years and now the 7th family member in 5 years, i seem to have developed one hell of a case of the HEBIE JEBIES :? and am reascessing my own mortality.

    so should i hang up the helmet for awhile and see if this feeling passes or ?
  2. When my uncle got killed in a bike related accident I didn't take the bike out for a month and a half.

    Give it some time and if the feeling doesn't pass then decide then.
  3. Because you know so many people who ride, Bob, you are always going to know more people who are killed or hurt on bikes.

    I endorse Enforcer's wise words.....
  4. Time helps - but it is really a personal choice - whether you are starting out riding, want to have a break or want to leave riding behind.
  5. Bob you need to do what feels right, and frankly if you have doubts you shouldn't be riding.

    Hang up the helmet for a spell, see how you feel, then go with your gut. There's nothing to prove to anyone, you've had a pretty rough time as of late and I can't say I'd be feeling any different myself.

    Hope you and yours are on the mend.
  6. They say that best thing is to get straight back on the horse but i cannot see the point in this if your heart is no longer in it (well at least at the moment anyway). You obviously have other people in your life like your children to think about so maybe talking this over with them to see what they think would be of help. Im sure as time passes you will make the right choice. Good luck
  7. All in time there vtrbob. If your mind isn't on riding, if it doesn't make you happy then give it up.....after awhile you may still end up riding.

    Best of luck mate.
  8. give it time mate,

    im in hospital atm.. bike accident.. i ran a red (accidently) and got t-boned by a car.. broken knee dislocated sholder ect.

    could have been ALOT worse, im very lucky. i dont intend on buying another road bike. track bike maybe.

    give it time.
  9. So 11 people you know have died from bikes? I reckon that would answer it for me...
  10. VTRBob,

    All in good time. I think the best thing to do is talk things over with your family, as good family support and discussions can help with the healing process, and ultimately help you to feel comfortable on the bike again.

    Do not forget there is ample netriders in and around your area. All it takes is a quick PM or post to get half a dozen or so around to your place, for a bit of moral support and or riding companions if need be.

    Hope everything works out.

  11. Only you know what your comfortable with but if your not feeling like riding at the moment then dont especialy if your mind is going to be on other things.My advise is leave the bike in the shed but dont sell it, its not as if its going to go off.Some years my old z9 didnt make it out much at all but if i had sold it boy would i be spewin now.
  12. Mate, it sounds to me that you have already made a decision.

    I can't agree more with the previous posts, you need to do what you feel is right and if its not fun anymore, well whats the point in forcing the issue.

    You are and your family and in our thoughts and I hope you can come to terms with this soon.
  13. Mate i know where you are coming from. I have had a mate in hosp for the last week and it killed me seeing him like that. I think as a riding community we are growing so it seems like there are alot more accidents involving people we know. Ide say chill out till your ready to get back on and take it really easy.
  14. I sometimes think that, but then again if I am going to give things up I enjoy just becuase there is a risk, then whats the point in being alive !
  15. VTRBob, its only natural that your going to be quite freaked out about riding your bike at the moment.

    Ive had a lot of family pass this year, not a great year for me or my wife.
    3 days before our wedding, her father died un-expectadly. Neither of us could go through with the wedding, it didnt feel right, we had pressure from my side to continue and get married anyway.

    It was a very difficult time for both of us, seemed like our dream of being husband and wife had come and gone never to return.

    3 months later we tied the knot, nowhere near the great extravigant wedding we had first planned.
    Imediate family and bridal party only, small and intimate. Lovely but still kind of sad.

    Give it time, put a cover on the bike. Wait until you have seen Daniel. You may find things will change dramatically at that point.

    Best wishes for the future, i sincerely hope that things get a little easier on you and your family.
  16. VTRBob - hey your only 41!! You got a heap of riding years left in you. The best decision is the one you make - you will always find support which ever way you go. There is just way too much to concentrate on out there to ride with some doubt. By all means, hang the helmet up for a week or three months - you will know when you are ready. What do you reckon Daniel would want you to do? Give it all away because of his accident?

    And to add to rbarge's comment - "we take risks not to escape life, but to prevent life from escaping us"
  17. I don't know you but sometimes a simple cliche line sums things up, like a change is as good as a holiday, and it sure sounds like you could do with a holiday Bob.
  18. I think this is probably the best advice you can be given. For now, turn off the fuel tap and put her to bed in your garage. Once you have come to terms with your loss(es), then make your decision. To quote a small green muppet: "you will know... when you are calm, at peace"

    Sound advice mate.

    And don't forget, we're all here for you if you need us.
  19. VTRBob

    Please go and see your friend
    he needs to know you care

    he will think you have abandoned him and with his injuries he will be feeling a lot worse than you at the moment .
    and as for riding darlin
    dont sell nore give up just yet ,take time out your bike will still be there in 6 mths or 3 years there is no set time we have to ride ,a Huge Cyber Hug from me to You understanding your losses over the years


    I want to go and see Daniel at the Alfred hosp but cant seem to make that move :?
    so should i hang up the helmet for awhile and see if this feeling passes or ?[/quote]
  20. listen to the heart not the head . :)