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Time to go on my first ride!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by YamahaWoman, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. I'm scared and excited at the same time. I'll be going to practise in a car park just around the corner from me, then I might go around some of the quiet streets around my place. Wish me luck everyone! :D

  2. Good luck! You won't need it though. Have fun and enjoy at your own pace and congrats on the new ride. Cheers.
  3. Have a fantastic time and no squidin'! :D
  4. I've got no doubt the Virago will treat you well, so just relax, take it all at your own pace, and enjoy the ride. :)
  5. Have fun & Dont get too nervous.

    Ride Safe. (y)
  6. Enjoy!
  7. Enjoy, and remember you can always pull up and take a few deep breaths if you start getting a bit nervous. Nothing like sitting up with the feet down, taking a look around and realising that "I'm OK" for boosting a newb's confidence. I did it in a bus stop on my first ride on the highway.

    ETA: And don't forget to tell us how you went.
  8. Just got back, it was fantastic!!! I was going down the road towards the car park and I thought I was going to be scared because it's a 60 zone. There were some nerves there, but I got up to the speed and it was fine. Lots more wind but I didn't mind, it was nice :)

    As I was getting ready to turn into the car park I could see three bikes in my mirror, I thought that was pretty cool, I stopped on the footpath on the way into the car park, it's a little steep and I was scared I was going to drop the bike if I rode it up there as I was turning. I was a bit nervous when I saw that the car park was about 3/4 full, but once I got in there it was ok. As people were leaving I got lots of smiles from elderly people :)

    going around the streets was great too, not much traffic. As I was going up one street there was a truck parked on the side of the road and was indicating to come back into traffic. I slowed down, I wasn't close enough that I would have hit him, but he saw me and stomped on his brake anyway. He let me past and that was that. I had a great time :D

    I found the Virago much easier to ride than the CB250 I learned on at the Stay Upright course, and I didn't stall it once! When on the CB250 I stalled so many times it wasn't funny, I got very frustrated with that. The clutch on the virago is much better, and it's a much more comfortable bike to ride.

    I need to work on being able to turn tighter though, I get around corners fine but there's no way I could do a U-turn, I think I'd fall over if I tried to do that haha. Something I'll need to work on.
  9. Well seems like someone got bitten big time by the bug :) good to hear you're out there, hmm did you forget to buy some milk, bread?? Best get back on the bike and go shopping!
    With the U turns, you WILL do them, but you cant expect such a huge leap so early, do the easy basci stuff WELL then proceed. It's good to hear you are finding it easier to ride then the cb as this helps your confidence and less worry for you. Good on you, just practise, and practise and errr yes more practise [reckon we wont need to twist your arm] lol
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  10. Good job :)
  11. Thanks for the support everyone :)

    I'm having a photo shoot done with the bike tonight, so I might just be going for another ride... :D
  12. a foto shoot? hmm put on your best smile!! :)
  13. I will, and I'll post the pictures when I get them. Yay!
  14. I still can't do U turns well, so if you figure it out, you can teach me!
  15. Or we could both stuff up together :D
  16. I try to avoid U turns like the plague! I knew the Virago would be kind, you did a good job, ride on!
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  17. U-Turns are tricky. I couldnt even do them in my calais.
    I found that after a few weeks of solid rain and having to make very careful tight corner maneuvers over road paint that I'd be able to use the same technique to perform a u-turn.
    After a few hours of practice it gets easy, but never any less scary.
    Even still to this day you'll sometimes see me with the foot down out of paranoia, but let the bike do it's thing and you'll be right. They're harder to drop than they feel.

    In saying that, get your confidence up just by riding, and eventually you'll find yourself in a position when you just gotta do a uie. Use that opportunity to practice it. If you end up walking it then don't get disheartened. Try again next time.

    Goodluck, and happy 22nd whenever it is!
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  18. Went out again today, it was great fun but I still have a lot of nerves, it's difficult trying to ride down the road when your legs are shaking like mad. Very annoying!!! Something more annoying is stalling at the lights when they turn green :facepalm: it was ok though, started it up again and got out of thew way... the truck behind me missed the lights though 8-[
  19. Hey welcome to 'nerve settling' timeframe, and your nerves will settle!!
    Keep at it young lady, and your birthday? well happy birhday, wheres the cake? lol
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  20. My Birthday isn't until August, I'll be 23 :)

    I hope my nerves settle sooner rather than later, the shaking is pretty bad and it very annoying. It's feels strange to do something that scares the shit out of you and makes you happy and excited at the same time lol.