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Time to get some wet weather gear

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gustlik, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Hi all, I am new to these forums but have been following them for a while, ever since i got a bike. On my Ps and loving every minute of being a bike owner ( Hyosung 650 naked) ... well almost ... currently my underwear is wet :?

    Seems like every man and their dog got into a car in Sydney this morning. Pacific Highway, Comenarra Parkway, Ryde Road, Epping Road, Gladesville bridge, my usuall route all banked up bumper to bumper. So needless to say even with filtering it took a while to get to work. Only my head is dry :(

    Time to get some wet weather gear :)
    I cant stand shopping, but i think todays weather and the traffic was a bit of a wake up call.
  2. My work mate just got in and he is absolutely saturated!

    I felt so bad I got my clothes which I was goign to wear to work tomorrow and gave them too him!

    p.s I come from Stanmore and go via Vic Road>Gladsvile Bridge>then off at Blaxland Road and back street it to avoid congestion.

    We work at Optus just off Epping Road, so we know your pain about traffic this morning. :)
  3. Yeah those several thousand new jobs just from the Optus park alone make traffic a pain, though this has always been a congested area. Maybe once the train line gets finished we will see a little more space on Ryde road.
  4. The funny thing is I had lived 5 minutes from the new campus for nearly 25 years. We moved out here in August from North Sydney which meant I could ride my pushy to work in no time at all!

    Then I get engaged a month ago and ended up moving to Stanmore to make things easier and equal for both us with travelling distances from each others work.

    lol I got short changed if you ask me!

    Are you in this area mate?
  5. Im up in Hornsby, work in Five Dock. No real way of avoiding Ryde and Epping Road :(
  6. how bad is on Epping Road just before the "Ranch Hotel"??

    All those cars (probably my work mates) wanting to turn right, some even double across the grass on Epping Road to do a U Turn!

    Police would make a $$$ killing bookinf people doing that in the morning peak traffic!
  7. I am glad to say I dont go near the ranch. But the Ryde Road, Epping road onramp on days like today is a pest. Generally that intersection is just scary.
  8. Ok, whats wrong with this picture? Sydney is pissing with rain and Melbourne is hot and sunny?

    Good to see fellow Optus people. Even better to see that the new Sydney Optus building is crap for commuting :p
  9. :LOL: :LOL: I was sick today... one tradeoff is that i didn't have to get saturated :p