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Time to change the Rubber? Help!!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by YAMRAJ, May 8, 2006.

  1. Ive gotta a Front 16 and Rear 17 and the choices are

    1. Dunlop d208,
    2. Michelin Pilot Power and
    3. Bridgestone BT014

    for my CBR900 Fireblade. Any advises what to go for and where can I get a good price? Any body use these tyres. Please help!!
    Thanks in Advance.
  2. Go the Power!

    Can't help on the cheap thing 'less you wanna come to Adelaide :LOL:
  3. I recently got a set of Pilot Powers for $470 fitted and balanced from Bob Jane in the city, 120/70 and 180/55 sizes if that helps you. Can't comment on the other two, never used anything else other than Pilot Powers, actually I dunno if I can comment at all really, they seem ok but I've never been on a track so who knows.
  4. I have a BT-014 on my 16" front on the Hornet, good grip and lasted like crazy
  5. I have BT14's on my GSXR, great tyre, really hang on, but didn't last that long. Only got 4700kms from the front.
  6. Oh, talking about lastability, my last set of Powers I got 16,000kms out of them - that was when the rear was about level with the indicators in the middle. That was very little daring stuff whatsoever though, apart from when they were fresh and doing a bit of cornering and speeding, about 90% commuting..
  7. Hmm, I have BT's on the GSXR and dont like them - feel too slippery (especially in the wet). Id try the PP next.
  8. D208s are nice. I liked em. If it werent for the Metzlers Id go back to them once I've tried everything else.

    Michelin dont make Powers in 16 front. Only Pilot Sports. Havent tried them yet, probably next.

    BT014 - Horrible. Not much else I can say. I hated em from the very moment I put them on. Couldnt wait to get rid of em. They felt unstable, zero feel when the bike was on its side, took an eternity to warm up. The one thing in the pro side was they were not bad once hot. Anyother time they were Von Shithousen.

    Currently have Metzler M-1. Awesome tyre. My fav thus far. They have oodles of grip when cold. Warm up reasonably quick and grip like s$%t to a blankie once they are hot. They are wearing exceptionally well. They have about 6-7000ks under them and id say about 35% worn. still got a good 6k+ks let in em. Can say enough good things about these tyres. I love em. I will be trying either Pilot Sports or Diablos next. They will need to really impress me, else Ill go back to the Metzlers.

    Also, stay with the 180. 190's may be tempting but they are not worth it. They look cool, and provide a little more grip. I kinda liked the extra grip with the 190, but when I went back to the 180 the differece was huge. Felt much more neutral, steered much faster and had much better feel thru the back, and the grip difference was minimal.
  9. Pilot Powers!!!! Have gone through a rear and half a front to date and I cannot recommend them enough. Did the whole Tassie thing on them. Gripped with NO moments in everything from 6 degrees and rain to 35 degrees and sun. The rear lasted 8500km.

    Having said that, the new Metzeler Sportec M3 is getting some great write-ups too. Don't have any personal info on that, though.
  10. Just to reiterate, Michelin dont make Powers in a 16 inch front :grin:

    ergo it's not an option for him unless he runs a pilot rear and something else front (which I would advise against, get a matched set that are designed to work together).
  11. I was holding my breath waiting for the new Metz M3 to come out... but unfortunately ran out of time and ended up getting a pair of the Pirelli Diablo Strada's which have served me well so far.

    I'll definitely be jumping ship back to the Metz M3 when its time for some new shoes as i liked everything the M1 offered except the life span which is supposedly improved with the M3's. The M1's were very predictable, never did anything odd, and either commuted happily all day long or stuck like glue once you got them hot in the twisties.
  12. I prefer the Dunlops to the BT014's, the Dunlops slide more predictibly so you can easily feel when you are getting close to the edge of traction whereas the BT014's tend to grip and grip and then let go suddenly.

    Never used pilot powers so I can't comment.
  13. we have just bought spare wheels
    for my partners trail bike to interchange the wheel for road riding
    on the front we put a
    Avon Venom
    and on the back it a
    Maxis Barracuda
    the tread patters is much alike
    and the handelling and smoothness and grip is brilliant
  14. hmm .. Thanks guys,,,
    Powers seems to be the way with 3 votes so far. BT got 2 votes but 2 -ve thus 0. Dunlop and M1 got 2... Gotta find the 16s in the power..

    Any more feedback is welcome as my choice is pretty much on this topic now. Never used of the aboves. Thanks Guys
  15. My next set of tyres will be Mich. Pilot Powers too.
  16. I just confirmed. Michs do make Powers in 16 Hurray.... :)
  17. It was actually 2 votes for the Metzeler M3's not the M1's. Both of us who voted for the M1's were very happy with their performance, but with the promise of even better performance i'd be learning towards the M3's.

    If you pick up a copy of Rapid for this month (Black & red flames S&R Pro Turbo R1 on the cover) then it has a little mini-review about them about 3/4 the way through. I can't help but think it's a bit of a lopsided review as they don't actually compare them to anything else... so it's more just a promo than a review, but informative none the less.

    Oddly enough, the M3's are meant to be the exact tyre i was after. A bit of commuting, a bit of spirited riding, and perhaps even the odd track day, not to mention a decent life to them (ie. ~8000+ km's for a rear).
  18. Bob Jane are wrong. They have never made Powers in 16 inch. I'll bet they dont realise you need a 16 inch front and order a 17, or they order you Sports.