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Time to brag about your chain/sprocket life

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Mick M, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. My bike is now at 45,840km on the original chain/sprockets, with a replacement set booked in a month.
    I'll be stoked, if the next one gets me to 100,000km.

    Would love to hear of your long life, drivetrain experiences.

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  2. I have over 130000 and haven't replaced a chain or sprocket. At this rate it looks like I am never going to.
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  3. I was wondering how you achieved that, then I noticed you ride Vstrom 650. I get maybe 30,000 to 35,000 from a chain and sprocket set. I ALWAYS change both sprockets when I fit a new chain these days. Once I didn't and only got 20000 from the new chain, and even that was pushing the friendship.
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  4. True, but you had to buy a BMW to do it......
  5. Phew thank god I'm not alone as at the last 24K service they informed me on the 30K service I would need sprocket and chain replacing. I'm pretty fastidious with lubing and chain tension and after reading how you're going Mick MMick M I thought I might have been doing something wrong but whatever you're doing stick with it ;)
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  6. A couple of bikes ago I had a Scott Oiler fitted and that was the most I ever got out of a chain and sprockets. About 50,000k. Never achieved that since but I haven't had oilers on subsequent bikes.
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  7. Sounds about right to me. I've got a late model Bonneville. If you don't ride like a lunatic and keep the maintenance ,chain cleaning and tension up you should get about 35,000kms no worries at all. I've noticed that not using waxes or really sticky lubes stops the road grit abrading the sprockets. A good scrub with kero then a light wipe with engine oil is all I do every 5-600 ks or so. Chain and sprockets still going strong at 42,000km.
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  8. When I owned Razorback The Combo From Hell I reckoned to get 3,000 miles (about 4,800 km) out of a chain and front sprocket, but I don't think that's the kind of bragging you meant :D.
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  9. Chain?


    Is this some new NR club?
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  10. When I bought the bike at 32,000km, the chain was so caked up with black goo/dirt/small furry animals, that I couldn't see the metal.
    She was quite loud and ratcheting badly, due to 5 or 6 tight spots.

    I cleaned it up with kero, ran it on lots and lots of chain bar oil for about 5,000km, then switched to low fling spray lube.
    She runs smoother now, but is more than 1/2 way on the axle adjustment, a bit loosey-goosey sideways and the front sprocket is showing a fair bit of wear.
    So, I'm changing it all soon, for an X-ring chain. 'They' say it will be like a new bike for a while. :geek:

    I typically add plenty of lube every 300-500km while hot, and clean thoroughly with kero every 1,500-2,000 or so. More often after dusty rides, obviously.
    Seems to work for this bike.
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  11. I have a similar chain maintenance routine. Basically I lube it every 3rd tank of fuel. So when I'm just commuting to and from work that works out at roughly every 600km, but on long rides it works out at between 700 and 900km. I'm not quite as rigid with cleaning the chain though, it gets done on a "as I think it needs doing" basis.
  12. Has me wondering what the life of the rubber band (drive belt) on a Sportster is?

    It's supposed to be maintenance free but if it's so wonderful why aren't more bikes
    using them?
  13. Why? Because belts don't hold up to very high powered bikes very well. They also like dirt and rocks less then a chain. If you look at the drag bikes they are chain driven not belt driven. Shaft drive is better than belt, but there is some loss of power through the shaft.
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  14. I've only ever had one shaft driven bike, an XS 750. It had that weird tail rises under power, sinks when you back off
    thing happening but you soon get used to it. A friend said that if you try to do a burnout on one the back rises, the tyre unloads, the back drops down again & repeat, much like a mechanical bull! The smart move? Don't go there!

    I didn't miss the mess & maintenance of a chain, though! ;)
  15. I've ridden a few shaft drive bikes, their a bit different to a chain drive. The weirdest though, but a long shot, were Moto Guzzi's. Plus the older ones seem to have about 30 neutrals.
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  16. #16 hornet, Sep 7, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2016
    You know, since I got the VFR I've thought about the chain exactly twice.
    The first was when the chain that was on the bike when I bought it (no idea of how many kms it had done) broke on a downshift in the middle of the Ten Mile on the Putty Road. I had it replaced and the only time I think about it now is when I put the bike in for a service. If I dug out the service records I could probably find out when the new chain was fitted, but I'm sure it was a couple, if not three, years ago, and many kilometres ago.
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  17. Must be mate, I have no idea at all what they're on about? :(;):)
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  18. My first chain and sprockets on my Vstrom lasted 30,000 kms. They had very minimal lubrication for the first 8,000, then I got a pro-oiler. The second set are up to another 30,000 and I have just had to adjust them for the first time. I don't know how long I will get out of them, but I am happy so far.
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  19. I'm surprised to hear that Andrew WestAndrew West , Your versys and my Z1000 are very similar in engine and frame. At my 30K service, there was no mention of needing the chain and sprockets changed or even at the next service that will be due. I to check and lube the chain regularly, maybe even a bit too much lube, but as you've seen, I don't take it easy with the bike.
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  20. Check your owners manual for recommended belt replacement intervals. Also if you get a rock or some small debris caught in the rear sprocket, it will rip the belt to shreds very quickly.
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