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Time to Bleed

Discussion in 'VIC' started by vic, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. Guys/Gals,

    We have registered Netrider for the summber Blood Challenge this year.

    Its time to win another award so all those people that give blood can do so between December 1st and February 28th if you give blood you can register as a Netrider doner.

    You can give bloody twice in this period, so if you get in early enough in December you can donate again in February.

    Here's to all the bleeders out there.

    A copy of the letter confirming our registration can be found here;

  2. But I don't like needles.
  3. I donated for the first time a couple on months ago, I think the minimum time between donations will expire about the start of December. Are we going to have a meetup on the first weekend to donate as a group?
  4. I'm not allowed to give blood. :cry:

    I'm such a wittle girl that I don't register on the height / weight chart so they won't let me. :shock:
  5. I was going this week....when does the challenge start? If it starts in December, I'll wait a couple of weeks.

    To anyone who has never given before, its really easy and painless and an excellent way to perform a community service with very little hassle!

    They feed you afterwards as well!

    :D :D :D
  6. What good timing! I need to give blood soon... 8-[

    When I go, how do I get it recorded as being part of Netrider? Do I have to say a special word (apart from "please") or just tell them to lodge it as a Netrider donation?

    I can never forget the first time I gave blood...I kept laughing. Everyone else looked concerned and the nurses were really worried something was wrong. I'm just weird I think! :wink:

    For those that haven't donated before, like lil mentioned, it's pretty much painless and easy to do. The food is good also!
  7. Just tell them that you are taking part in the summer blood challenge
  8. my veins collapse when they try take my blood.

    I went to hospital in april and had 25 needles jabbed into me just to get 5 effective ones (i.e. if my veins hadn't collapsed I'd only have had 5 needles)

    the 25th one was the worst, I had the doc basically pinning me down with her foot while I held my arm above my face (I was lying down) so I had a close up view as she dug around with a needle for a while trying to "find" the vein. But if you're not like me, then it's all painless.

    stupid veins :-({|=
  9. should mention that despite the story and not being able to give blood at the mo, I am an advocate of this...

    Very important stuff.

    good thinking on the signup
  10. "I broke all my ribs, my collarbone and forearm, dislocated my hip… and lost a lung! It took 33 bags to fix me up, so I'm lucky to still be here. Now I tell everyone I know to give blood."
    Sash Bavcandzijoski
    Motorcycle accident survivor and grateful blood recipient

    "What has the Australian Red Cross Blood Service given me? The next 40 years with my family."
    Peter Hughes and his son, Leigh
    Peter is a survivor of the 2002 Bali terrorist attack and a grateful recipient of blood products
  11. Hi all,

    When you donate blood next you will probably be asked about plasma donation. I have signed up for this. Essentially, the process differs in that your blood is taken, the red cells are separated from the plasma and then the red cells are returned to your body (with balancing electrolyte)

    The Blood Bank can extract plasma from whole blood donations. However, with apheresis donation the stand off time between donations is two weeks rather than three months. Last time I donated I was told that stocks are so low that the Blood Bank are currently importing product.

    Something to think about.
  12. I went to donate a while ago, but unfortunately I can't as i've lived in the U.K within a period that stops me from donating. Think it's to do with mad cows.
  13. yup, unfortunately this includes me as well (the pommie bit and the mad cow bit :LOL: but i urge all those who can to donate.

    i used to donate my blood in the uk (i am RH- and is a damn rare blood type) and i even donated when i went back on holls a few weeks back, i am just sory that i cant donate here.
  14. Last time I went and donated blood need summer I asked about the summer blood challenge at our local red cross donation centre and no one had the faintest idea what I was talking about.

    Does the blood challenge apply only to city donations?
    Or is this just poor communication between city and regional areas?

    Anyone got any idea?
  15. I'm in the bunch with sluglie and mithrel who aren't allowed to donate...

    Incidentally, if you do this, you're also assisting the Australian economy, and helping to keep me in a job (as I work for the company who processes it...)
  16. Yup, it will be this one. They are state based. (ie. NSW tally's are different to Victoria's etc.). The scanned letter that Vic gave the URL for in the first post lists the Victorian coordinator for Summer Blood Challenge. Either give him a call and advise of Castlemaine's issue, or perhaps tell Castlemain to contact him? It starts in about 3 weeks (Dec 1st), so perhaps HO is sending out literatur on it to all offices very shortly?
  17. I'll be goign to donate soon ... what exactly do I have to do to put my name down aginst Netrider?? :?:
  18. Wait until after the 1st of December and when you go in, tell them you're donating as part of the Summer Blood Challenge and they'll tell you what to do.

    :D :D :D
  19. I like the idea of a ride there en masse is December going to be too hard to do this?