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VIC Time on fine !

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Stookie, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. I got pulled by a radar gun the other day. Alleged 75 in a 60 zone roadworks. I was so sure I was doing 60 I even argued about it.
    The cop offered to show me the radar reading. I asked as what time does the gun indicate the reading and he said the guns don't record the time. I said it could have been somebody 1hr ago you clocked and are using it to book me also ?
    He said he didn't have to prove it ?

    Do the radar guns clock the time of the alleged offences ?

    Ive had a clean license for 4 years now and this is very disappointing.

  2. You were both right.

    As for recording the time, it's not something I've heard of before. You may believe his word.

  3. Yep what a load of garbage hey. I'm positive I had the same thing happen. Got done 104 in a sixty zone, I was expecting a 10-20kph my eyes popped out of my head when they said 44 over. I flatly denied it. There were 2 car loads of them all laughing and joking with eachother. I saw the on dash radar, I go yep it's a number on the dash where's the date? Pfft They said they got video, "can I see it?" not unless you take it to court.

    That's the point when I realized the system is bullshit and it's only got worse for me since then.
  4. Yes, thats BS. HE is the one accusing YOU, so he has to prove it. I've also asked to see where on the device does it show my bike speeding? Again - nothing.

    Unfortunately, you need to take it to court. It is a hassle & inconvenience for you but this is exactly what the system relies upon - you saying "It's no use, it's easier to pay up!" The reason for court is for them to prove that you were speeding, not the other way round.
  5. Yeah, I'm involved in that process right now and I'm considering just paying up as it is a real hassle. Sigh. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. No win situation.
  6. True. I'm a big believer in "If we all did it, there just may be change!"

    I also believe in Santa Claus!!
  7. I think it was on this site somewhere, someone mentioned that if everyone who got a speeding ticket took the matter to court, only to then accept the fine immediately, within a matter of days the court system would be backed up for months and you may not have to pay your fine for quite some time. This also might bring about change of the system because the government wouldnt get their cash for ages...

    or something like that...
  8. This is why I always ride with my GPS mounted and turned on. It records months of my travels: Where, when, how fast. At least that I can check what I was doing, and if I decide to dispute it, I have some evidence.

    Don't anybody bother telling me it isn't acceptable in court because it can be doctored.
  9. If it was a hand held LIDAR (the proper used radar in NSW), the reading only stays on the screen for a short period of time. So, whilst you may argue it COULD have been another car in the area, your argument that it was a different date/time on the device is useless.
  10. The devices should have a camera built in that projects the target overlay and records the measurement in the form of video. But that'd make sense and be harder to abuse, which means the government would never go for it.
  11. It's a nice thought, but they would just move the goal posts like they did when they made swearing at police an on the spot fine, rather than a court date.

    I'm a realist :)
  12. Isn't that the point though MV? I believe you can elect to have an on-the-spot fine heard in court if you dispute it...
  13. The point was, swearing at a police officer used to get you a day in court. Until they got too many people in court. Now, you get an on the spot fine, & can elect to take it to court if you wish.

    Which nobody will. Same as traffic fines.
  14. Exactly!
    So what would happen if everyone who copped an on-the-spot for swearing, decided to take it to court?
    Which is exactly what the Snowman was suggesting for on-the-spot speeding fines ;)
  15. The device already exists and is being deployed in various jurisdictions.
  16. They would move the goalposts as they have done in the past. Not in the same way, obviously ;)
  17. Large penalties for taking it to court and losing, perhaps?
    That, I can see happening...
  18. That already happens, by default, in QLD if you dispute a speed camera offence
  19. I'm flabbergasted.
  20. Do you really want that? It means the system might evolve to a cop holding a radar and not even bothering to pull you over... just sending you a fine in the mail...