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time off... suggestions

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by flexorcist, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. well he's gone to the dr's today..... and he's having to take time off work until May...

    so for all this time, which after what they paid last time, will be 2 months off with centrelink money of i'm guessing $200 a week, what the hell will I do?!

    I can't ride, no license or bike atm :(

    What would you do with 2 poor months with not much to do?
  2. crack the 1000 post mark for the start...

    buy a old nintendo and replay all 10 levels of super mario bros....

    write a book?
  3. learn spanish
  4. revamp the resume, do a short course or some other hobby, spring cleaning, watch every dvd that you never made time for before, get fit ?
  5. Or just d/l an emulator for free ;)...

    Teach yourself to juggle.

    Get all that sleep you've been missing and will miss later on in life.

    Get really good at pool/darts.

    Teach yourself to cook some really awesome dishes: Practice them: Get good at them: Profit + chicks.

    Paint a picture.
  6. You could rollerblade around Australia for charity, fighting crime where-ever you go???
  7. Learn a new skill ie juggling, fire twirling, unicycling.

    get away up cobram or echuca and camp, do some fishing, clear the sole.

    Learn meditation, practice things with your wrong hand so your ambidextrous.
    visit all the museums etc around town. go to the big library in Melb and read up on some stuff you are interested in.

    Come to Rosies tomorrow night and get smashed with US :)
  8. Me if I had no ties would be to head off to the bush and camp out somewhere.
  9. I wanna learn to fire twirl :(

    Edited to actually answer the question:

    Oh, and as for what to do...think about all the things that you've wanted to do. Surely, when you've been flat out with work or whatever, there's things that you've sat there thinking "I want/need to do that, if only I had the time."

    And trust me, that time off will fly, and then you'll be back at work thinking "I wish I had more time off to do blah..." :evil:
  10. the only problem i'm having with things to do is that most things i've wanted to do i can't:

    i.e: jogging, weights, kickboxing.

    i'll be allowed to jog again in a fortnight, weights i can do a little but can't push myself, kickboxing not for months.

    looks like i'll be learning to juggle people hehehehe.
  11. I'd ~

    Learn German
    Practice piano
    Watch every season of Scrubs on dvd
    Clean my house (scratch that... 2 months is no way long enough)
    Make a pond in the back yard

  12. I dont see you doing it hard flex, $200 will buy you a lot of cheap plonk :LOL:
  13. looks like i'll have to teach you to fire twirl... would teach you to firebreath but after all the cheap plonk you probally just burn up :)

    project time 500 on an oldbike here we go:)
  14. learn how to post without talking in the 3rd person format..... :grin:
  15. This is geeky but Super Mario Bros only has 8 levels.

  16. yes yes you better eddy... i know so many people that secretly fire twirl it's bizaarre... last time we seen someone do it i took all the attention by forward flipping out of a shopping basket held up by adam and mikey... nearly re fractured my jaw, so maybe twirling shall be cheaper... if and when me and adz actually have our own place there shall be plenty of room for a project bike or 2 amongst the cars that we might start... his will be on the go, mine i'm not so sure.
  17. i fire twirl, n it'd be nice to catch up with others that do it. i can teach you some, or hopefully you'll teach me something new :)

    who's up for it sometime?