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Time Off Over Christmas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RGVMAN, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Hey peoples,

    Just wondering how many of you are having a hard earned rest over the festive season?!? I have 4 week banked and thought Id take two over christmas so I can give my bike a full service and get out and do some scenic riding :p
  2. I have the week between Christmas and New Year and a week after that, and I'm planning on a ride down through Victoria, so you have been warned! :D
  3. Me, I work continuous rotating 12hr shiftwork. This year, I'm in luck. I finish nightshift tommorrow morning, and don't go back in til dayshift next Tuesday. Then work through to NYE morning with another 5 days off. So, I may look forward to a couple of day rides, perhaps.

    But I have a month of long service leave booked through February which will take in a 3 day ride in NE Vic and SE NSW. Was going to go to that rally in Canberra on Aust Day weekend but I have to work.
  4. Unfortunately, with the job I do I have no time off over chrissy at all.

    I do have a week off from the 9th of Jan though
  5. stop work this Friday at midday.

    Go back on 3rd jan...

    have 2 weeks aproved for March though :D unfortunatly i'll be back for the Games..... madness in the city :(
  6. Bring on 5pm Friday! :D I have all next week off. Back to work on January 3rd, work for 3 weeks then two more weeks off :D
  7. I'm with you on the no time off over Christmas!!
  8. Finish up 12 noon this Friday then back again on the 3rd for 2 weeks, then off again. 1 week on the beach at the Gold Coast 8) then the second week just kicking around the house, maybe go for a ride for a few days around the Alpine Road area.
  9. I'm working night and Wednesday night was supposed to be my last night. However there is talk of strike action from midnight Tuesday to midnight Wednesday so I could possibly finish up tonight (Tuesday). Go back to work Sunday 8th January. One week in windy Warrnambool then a week at home painting the new fence. :(
  10. 4 paid weeks as of last wednesday, and I'm going back to work early :shock:
  11. yep looks like only 2 weeks as i have done sweet f*^k for the last 2 weeks to make sure i would have enough work to come back too... other wise the boss was going to make me take 3 weeks ;)
  12. New years eve-eve off, and that's it :(
    I actually don't mind working through too much, traffic is easy in the CBD this time of year.
  13. well ive been off since the week before last i think and dont know when ill be going back. hopefully will be working throughout the games and so get 2 weeks straight work!!!
  14. Anyone who works in Corporate Australia will tell you that "working" through XMas/New Year is the best!

    Rock up late in the morning, recieve zero phone calls, extended boozey lunches and go home early... hang on, that sounds like every workday for me :LOL: ... and most likely the rest of Corporate Australia.
  15. I'm off Christmas till the 9th of Jan.

    Then I've got all of February off :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Wonderful stuff.
  16. Hehehe...

    I'm in the middle of negotiating an EBA. The proposal that's been put to me is that staff should receive "work from home" leave so they don't have to come to work in the Christmas-New Year period, but wouldn't have to use any annual leave.

    So instead of rocking up late, taking the phone off the hook and spending the afternoon pissed, you could do the whole thing from the comfort of your lounge room.
  17. OMG!! where do i sign up?? :LOL:
  18. You do that NOW, don't you Mark? :D
  19. I just want a decent job... that I can ditch mid feb *rolls eyes*
  20. He used to do that when he worked here :LOL:

    Things haven't changed for him then... :p :p :p