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Time has come... Browse, Spend $, Enjoy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by AmsER6n, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Finally hit the submit, I've been browsing posts for awhile and then more posts once I'd made my choice of which roadbike I'd like and then found it and I've done more reading... and now that it's less than 36hrs before I head south to the border to pick up my very own ER6n.

    Great forum and I really enjoy the chuckles it brings and private smiles to myself when I come across some of the comments... well done! But more valuable is the knowledge base and the mass of riders that share it.

    Look forward to doing some group rides too and meeting other riders.

    My partner has a z750 which is why I'm about to get my own .. you see after I added the unrestricted R to my licence.. I picked up the early hints that he doesn't really want to share it... even thou that was the Deal at the time of his purchase!

    He's a seasoned dirtbiker WR450 and I'm a country girl at heart trail rider and have a XT in my garage too. I used to ride my dads Kwaka roadbike in my teenhood before I even thought about licences and loved the electric start. Now 25 years later and I have the Licence to Enjoy!

    Thats my Intro. Will add my bit to the "how many k's did you ride on the first day..." after I head back up to Sydney on Wednesday afternoon. (with photos)

    Thanks again for sharing.


    Time is a Friend, a Healer, a Maker of Dreams!
  2. Welcome :). You know the old saying; the family that rides together, er, usually has one covered with dust :LOL:.

    Here's to lots fo great rides for you both....
  3. Welcome Aboard Ams !

    :LOL: Paul
  4. Ams

    Welcome ... a few more of us girls required on this site!!! Love to know what you think of the ER6n. I've just disposed of my GPX250 and was tossing up between the ER6 and the Suzi GSR600. The GSR won ... bought a 2nd hand (12 mths old with 585km on the clock - previous owner in an expectant mode!) for reeeaally good $$$.

    Enjoy the ride, keep in front and always stay upright (v. important)

  5. thanks!

    Thanks for the welcomes

    I'll let you know about the ER6n Di, after a few rides and the k's are clocked up. I had considered a few different bikes - the Sv650, the Fz6n, Gsr600 and a Monster too.. but the ER6n ended up being the choice. Like anything when you start looking there is too much to ponder and choose from, and test ride isn't there...

    ( Anny )

    *Time is a Friend, a Healer, a Maker of Dreams!
  6. Hey mate

    I'm sure you'll enjoy the ER6, it's a cracker.