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time for the upgrade

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by qbnspeedfreak, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. alright got the loan now is the time to get a upgrade

    here is my short list i am after peoples opinions on these bikes

    98 honda VTR1000f firestorm
    01 gsxr600

    i am currently leaning more towards the vtr as its everything i (knida) want big vtwin pipes seat cowl low km's for the age but that also concerns me at the same time

    anyway as much info anyone can give me on these asap please taking the vtr for test ride tomoorrw at lunch time and will have to put a deposit down if i have any intention of getting it
  2. c'mon guys and girls need advise quick smart yeasterday even :p
  3. Since you asked.....I'd go the Firestorm - only becasue it is the only VTwin and easiest to ride out of your choices.

    How much is a SP1/2? What is the difference between them and a Firestorm? I just ask because I've always liked them and they sound great :cool:
  4. GET A TURBO ZX14R! can't go wrong.
  5. difference is 5- 8000
  6. Fine!

    Either of these are fine, you don't want a Yamaha or a honda, hondas are alright for stunting though.

    98 honda VTR1000f firestorm
    01 gsxr600

    Depends do you want to go fast? or feel like you are going fast?
  7. kinda undecided as not used to the riding position if i have to upgrade again in 12 months or less that doesnt phase me
  8. Riding position, that stuff is nothing get the bike and take it for a long ride.

    Sit on them both get a good feel for them and test ride them.
  9. Take a serious look at the F4i. With the amount of riding you do the slightly more relaxed position will make it more enjoyable.
  10. I'd be favouring the firestorm because it's a twin and bikes just should rumble :grin:

    But - they don't have the biggest fuel tank out there.
    Are you planning on much touring or long rides? becasue if stopping after less than 200km is going to bug you then maybe not the firestorm.
  11. Also depends on how tall you are etc and how generously proportioned you are. If you're over 6ft then the VTR would have much more room than the CBR.

    Mate of mine has one and loves it. Micron pipes sound fantastic.
  12. I'd look at a SV1000 instead of the VTR. Faster bike and better on fuel! I took a VTR for a spin last year and wasn't impressed. It had aftermarket pipes and jetting to suit. The vibrations were so bad I thought there was something wrong with the bike. Then again it was the only V-twin I've ever ridden. Pulled good wheelies though :grin:
  13. 6'1",

    yeah the v twins usually have more vibes then a inline 4
  14. I've got two tall mates, both who ride Firestorms and they fit on them fine! Had a ride of one to and I had to wipe the seat down afterwards! :oops:

    If you've got the cash, get a Firestorm and get some staintunes on it! The roar of the V-twin is pure gold.
  15. haha gs5 so you had to wipe the crap of hey

    just took it for a ride a about 1 pm omg i love it just gotta do something about the damn bars, but taking a gixxer 600 for a test tomorrow so final decision will be made then
  16. so can anyone give me a little more insight into the fuel consumption on the firestorm, i dont see how it can be that bad coz if yyou in tip gear at 100km/h its sitting on 3000rpm?
  17. Dude, it's a litre twin.

    Chug chug chug.
  18. oh well the litre twin it is for the moment putting deposit down tomorrow, as its nearly $400 extra in insurance a year for a faired 600 well the 01 gsxr600
  19. I still reckon you should give the F4i a shot!