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Time for the UNI Ballers to stand up and be counted

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Bangr, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. In the last two weeks I have noticed a trend in talking to people that there is a high number of UNI Ballers in Net Rider , It is time for us all to step up and be counted , be it that we will only be 1/2 of what we should be.

    The ones who step up will be given the egg cup to put above the fire place to be able to display your long lost pal.


  2. Your helmet is making sense to me now!
  3. Thanks G , have a good day on manday .
  4. Ahem yes, I'll stand up and be counted. "Testes.... testes.... one...??? one.....????" I'm no use in a soundcheck these days.

    My right knacker and I parted company about a month ago due to differences in opinion about whether it was acceptable for him to have his friends sleep over.

    Not real pleasant, people, but mine was a best case scenario as far as testicular cancer goes. Fellas, give yourself a "how's yer father" in the shower now and then to check for any irregularities, and don't be too shy to take yer undercarriage to the doc if you think something might be wrong.

    They even use warm ultrasound gel, which is the scrotal equivalent of a pampering massage.

    I'll leave you with this charming image of what's on my mantelpiece:
  5. Mine got evicted 8 years ago , the fu%^er still owes back rent as well.
  6. Fellas, if you want to know what the early symptoms are, they're fairly clearly visible in this postcard I sent my brother Shonky while he was away in South America.

    Of course it's NWS.

  7. My son was six, nearly seven when he started going through puberty :shock:

    After 18 months of every test imaginable, he was finally diagnosed with a Leydig Cell Tumor in the testes.

    This is a common cancer that occurs in adult males....not children. He made the medical books with that one and our surgeon was consulting with USA to see how to treat it.

    He is now 12 1/2 and doing well, and didn't even have to have the teste itself removed.

    Please do as Loz advised, and check regularly for any changes or abnormalities.

    You should do it at least once a month, so maybe get your partner to check you and you can check her breasts for lumps :grin:
  8. Have we got any netrider females willing to perform regular checkups for the lads?

    I'll put my hand up to look after the girls. Regular examination is critical and my hands are always warm.
  9. I posted it , but being kind hearted I will let you dao most of the girl checks.
    ha ha .
  10. i like how he use the term...most girls...
    so the girls who get selected....
    you should feel special :LOL: :LOL: