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Time for something different and LAMSey.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ad91on, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Hey team,

    So i've decided to sell the Across.

    In the meantime, i want to get on something different.

    I am open to nearly anything. Price range is $8k<

    The less I pay the better, but I am willing to spend the full amount on something particularly cool or special.

    I've been considering a GS500f but apparently they are boring.

    Also been considering a different 250.

    Also been considering a motard.

    Also been considering a LAMS cruiser.

    Also been considering a LAMS tourer.

    Also been considering a (shock) scooter (for shits and giggles)

    Also been considering a naked bike.

    You get the idea.

    Has to be fun.

    So, netriderians, I implore thee; fire off, upon me, your most ridiculous LAMS bike suggestions for someone who just wants two wheels to be sexy on.

    Oh, btw, did i mention whatever it is has to be sexy?

    Thanks crew.

    Something like this would be ideal:
  2. Does it come any sexier than this? You meet the nicest people on a Honda....

    (and you're so far inside the LAMs limit they should give you a discount)

  3. DR650 or KLR650. Both represent about the most bike you can get new for under $8k. Certainly the most versatile. Do everything, cost nothing and both have staggering amounts of aftermarket stuff available to address the sexy issue.
  4. get a motard. they are the best fun.
  5. This is where the Vulcan 900 and Harley 883 should be lams approved. Or be in the grading process. Neither could pull the skin off custard. But for someone who has a year or so under their belt they would make a great bike. Cause they are a great bike.
    If your 18 and old enough to be sent O/S to be killed in a war that we have no reason or rhyme being in then you should be able to kill yourself and someone innocent in the process any way you like
  6. Exactly!

    Or if you're not retarded, you should be allowed to ride whatever you want. Because you're not retarded.

    KLR650 is looking pretty good to me.
  7. Of the DR and the KLR, the DR is probably the better suited to motard type hooliganism.
  8. good riddance to the across.
    biggest POS bike any learner ever had to endure
  9. klr has a 21 in front wheel, weighs in around 16 tonnes and burns more oil than it does petrol
  10. what will you be using the bike for ?
  11. Hey it was MY POS :D

    KLR looks nicer in my opinion though. Remember, it's not so much about hooliganism... oh wait... maybe it is... but also it's about being cool.

    DR's are also cheaper from what I can see and there's more around.
  12. cheap bullet proof tractor, very agricultural ride.
    but do you go off road ?
    because everything about it that makes it semi off road capable, negates it's on road behaviour
  13. Rarely as-is, but if i had an off-road oriented bike i would do it far more often.

    That is a concern i have with the motards is that the vast majority of my riding is on-road often over 80km/h.
  14. nothing to be too concerned about with your typical LAMS tards. they're not too light and geared appropriately. obviously a faired gs5oo is at an advantage for freeways and longer stints of slab.
    one of the xt660 variants has 17 inch wheels.
    so do some aprilia pegasos.
    drz 400sm will cope fine so long as you're not a fatty and some prior owner has'nt modded it for fully sick stuntz
  15. some of the honda transalps, though not the newest models, would be on LAMS list i think. i think pre '09 was a 650 v-twin.
    if you can find a well looked after one.
  16. I have looked at the transalps; yes, they are on the lams list and they are very tempting!!!

    xt660's are pretty sexy too, but i really think that the transalp, were i to go the dualsport/motard route, would be best suited for my needs as it has a bit of a fairing and doubles as a tourer.

    thoughts? Seen a transalp for around 6k on ebay.
  17. So's mine. The DR copes fine on the highway and makes up for its less than optimal nature as soon as I get into town and hit traffic where a light, punchy single is pretty much the ideal tool.

    Personally I find the cavernous ground clearance and suspension that will soak up Main Roads' finest potholes to be huge advantages on the road. Only downside is the OEM Bridgestone Trailwings which don't really inspire confidence in the wet. Easy enough to change to more road oriented rubber though.

    Light, simple, fun and cheap tick all the boxes for a handy runabout.

    XTZ660 is ludicrously expensive for what it offers, Aprilia Pegaso is rarish and might necessitate enduring Aprilia service and parts supply. DRZ is a good little bike but little is the operative word. If you're bigger than average you may need it surgically extracted.

    Transalp? It's a Honda so I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. Spend the money on a DR a couple of years old and put the change into sprucing it up (if it isn't already) or a motard kit (if it is).
  18. Why the big aversion to honda?
  19. He likes bikes he has to fix :)
  20. Link?
    Go check it out.