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Time for new tyres

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Enrgkid, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. Okay Guys, I need a new rear tyre on my little baby ninja, I currently have sport demons on there, put about 9000km's on them, they have been good, but before I assume, I might see if anyone has suggestions.

    For a bit about how I ride, I ride wet or dry, I commute on the bike no matter what, and I ride twisties about 2-3 times a week. My rear is now in desperate need of replacing so some help would be appreciated, I need it in 130/70/17 size. So I am open to any and all suggestions

    Thanks in advance guys
  2. There's a million answers to this question. Do u want a super sticky one that lasts 1000 klm or a harder one that lasts 15000 klms ? Which end of the scale do u prefer ?
  3. Somewhere closer to lasting a while.
  4. You will have to check size availability but as you are a daily commuter, I would be looking at Michelin pilot roads, Dunlop roadsmarts or Pirelli angels. These offer plenty of grip in wet and dry conditions and wear well, so last a while.
  5. I have PR4s and they are great, especially in the wet. Not sure how long they will last but my fiance got 28k out of the front and 20k out of the rear with PR2s on his Sprint so hopefully the 4s are even better. I did have DRCs as they came stock with the bike but they were rubbish in the wet.
  6. I'm tuning Michelin Pilot power 3, great tyre for my use.

    Little more towards the grip end rather than the long life end (the way I like it).
  7. My son has Pirelli Angel GTs on his GSX-R750 and is very happy. A mate of mine has them on his 1250 Bandit and reckons they're the best tyre he has ridden on.

    I have Michelin Pilot Road 2s on my VFR and am looking at replacing soon. Approx 15K out of rear. Michelin is keeping the PR2 and getting rid of the PR3 which they are replacing with the PR4.

    I'll be going with the PR4 shortly. I expect to get better wear and life out of the PR4 over the PR2 and PR3 (after talking with Michelin)
  8. I would love pr4s but they don't fit my bike
  9. I'm happy with the PR2. Most people are happy with the PR3 (still available for next 12 months or so) and the Angel GTs are good.

    Not sure what sizes these come in. It's worthwhile have a matched set (same tyre front and rear) so if your front is getting low look at replacing them as a set
  10. Just looked and the PR2s, PR3s and Pr4s aren't made in 130 width, nor are the Angel GTs. Pirelli recommend the Sport Demons. You could also look at some of the Bridgestone dual compound tyres.

    Suggest you check with your local bike stores and then ask for feedback on the tyres they recommend.
  11. I have had 5 sets of the sports demons no complaints,for $330 fitted they are cheap and have had no problems in the wet or dry.Been told by a few mates to go the rosso 2 but for how i ride the sport demons have been great.(y)
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  12. I am booked in for a new rear Sport demon for 153 fitted.
  13. If the front is half fcuked,and you can afford it should do both at once ,makes it very balanced:)
  14. The front only went on abut 2000km ago, so it's still really new, had a nail go through the front
  15. No problem then if the front is new.On the Ninja 300 find the front starts to cup at about 8000 km and start to get front end shit at about 80 km:woot:
  16. I dont have very good luck with tyres, I generally replace mine at about 8000km due to screws or nails
  17. No worries mate(y)
  18. Thanks for all the help benny
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  19. ask @MMMTS@MMMTS Bruce is 'tyre man' after all
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  20. Perelli rosso 2's very impressive tyre
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