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Time for everyone to feel a little bit freaked out

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. ahem

  2. :shock: what the hell is that :shock:
  3. ktulu, you have to much time on your hands. (no pun intended) :wink:
  4. That .. Is .. Cool.. :eek: :cool:
  5. "Time for everyone to feel a little bit freaked out"...

    Mission accomplished!.... :shock: :!:
  6. EWWWWW Dude!!

    I'm eating damn choc coated peanuts there just about to come up :LOL: :-# :tantrum: :sick:
  7. what the *fcuk* is that????
  8. I'm half expecting Boba Fett to crawl out of one of those...
  9. wouldnt want to scratch your............um...........self.
  10. Yuck, thats got me itching all over!
  11. That can't be real! I think I spewed in my mouth a little bit!

  12. No way!!!!!! The links put up to show you the photoshops where it came from have gotta be fake :wink:
  13. of course it's fake! its a mouth, with teeth and food hole in a finger.
  14. No why did I open this thread again. :shock:
  15. :LOL: Cicky Clicky
  16. haha good old rotten , i always found ogrish.com to be much better :p but thats now morphed into Live Leak[/quote] , think of it now as an uncensored youtube if you will haha
  17. ewww must of been some nasty fingers out there..... :LOL: :cry: