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Time for another Squid thread!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by thelodger, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. The weather is on the improve and the Squids have already come out in force to catch some rays :x
    The last couple of days have seen a learner on a blue baby blade on my ride to work,nice bike shame about the Squid rider..white T-shirt (red shows through much better on light colours),jeans for that great burning/grinding feeling, ankle socks and runners to make it easy on the Ambo's when they have to cut them off to gather the bone fragments :oops:
    Also countless older and more experienced riders dressed in much the same way...fools!!
    As for my thoughts on these road crayons ......"if you can't afford the safety gear don't buy the bike" The best thing about bitumen on a hot day is that it will cauterize the open wounds and they will only need a spatula to remove you from the roads :shock:

    Its an old old saying but..Dress for the Slide not the Ride.
    Rant over,head pulled in and face shut 8)
  2. Totally agree with u Andy . My mates know not to come on a ride with me without the right gear . The last thing i want to do IF they come off is pick up their body pieces in a bucket.I see it more with learners and p platers . Maybe some graphic video's of what will happen when they do their tests.But as i have said time and time again , some people just cant be educated.
  3. Dear lodger,

    I'm bored so i'm replying. Here's a point, i'm currently doing 3hr exams at uni. My point is in NSW it's easily over 25 degrees if not 30+.

    So what...today i wore my leather jacket and sweated like a little porky pig, but i do it cause i have images of me sliding down the road and leaving half my epidermis (look it up) on the road.

    BUT back to the point, i wear sneakers too the exams cause
    1) My bike boots make my feet soggy and make me loose concentration in the exam.
    2) They make velcro-related noises :oops: - and there's nothing worse then sitting through an examine when people are making annoying noises, be it farting, coughing or velcro shuffling.

    My point, THINK OUTSIDE THE SQUARE DUDE!!!! It's their skin, their problem.
  4. Same rule applies on my rides Midnight. Don't have the right gear don't bother comin. :x

  5. I'm sorry to hear of the trouble you have with your boots :)
  6. Let 'em wear what they want. Darwinism at work and there's nothing illegal about it. Look after yourself and your own and let tools be tools.

  7. Geeee, that must really suck. :roll: Ever thought of taking a bag and changing? But hey, like you said, their problem. :wink:

  8. until they come off in front of me and I have to clean it up while waiting for the ambos.
  9. ONCE ONLY in my riding career (of 2.5 years), have I ridden in a Tshirt and jeans. It was a stinker 43 degrees and did it on the way home from work.

    No dramas, got home safe n all, but I HATED IT. Felt really insecure, like I was driving a car with no seatbelt.

    These days I'm happy to sweat my ass off. Skin is more important than a bit of discomfort me thinks. It holds all your bits in!

    Of course, the choice is up to the individual. However, I don't think anyone who goes for a slide and loses their skin and has countless other injuries is gonna cop any sympathy from the more safety conscious of us, if they weren't wearing smart gear to begin with.

    *Mother ZZR gets back in her box now*
  10. Not that I disagree, it's just that we should think of the poor bloody ambos that have to pick that mess up :-& .

    I just bought a Motodry mesh jacket. It's got armour in the right places and feels well made. It also works great, lots of fresh air gets drawn through and made the one hot day I had to try it in easily bearable.

    As for my feet, if they don't work I'm in a chair, so stuff it. Full on riding boots for me thanks.
  11. Love the mental image. So true.

    Be aware, novice riders. Squids make the roads really hazardous - the fat content makes the surface extra slippery.
  12. I bumped into one of thw guys that lives in my appartment block as I was leaving for work. He was standing beside his R1 warming up the engine.

    All I could see was a helmet, tshirt, slacks and sneakers. Asked him where his gear was and he said he was only going down the road. I remember saying that once, just dont remember the bit where I slid down the road at 110km/h.

    Anyway we had a chat and I tried to impress upon him the importance of gear. But it didn't seem to change anything he road off without any gloves, protective jacket, pants or boots and didn't do up his helmet.

    Added to this he has come from overseas and had an international license which has allowed him to get the full vic bike license. Only thing is that he hasn't "riden a bike in years" and jump straight onto an R1. Which him and another of his mates have dropped already and kindly bumped up our collective insurance bill with a claim.


    I told him about netrider, hopefully he'll come to his senses when he reads a few threads and/or goes on a few rides.
  13. Also taxpayers problem of which I am one. If they come off what could have been a one to two thousand $$$ episode turns into a 10, 20, 50, 100 thousand $$$ episode. In turn the government commisions more speed cameras, lowers tolerance levels to lower than ADR's allow and cut funding to other things like education, roads, etc etc. Personally I believe there should be minimum standard is clothing. Just like were forced to wear a helmet we should be forced to wear a jacket and pants. Dont like it, dont ride. Riding a bike, like driving a car, is a privledge not a right.

  14. Hooooo Bloooooody Raaaaaaay. Well said indeed.

  15. What a crack up. He tells Andy to look up "epidermis" yet makes a heap of spelling mistakes.
    Must have been watching the Discovery channel when they had a medical show on :p :-#
  16. Yea Vic.

    And rarely does it stop at the epidermis. as our erudite friend would no doubt be aware, the dermis is quite often abraded as well, leaving the fatty tissue as a layer on the road. Hence the warning posted previously.
  17. most of todays leathers are being designed with sufficient ventilation that, even at slow city speeds, the average rider will only find moderate discomfort while riding around in this warm weather...

    there's really no excuse for not wearing the right gear. to a certain extent i can understand someone not wearing boots, but sneakers!!! at least wear a pair of riding boots/hiking boots/construction boots/basketball shoes!!! and never, ever ride without gloves. think about it. if you come off, whats the first things you put on the ground?

  18. Heya,

    Well me and my husband went and got 2 summer jackets last week.. They are the joe rocket ones.... Man they make a bloody difference...

    I never squid..I'm too scared :oops:

    Lisa :twisted:
  19. squids

    The hotter the day the hotter the bitumen, the more sticky that stuff gets and if ya come off and the tar sticks to ya open wounds ... ouch!!! get some pretty serious burns to add to the grazes, and hurts mega when pulling the tar off, not to mention picking the gravel and bits of broken bones outta the sores up to 12 months later.

    The worst thing is nursing the dip sticks post accident. They whinge and moan about no one telling them how important it is to cover up and wear protective gear ... huh ... der ...? There are three guys riding around up here doing lappies riding in shorts, singlets and thongs ... yobbo's

    When wearing shoes with laces, the laces can get caught on the pegs and bring you down cos you can't put your leg/foot down when you go to stop ... was funny watching some young dip stick do this in front of his friends ... show off!!! ... they all pee'd them selves laughing!!!
  20. Argh, ya all a bunch of sqirming handbag carrying nancies :shock:

    Its REALLY COOL to ride around in ya shorts/jocks, runners and a tank top on a hot day. Have the confidence of ya skills. Dont get up in the morning and have an attitude that a cup is only half empty. Ride with confidence and get out there and do what ya gotta do. Wind on ya bod cooling you down its great. If ya think ya gunna stack then dont ride. Be cool and cut some laps down the cafe latte st.

    Only shittin ya :p :p :p

    I personally am a sqirming handbag carrying nancie :shock: and there is NO WAY I would ride without the full protection of bike clothing. If its really hot I tend to zip down the front a little to let some air in but not too much.