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Time for an upgrade, looking for advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by eddo85, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. Evening everyone, my name is eddo and im new in town.
    Just thought I would ask for some advice on the following three bikes that I am tossing up between.

    ZX-10R Special Edition, YZF-R1 06, GSX1000R K6

    They are all roughly the same price and I have different things about all three, just wondering if anyone could give a reasonable comparison.

    Thanks guys

  2. If the ZX-10R "SE" is the one with the flames, id give that a miss...

    Saw on the other day and they have to be the most faggety flames ive seen!
  3. :LOL: :rofl:
  4. Have you looked at any of the magazines? The four main Jap sports bikes are always in there comparing to one another, and journos pick every little thing on each one. Although you and I probably wouldn't notice some of the little things they pick up (eg. one accelerates a no-ones-gonna-notice amount faster than the other one, this one does stoppies better than that one) it does highlight particular things you might be looking for, especially if you read a few of them over time. I got a GSXR1000K6, and the thing I noticed upon reading review upon review, is they all seemed to say it was the most comfortable of the four for general road use, yet also good setup for the track. And that was one of the things I was looking for. I did notice when I test rode the Fireblade, that it had me in the most hunched over position. As for differences in acceleration and usability, simply not able to test for yourself in any serious fashion. (I can't really help you otherwise, I only test rode the Fireblade and a GSXR750 when I got mine).
  5. Cheers Guys,
    Went down to the bike store and checked them out today, tested the GSXR1000K6 and took my work mates 06 R1 for a spin. Would have to say in my opinion the gixer shat all over the R1. Everywhere from Acceleration and braking, to Front end balance and respone. It was sensational. So soon I will be the proud owner of my new girl.

    Thanks again
  6. :shock: Another sewz.... suez.... sooz...., er another one of THEM owners!!! Wait till Vic finds out :shock:

    J/K, enjoy your new ride :)
  7. yeah another one of those owners - sighz*

    yeah i was going to go buy a 04+ r1 cause they look horn but ended up with a CBR954rr - comfortable to ride and light and nimble not too much different from the r6