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Time for a seat upgrade

Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by Highett, Nov 12, 2013.

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    I was not happy with the stock seat, it push me forward into the tank and gave me an almighty sore rear end.

    A seat upgrade has been on the agenda for a while now.

    Having just completed a FarRide (1000Km) to Nambucca Heads and getting the opportunity to sit on Johns GTR fitted with a Corbin modular seat the result of which made up my mind and I made the purchase, so 8 to 12 weeks and I will have a new Corbin on the GTR, the neutral seating position appeals to me.


    Just the modular front & rear seat, back rest and smuggler trunk maybe later.

    Now the wait........ ooh the pain of waiting.

    The Corbin split seat has arrived

    ordered 20th Feb 2012
    Arrived 15 May 2012
    VPW quoted 8 to 12 weeks, it was very close just over by a couple of days
    I found them OK to deal with, it was a phone order with a Credit Card payment in two installments of 50% each, Their choice, I offered to pay the total upfront
    Total cost delivered including GST = $691.10

    I unpacked it

    A large cardboard box with layered foam on all sides to protect the seat in transit, the finish of the seat is good, I have not sat in it yet and I wont until after I get back from Lightning Ridge on the 28th May.
    Hardware for fitting is supplied along with instructions that look pretty straight forward.

    The afternoon that I fitted the Corbin Seat, I did a quick lap around Singleton, I did not have much time so I did not go very far.

    First impression was the different seating position and center of gravity.

    Did I like it, well I did not dislike it, as with all things time would tell.

    The other week I slipped out for a little ride (150Kms) out the Putty to the old half way servo (Now Burnt out), How did the corbin

    seat feel now, well it still felt a little different to what I was used to.

    Firstly, the seating position is lower so the position of the legs and bend of the knee is different.
    Secondly, you sit further back, about 2 to 3 inches and that tendancy to slide forward is gone so that changes the ergonomocs a lot.
    Thirdly, the seat takes the pressure from your butt in different areas.

    Overall, I came home thinking it felt OK, the handling of the bike did not seem to have changed, operating the bike felt a little

    different, this just told me that I still needed more time in the saddle to get used to the new seating position.

    Running in the Corbin

    I decided that I would go for a decent ride yesterday (Saturday 16th June), Unfortunately the weather was not very good, in fact it was crap.

    I looked at this as a good oportunity to see how my PR3s were in the wet as well considering I hove now clocked 10,000kms on them and they are starting to cup on the front.

    Below is a map of the ride route and a photo of the front and rear PR3

    Ride Route

    Front PR3

    Rear PR3

    Any one who has ridden these road knows that there are some good spots, but mostly the roads are rough and contain a mix of pot holes, protrusions, depressions, troughs and bumps of varying degrees i.e. some sections are worse than others so when it rains they fill with water, when looking ahead the road looks like it is covered with river-lets and ponds.

    The ride report,

    The weather report does not look great, I knew it would not be overly cold, in fact it did not get below 6 deg, so I dressed accordingly, thermals and wet weather gear.

    By the time I got past the old half way servo on the Putty it was raining, not overly hard but consitant, the type of rain that over a long period eventually gets into everything, the rain got gradually worse as I went on so by the time I got to Lithgow I had already gotten some water in my boots and gloves and a little around my neck.

    Between Lithgow and Merriwa it was worse, continual heavy rain the depressions in the road were full of water and some could not be avoided, the force of the water hitting my boots almost knocked my feet of the pegs on occasion so my boots ended up soaked,

    fortunatly for me my socks although wet still kept my feet relativly warm (wet but not frozen), Water had gotten into my jacket from around my neck, I was wet down the middle of my back and chest and groin area, water had also gotten into my boots and gloves were soaked, Hands although wet were still warm (Electric hand grips Love em) and my feet wet as well were not warm but not really cold either.

    As you can imagin I was wet, My face was dry my New Nolan N43E performed very well, My Sena never faulted and kept my music playing through it all.

    I was wet but not cold, I love thermals they work well even when wet.

    It was dark when I pulled into Merriwa for fuel, the changes I did to the stock head globes and the additional driving lights paid off big time, when in conditions like this being able to see well ahead in a necessity, the rain was easing at this point but there was still a lot of water on the road and the oncoming traffic had increased.

    I got 11,500 Kms out of the original OEM tires, they were OK but nothing to write home about, I replaced them after a lot of research with the Pilot Road 3, after I run them in I went for an all day rain ride to try them out (there's that rain again) and I though that they were pretty good, now that I have 10,000 kms on them which is a fair mix of twisty and straight riding I still think the same they are pretty good and worth the extra dollars.

    Now the Corbin Saddle, 656kms, 580 of it in crap conditions.

    Did I use my Bead Rider on this ride?

    Did I use my Air Hawk on this ride?

    Do I like the Corbin Saddle?

    Do I think it was worth the dollars I spent on it?
    Yes - 16 week wait and all

    How did my butt feel wheh I got home?
    Good, much better than the stock saddle

    Did I feel any uncomfort during the ride?
    Yes, not a lot but it was there, a quick stop for a leak or fuel got rid of it, by that I mean it did not linger and get worse.

    How will the Corbin go on a really long ride?
    Very well, I consider it money well spent

    Overall at this point, very happy

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  2. Interesting,I just came back from Beradale on Sunday,yep,cold and wet.I had my seat redone by John Moorehouse in Queensland,considerably cheaper and pretty comfy to boot.Just another option for any others out there.