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Time for a new one...???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Brick, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. I'm looking for a new bike to replace the K1600GT I brought in February. I'm looking to replace it for two reasons. One, I've actually completed 38,000km since February, by Christmas that will be closer to 45,000km. The other reason is because my wife is wonderful and after suggesting spending another $40k on a new bike, it didn't result in my testicles in a jar at the back of the pantry cupboard. -Win!-

    As you can guess, my bike doesn't sit still for long. I average 800km-1000km a week. Riding a 1000km in a day is no big deal. If it doesn't come with enough luggage space to make a ute blush, it doesn't have enough storage. Same with ABS, traction control, heated grips and seat and cruise control is a must. I am not a contortionist that can conform my body to a sports bike, so their out. My old K1200RS almost killed my back and shoulders after 12 months, hence the K1600GT.

    I've been looking at either another BMW K1600 GT/GTL, although, my local stealer has treated me like a second rate customer over the past 6 months, so for the first time in 15 years, I'm considering changing brands. The new Indian Chieftain looks interesting, but I want a bike this year, not sometime mid 2014 when they catch up with stocks. The Victory Cross Country tour is interesting, but at only 300km average fuel range, it's a bit of a turn off as a touring bike. As is the Can-am Spyder range.

    I am not a Borg. I will not assimilate. Resistance is not futile. I will not buy a Harley. -period-

    In a nutshell. A want a touring bike I can commute on. I want all the Farkles. It has to be getting at least 500km to a tank of fuel and I'll spend up to $40k to get it.


  2. Wowsers, you could buy two normal,bikes for that money, you ought to be able to get ANYTHING you want waving that sort of cash!!L
  3. Goldwing or Goldwing Bagger
  4. @fridgy35 I believe you can comment on Victory reliability.
  5. One advantage in doing so many kms, if whatever you choose is a bit ordinary, you will only have to put up with it for a year at the most. Then try something else.
    Can't believe someone that is likely to regularly turn over bikes is not looked after by the dealer.
  6. Bikes, tyres (every 10-12 weeks) servicing etc. nope, apparently because I didn't purchase the bike there it doesn't count. Warranty apparently is a pick and choose issue. If I buy another one, I'll have it serviced at a regular bike workshop, probably at the guy who services the Police BMW's, they don't use the local dealer either. Major services are only a 5000km round trip. A good excuse to go for a ride!

    My motorcycle is my every day transport. I have an average commute of 130km a day, 6 days a week. On Sunday I go for a ride ;) if you think if it that way, $40k is only the price of a new half decent car. While it's more than most spend, granted, it's not exactly my first bike either. I'm only considered young when I go to a Ulysses meeting.

    Most sport touring bikes I look at are compromised sports bikes with luggage. You usually find that they don't do much better than 300km to a tank. The full dressed tourers like 'Wings are just a little on the large size for commuting in the traffic.

    There has to be another option other than just the BMW.
  7. Goldwing.

    Cheers Spocky
  8. Might be backwards steps after the K16 but R1200RT SE or the Triumph Trophy SE ?
  9. Most things are a backward step after the K16. I've come to terms with that.

    Anyone here ever lived with a new Trophy?
  10. You picked a hard bike to move forward from.

    K1600 is a bike most if us would envy
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    Last edited: Nov 5, 2013
    Hi Brick.

    An interesting problem, and one which I have been grappling with myself, albeit on a smaller scale.

    I had been considering replacing my elderly R850R, which is getting close to 140 thou kms, with a new R-bike.

    Wife's approval...tick.
    Money in bank....tick.

    Go for test rides... and, on test riding the new R1200R, it just didn't feel like a replacement for my old beast. Nor did the C600 work for me.

    I also tried some non-BMW options, none of which really appealed to me.

    So, I have decided to just keep on riding the old beast until it, or I, die.

    If the only "problem" for you in owning a BMW is your dealer and you are happy with the big 1600, use the other workshop that does the cop BMs.

    Our local BMW dealer isn't that flash either, but I have the luxury of a decent dealer just an hours ride up the road, which I wouldn't imagine you'd have in Darwin.

    Let's face it, after 45 thou kms on your current bike, it shouldn't be ready for the knackers, you could probably survive another year or so without wearing it out.:)

    OTOH, if you want a new one, you only have to visit the dealer once or possibly twice.

    Maybe you could buy "remotely" from another dealer, as you hardly would need to view or test ride if you are buying "the same again,please".

    BTW, many years ago now, when I had a daily commute of 160 kms each way, I found it convenient to have two large capable motorcycles, both 750 Kwakas, and ride each one on alternate weeks, while the other was getting serviced or just resting.
  12. If I buy another, it'll be from interstate. I'm not giving the local turkeys any more money if I can avoid it.

    I'm really looking at resell. Unfortunately the bike will be worth less than half at double the mileage next year. I can sell it this year send someone gets a bargain. If I keep going, I might as well ride it into the ground.
  13. Obviously up to you, Brick, but it does seem daft, given you haven't said a bad word about your bike, only that you don't like the dealership, to start looking at other bikes which aren't really built as competitors to the big 6 BM.
  14. A product is only as good as the back up. Things are good now. My concerns are further down the track.

    I'm still not 100% convinced I'm going to sell it. I just want to know what my options are if I do. So far there isn't many. Another one is still the first option and just bypass the local dealer for servicing, although the Victory Cross Country Tour has many of the same toys, at more than a $10k saving. I can buy lots of Farkles for that money.

    I'm waiting to see if BMW release the K1600GTL Exclusive at the Milan show this week as my preferred option.
  15. Hi @Brick , details of the new R1200RT now on the mcnews website . Looks impressive .
  16. Spent the weekend riding a Victory. Seriously impressed. My K1600GT is a superb example of engineering and technology, it is without doubt an awesome machine. The Victory has much more feel to it. It responds more relaxed, much like it's waiting for you to ask for it to do something. . The BMW just responds. Swapping back reminded me just how outright violent the throttle, brakes and handling can be. You have to tame the BMW. The Victory wants to be your friend.

    I now have the BMW listed on bikesales. As soon as it's gone, I think I'll be dropping some $$ on a Victory Vision Tour. If it doesn't sell, I'll just Farkles the siht out of it.
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