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time for a new lid

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Stu_gsx750f, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Well I'm thinking about getting a new lid.

    My current AGV Q3 was purchased in 1995 and its looking like its age suggests.

    So time for a newby and the question is what...

    Don't want a racing lid - so don't need tearoffs etc

    It MUST be quiet, must have a washable liner, must be a composite fibre (fiberglass ones are generally too heavy) and I guess money isn't an issue as I'll hope to keep it for about 10years also so even at $700 bucks thats only $70/year or sfa per day of ownership.

    That said if I can get what I want for 300 - 400 I'll buy that in a heartbeat.

    Took a look at a Nolan X-lite on the weekend. Very nice with unique visor system which looks the goods. ne1 used one of these? had any problems or good news stories?


  2. The choice is already made for you, the size and shape of your noggin pretty much dictates what you get as a lid, first and formost it has to fit snuggly without causing pain. Generally you'll find your head fits one or to manufacturers lids and then you choose from thier range. So basically get out there and try all the manufacturers and work out what your short list is and decide from that.

    I eneded up with a Shark RSR, very nice lid with an extra thick visor to stop high velcoity stones. But its racing orientated for about $750ish I think it was. But the cheaper models of Shark are quite good too.

    Also check out RiDE mag November 2004, they had thier readers rate a range of helmets on noise, visor fog, value for money and secure fit. They also rated the full range of gear for a rider. Only problem is its a pommy mag and we can't easily get some of the stuff they are listing.
  3. KBC all the way

    Best lid I have ever owned and would recomend them to anyone.

    And for around $350 for the VR1, great value.
  4. stu...
    pm on its way re this..more info
    but try an AGV ..I have just got one to replace the ageing Shoei...

  5. thanks Ian - for the pm with useful info and the AGV plug. I currently have an AGV Q3 which is getting a bit old. The lid b4 that was also an AGV a quasor i think it was called.
  6. I've got a Nolan N100E Classic flip face.

    Best thing about it? The fog-free visor, which I think is standard on the x-lite as well. It simply doesn't steam up, ever. I say a silent prayer every time I stop at the lights. Absolutely brilliant.

    You can get them for $399 at bike barn in Lizzy st. Say hi to Sue, she rocks.
  7. Its hard to buy a bad helmet these days. The KBC ones are fanatastic value. All the big brands have their lower end range that are also great value.

    On another note dont plan on keeping it for 10 years. There are a couple of reasons.
    A) Unfortunately in ten years you will probably have used your helmet eg. its saved your noggin in a crash

    8) Helmets dont last 10 years. The foam that makes up the helmet has a helf life of 2-3 years. After this time it goes hard and brittle and loses its shock absorbing qualities. It will also have become loose fitting by then as everytime you out it on it compresses the inner area a little bit more. Also the outer shell will have deteriorated due to whethering. If you want you gear to remain in good condition, helmets should be replaced atleast say every 4 years tops.

    Go and try a heap on and pick the one you like best.
  8. thats it. if it doesn't fit right, then no matter how quiet, light or versatile the thing is, its not the helmet for you.

    i'm like matt, one of the lucky ones that fit a shark helmet. i say that cos they are exactly what i want in a helmet. the visor changing system is easy as, the wind noise is all low, you can barely feel the wind and they have the seatbelt style clip. these are the cheaper ones mind you, i think the racing ones forfeit the versatility a bit, but i didn't even look at them, $400 is enuff as it is :LOL:

    i've had 2 sharks now, the cheapest one and the step up. both are AWESOME helmets, but if they dont fit, then they're not for you. i cant get an AGV or HJC to be snug and comfortable, but i admit i never tried any of the others.....
  9. Dont even think about keeping a lid for 10 years , your just asking for trouble . I wont repeat anything else but agree with the others . Some heads wont fit certain brands .
  10. I wore a very thin cotton balaclava under my second lid and it kept the lining fairly clean.

    Best $10 ever spent
  11. Heya,

    I have a KBC if that helps.... I couldn't afford a dearer one... but it does the job

    lisa :twisted:
  12. yeah go for the one that fits the best. I just bought a new Arai. Have been a Shoei man since the beginning but they changed the shape and it no longer fits like a glove. And that's how it should fit. Just like a glove, no tight bits in odd places. I've never tried Nolan but I have tried KBC and thought them awesome value for money, they just didn't fit quiet as well as the Arai for me.
  13. I agree with Vic - I use a simple silk balaclava under my Shoei and its a godsend. Best $12- I ever spent - won't ride without it. Also keeps the sweat levels from getting too bad into my helmet, plus increases helmet comfort (and my lid fits properly - I don't wear it to force the fit).
  14. I bought a Shoei XR1000, they come in solid colours or with patterns. Very comfortable for me, and it's easy to change the visor. Can remove the lining and the check inserts etc.

    I'll post a pic if anyone is interested later.
  15. I've had my HBC for a while now (about 3 years) and its done me great service. ive had two major stacks, and both times had it inspected and its still good!

    it is a motorcross helmet tho, so probably not what you're after, but like people have said here, most brands continue the quality through all of their products.

    cant comment on visors coz it doesnt have one, although i can say the foam filters at the front have saved my lungs!!! and in three years the foam has been compressed a negligable amount...

    happy helmet hunting (hows that for alliteration ;) )

  16. hmm ok so perhpas I shouldn't keep it for 10years but its only been dropped once - and that helmet never crashed so i'm resonably comfortable with its safety level.

    Its and interesting point though - how long should u keep safety gear for? I remember reading somwhere that safety standards for leathers etc are possibly going to come out soon. I reckon this is great news as it will achieve a few things.

    Perhaps the number of Kms is a better guide to how long you should keep something. I know that that particular helmet has done about 80-100K worth of work - which over that time isn't huge but is it too much exposure to sunlight etc?

    At an average of 80km/hour that would be about 1125hours use. Doesn't sound like much when u put it like that.

    still haven't made my mind up - might go shopping on friday arvo or saturday morning.

    Thanks for the comments. More specifically however what do people think of tear offs - are they just useful for the track, do they flap on the road?

    Who wears ear plugs with their helmet on long trips and what sort of helmet is it? (I do with my AGV Q3)

    Anyone got a flush fit visor helmet like the x-lite? what subjective assesment of noise supression does it make?

    cheers and thanks
  17. While you are out looking for a helmet try to get one with a 'fin' on the back of the head, they are designed to reduce drag and therefore reduce stress on your neck. Not that I have a direct comparison but it seems to work well, or perhaps I've just become SchwarzeNECKer since my last lid. :D

    Also the other thing to look out for a neck cover, either a pull down plastic shield or a peice of material just under the chin. It does wonders in the colder weather.

    I have a pair of ear plug I picked up from an old labouring job many years ago, and since found them in chemists, which I use on long trips. The cut out the drooning noises a lot but I can still hear people talking to me. Scooting around town I just throw the lid on and don't notice the noise from engine or wind since the Shark RSR is a pretty quiet lid. Just wondering if too much noise insulation could be a bad thing since it adds to your situational awareness in traffic.

    My helmet has the tear off attachments but I've never used the tear offs that come with it. Really should pull them out and see what they do.

    THe shark has a quick release visor system which is great for changing visors ( having a extra tinted visor is so much better than sunnies, Im a new convert the the tinted visor brigade) but as a result has protruding attachments on the sides. It doesn't seem to make much/any wind noise. But the RiDE mag article did seem to indicate that the flush visored helmets has lower wind noise.
  18. I don't agree...
    a helmet is designed to slide across the road if you go down
    and anything that can catch or dig in...like a fin
    will make sure you sustain neck injuries or even suffer paraplegia....
    yep they might look great and yes, they might reduce drag
    but they do make the helmet heavier and less able to protect the wearer!

    I don't recommend it..

  19. From experience all the external attachments like air vents, visor attachment protrusions do snap off when you hit the deck. I would guess the fins/foils on the back of the helmet would do the same and I would be surprised if the designers haven't taken this into account. Some helmets also include the fin/foil as part of a rounded bump in the shell which would struggle to dig into anything but mud.

    I doubt the ~50grams extra for the fin/foil will have any dramatic effect, and the 'weight' of the drag as a result of not having it would far outweight a ~50gram increase due to extra plastic or raised shell.

    My guess is that you're probably find that finding a helmet without a fin/foil will get more and more difficult as time passes, most brands seem to have addopted it as far as I can tell, that indicates to me that there is a definate advantage to it.

    But ismith, I have to say, I see where you are coming from, "Dress for the crash not the ride", and it definately has merit. Now that I've had my say I'll let the others formulate thier own opinion.
  20. Ok folks here's how the hunt is going.

    I was leaning towards the x-Lite but I think the cost is going to kill me - i've decided that 650 is absolute limit - given i can get everything i want for that money. Where the X-lite is holding ground is its unique visor system that looks the goods, where it is loosing is its weight - it isn't exactly 'lite'.

    I just had a bo peep at a top of the range AGV for the same money and it fits nice. So does the x-lite but the AGV is lighter which is important not only for comfort but in the event of a crash it makes a difference (can't remember the physics but the more weight the more kinetic energy that has to be displaced in the event of an accident, and thus the more risk of injury).

    Also the top of the line suomy's are on special at the moment - about $550 with graphics - so I'm getting the store (the much spoke about Werribee Motorcycles lol) to get on in for me tonight and I'll try it on tomorrow.

    Perhaps I have a nice smile but they always seem helpful to me (and get the price right as well).

    Have decided that the Shark's are not for me (my old man hates his and got no assistance from the rep or dealer when he complained), also took a look at the arai and I think for what they are they look a bit fragile - I got worried when one dealer asked me to be gentle with the vent switches! struth....

    getting closer to a new lid