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Time for a new lid!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by PoJo777, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm in the market for a new helmet, since this will only be the 2nd one I've bought so I thought I'd get some advice from some more experienced riders.

    Tried on a few the other day and only really found a couple that I liked the fit of, one was a Shark carbon fibre job, it had been reduced to $500 since it was last year's model (allegedly). Tried on some of the newer model Shark stuff and actually found them to be very uncomfortable, then I tried on the Shoei GT-Air which turned out to be really comfortable, all except for the price :)

    Can anyone give me any feedback on their experience with Shoei stuff in general, are they worth the extra few hundred $$$? Are there any other brands that are worth looking at that will provide the same level of quality / protection?

  2. It's all about the shape of your nut, if you find a brand that fits nicely then go for it. There's lots of threads on here about this very thing, do a search maybe.
  3. Search RHOK on here...
  4. the newer sharks didn't suit me either and I ended up with an Arai vector.
  5. I ended up purchasing a SHOEI, was a little bit more than I budgetted for but the quality is awesome and it's extremely comfortable. I didn't really want to skimp and then re-purchase a helmet again within a short period of time.

    Watch this video from REVzilla, they give you a bit of a run down on fitment in this and other product videos
  6. I really like my Bell RS1 and should fit similar to the Shark Carbon you tried. I got the transitions visor for it so it auto-tints in sunlight.
  7. Try on lots of different helmets. Don't worry about how cheap or expensive they are. Buy the one that fits your head the best.

    When I say 'try on', I mean put the thing on your head, do up the strap and leave it on your head for at least 5 if not 10 minutes. If you wear glasses make sure they fit properly and comfortably under the helmet.
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  8. As above.

    A "safer" helmet is not the one with the highest Sharp star rating - not even close.

    A "safer" helmet is one which is comfortable on your head, does not fatigue your neck, does not cause undue noise, get too hot, get too fogged etc, etc, etc.

    A good star rating is nice - however if the helmet is uncomfortable then your attention will be split, your riding will suffer and you're more likely to have a mishap.

    That said, in my experience, more expensive lids (which usually have higher Sharp star ratings - but not always) are generally more comfortable than cheaper helmets made to the lowest price possible. Therefore = "safer"

    FWIW I have a Shoei XR1100 for weekend blats and long riders.......over an 8 hour ride the last hour it gets a bit uncomfortable.

    Previously I had a HJC N14 - this was shite after an hour or 2.

    For commuting I have a POS cheapy Fly Tekker DS helmet with a peak for the early morning/late afternoon sun.....the vision is great - but I wouldn't want to ride with this for more than an hour - VERY noisy.

    So you see - there is no right helmet for everyone, or a right helmet for every ride.
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  9. @BitSar is absolutely right. Although in general I've found HJC Helmets really comfortable. I think they changed the shape of the CL range between the CL12 and CL15 because the CL12 I had was great but the CL15 didn't fit properly so I bought an FS15 instead.

    In summer, around town I wear a HJC open face helmet.
  10. Shark Vision R

    that is all .....
  11. I tried on so many helmets that I started getting headaches no matter which one I had on.

    Luckily in the end (another day) I settled on a Shark Speed R. Very comfortable and nice little touches like anti fog insert included, and the built in sun visor.
  12. Buying a new helmet always results in sore ears from the hour or two of on-off at the shoppe :yuck: but you have to try 'em all. Decide your budget then choose on fit. The only person who notices the graphics is you but it's nice if the overall colour doesn't clash with the bike :)

    My current is an Arai and is ~5years old so has costed roughly $120 per annum.
    The earlier ones I had cost about the same per annum despite initial cost o_O go figure.
    My partner's usual lid has only cost $15 per annum ... he has a cheap head maybe :ROFLMAO:
    The dearer ones seem to have nicer, more comfy linings :)
  13. Noddy sends his regards.....
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  14. I recently bought an Rjays helmet with built in drop down sun visor as a third helmet for passengers. The sun visor doesn't get used. It drops down a bit too high, which leaves a bright strip in the bottom of your vision. Check this before you buy a flip down tinted internal visor type as it was a disappointment to me.

  15. I bought the Shoei GT-Air through PS, they had shelf price of $829, then when the black turned up had a sticker price of $799, they matched MCA price of $700!! So it pays so shop around!!
  16. That's great, if they fit your head.
  17. Well Shoei the GT - Air was disappointing in the rain today, I took it back last Saturday to PS asking for a fix, the Spare parts supervisor asked the saleman to replace the pinlock and visor, salesman said 'what if we adjust the pinlock, try that out and take it from there', I played the game and on they way home I noticed it started to fog up at the bottom right side, had to get home for an appointment otherwise I would have gone straight back, today riding in the rain it rained on my nose inside the visor, needless to say I wasnt farkin impressed, so getting home about the 5:40pm mark I rang PS and had the young lady ask Peter who's the Spare parts, Accessoary supervisor to call me and to let him know my problem, he called am going to see him tomorrow morning. Will be updating this post.
  18. Cheap arse, noisy, ill fitting, gimmicky, shite.

    That is all. :p
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  19. Nearly bought one myself - borrowed a mates for a quick ride - yeah it was too big.....but hell - I knew then it was a POS